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Lots of Updates! Life, Naor, Commissions+

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 13, 2016, 2:57 AM

Hey everyone! I have a few lot of things to tell everyone:

1. Move / Money

I FINALLY got all my bank accounts in the green/positive again. I had a few that went negative due some poorly timed automatic payments, and not letting my bank know I was moving. Took me a month to catch up to all the bounced BS and get it all resorted and balanced. That was a big deal for me to get it all into positive numbers again.

2. Naor Comic

I am really happy with the response Naor is getting as a whole online. The best responses are coming from here on dA and on LINE/Webtoons. Oddly enough Tapastic has fallen INSANELY slow and behind in terms of stats..... maybe it isn't the sort of thing the people there like?

Wanna read it off dA? Check them out here. If you have accounts, please like or subscribe! :la:

Tapastic (pages) :
Tapastic (vertical) :…


I have had a few people note me about translations and if they will become available. Yes, but not for a while. I cannot afford to pay my translators right now (except those willing to accept artwork).

 I will NOT ask my translators to work for free. That is not fair to them.

So while I am super excited you all want to read the comic, you must be patient until I am in a better situation to fairly pay my translators. Each language costs me between 30-40$ to translate (and that is paying them per word). So understand the translations are not cheap for me. I have 11 total languages including English. If you take just the 10 I need to purchase translations for, that would be 300-450$ worth for each chapter! That's a lot of money. x-x IF you wish to help, you can become a patron on my Patreon! All my money from Patreon goes into translation or supplies for the comic. Until then, they will be in order or popularity: Spanish, Italian, German, French, Greek, Mandarin, Dutch, Finnish, Turkish, Croatian <- Patreon page for the Naor Comic

New Books?

I have also had people ask about the next book. My plans for the next book is that it will be about 50-60 pages and contain 4 Chapters, what is called a "trade" in the comic world. A trade is basically between 24-80 pages. However 80+ pages are called a graphic novel. The chapters will be the Prologue, Chapter 1, Chapter 2 and Chapter 3. It likely will not be ready until early next year. I am aiming for Feb 14th, which is Naor's Anniversary. However before I open orders to that, I want ALL Naor Prologues shipped and an almost empty commission list.

3. Naor Group (Fan made)

This group was made 2 years ago I believe just before I started my thesis by two of my at-the-time beta readers. Both have become absorbed by their own lives (totally ok) and I am trying my best to manage it on my own. However, as I am sure you can understand, I'm too busy to do it all and the 7 or 8 websites I already manage. The biggest thing is making sure Naor artwork is sorted properly and helping me make announcements and such. So having someone else to help, who is on dA at least a few times a week would be great. I would prefer someone who is, obviously, into Naor and willing to help because they like the series, not just because they want an admin tag.

If you haven't already joined, here is the group. It is a good place to look at if you won't want my normal life to life updates and just Naor stuff. :'D

:iconnaor-fans: Naor-Fans


Plus, most people don't know this, or for some reason feel the need to ask, FANART IS OK! I have a whole ton of it in my favorites! :la: I also -used- to have a "art for me" Journal. It needs updating badly. lol I am MORE than happy to see people drawing my characters and as long as you do not credit them as your own and link me to it, I am fine with Fanart or you drawing my characters just cause.

4. Shipping stuff -

So now that all my accounts are positive now, I can start shipping stuff again. I have pretty much all the sketches for the comic books done, and most of those are already packaged (except those who also ordered commissions of some kind). I have a huge-ass box full of them ready to go, so I'll be chipping away at those again. I'm sorry if you haven't gotten yours yet, but due to vacation and the move, I lost about 2-3 months of shipping time.

My last shipment was sent out about June, so it's been a while since I was able to do so. I'll be getting back to it soon though. I will be posting a new Journal with the Shipped/Sent/Delivered lists so everyone who ordered can keep track of their orders. I know I'm not the best at managing that, but it's easier now with the ROOM to do so. XD Instead of trying to keep all my art and NAor stuff in a 5x5ft space, I have 10x20, so yay more space to manage crap.

5.  Commissions -

Ok, so my pink elephant I hate admitting...

I've been absolutely horrid at getting stuff done and to you guys who ordered from me. I have for the last two months, between vacation and moving and getting my bank accounts in positive numbers again, been slow with them. I am happy to offer you refunds, so please Note me if you want one. It cannot be immediate, but I can get you written down for one and pay you ASAP.

ALSO, it IS important to note to my digital commissioners: while I have a tablet as a backup to my cintiq (still in repairs), I feel it is not the same quality. I am happy to finish the commissions ANYWAY, however that is why I have been slow. I have gone from a cintiq to a tiny 4x6inch intuos... I'm not adjusting well. XD

So that's mainly the reason for my digital commission (YCH mostly) being slow.

As for traditional commissions, it was my broken scanner. I have a new one and I'll be working on scanning all those ACEO's and those other commissions. Most are pencils or ink sketches/washes. ouo

6. Profile and Gallery

I will be re-doing my profile and gallery and making some new imagery for it. this includes icons, stamps, buttons and other coding nonsense. This will likely be a long term project so that I can unify Naor and myself over all websites so they look nice, clean and consistent. Please be patience if my profile gets ugly for a bit.

As far as my gallery, I will be making it Naor focused, and this includes the "featured" sections. I'll have pages and character artwork there (refs and such since I'm working on many of those ATM). I'll me submitting nonsense deviations, so bear with me though the spammy crap, sorry!

Anyway, I am SO THANKFUL for you guys and your patience overall. I know I am lacking in areas like communication and meeting deadlines at times. I am doing my best to get back on my feet and kick my own butt into gear. I'm working hard IRL to get organized and that means, for me, getting white boards, receipt books, doing taxes (ugh those are due in a few days) and balancing my checkbooks (all of them).

It has been a rollarcoaster since graduation from Ringling last May, but I'm trying to keep up! LOL I have a new job with stable money, and that's helping, though I hate it. My biggest hope is to get Naor featured on Webtoons since it seems to be doing so well there. Almost 100 new followers in a week!  I'm sure it'll do better as it gets along. I'll be making a LINE account as well so I can get in touch with Line users more too, so once I've got my account up and running there, I'll let you know!

If you want to keep up with me on a daily basis, Instagram is the best place! I post Daily, both original sketches (not Naor), previews of Naor stuff, and life things )mostly my two kitties Miso and Salem. XD


I'll also be posting more "where to find me stuff" soon. I have videos for youtube to post. I have commissions and sketches for Patreon. I have all kinds of things to do, I just need to get to it. But first some sleep. It's almost 5am, later guys!


Wahoo! by Ahkward

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whitew3r3wolf Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Don't you worry for a second about my commission! :aww: I'm happy to wait, it'll be worth it! :dance:
I definitely am understanding to how chaotic things can get! ... I feel like I've been running around like a headless chicken myself lately XD

You have been through a lot since I met you here on DA, I admire you in that you are still persistent in chasing your dream:} Never give up on it, you are an inspiration! I hope things have been going well for you <3

( Oh! Also on a side note I saw your journal about possibly making Naor a manga style~ ... I think it would be awesome!!! :D )
Unistonen Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016  Student Filmographer
Good to hear that everything is getting better! :dummy: And new readers for Naor, wahoooo :iconlachoirplz:
And about my Turkish translations: is it ok to change my payment to artwork too? Because Paypal has recently shut down for Turkey and I think that'd be the best option to everyone for now
Ferngirl Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Ooh, it's great your comic is getting attention~  Good luck!
Jenova-Cells Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016
You weren't lying when you said you had a lot of news. XD I'm glad you were able to get your account out of the red. :> I think things are finally looking up for you money-wise, and hopefully in a few more months, everything will be more stable and comfortable. Naor is already soaring in its popularity, which is just friggin' awesome. If anything deserves to get noticed, it's definitely Naor.
Ailithir Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Student General Artist
Grats on getting things back on track! :D
(Don't worry about being late on deadlines on the art-side: punctual artists are most likely extraterrestrial beings with multiple arms and the ability to clone themselves, possessing a Time Chamber or living in the Tardis... as a matter of fact, our graphic design teacher always gave us the deadline for at least a week prior to when he really wanted the pieces done for because he just knew that we wouldn't have finished them in time otherwise xD)

And I'm free to help out on the group if you need. I'm already a member *v*)/ You'll have to guide me at first tho cuz aside than for being a member I've never been admin/volunteer on any group and I don't know how stuff works like xD

I probably won't be home in the last week of September but that aside I shouldn't have problems of time for most of the rest of the year :q

As for the translations, you likely know already but my desktop is back to being operative and as I told you before (I wonder how long till I start sounding annoying? =V I probably already am anyway lol), we can revise the "payment plan" to make it more comfortable for you and keep the updates coming (which would also help me out in sorting the workload and setting a better pace with my other commitments as well eve)
Moonlightelf Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Yay to positive account! And a lot of other things :heart:
Insta-joined the group too. :3
BasstheDragon Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016
Thanks for the updates, it made a lot more clear!

Also, about my translation: if it is in your favor, I can choose to accept art instead of the money
Ahkward Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Good I'm glad, that was my intent with posting this. XD

It would be in my favor, yes, however I do not want to pressure you into it if you would prefer the money. As you saw with this one, I am willing to do nice art in return for translation services (though this one would likely count for 75-100$... so like 2-3 chapter's worth like a tab at a bar). Whatever you want, I can do in return for translations, nothing is off the table. I'll admit one of my translators is even asking for NSFW, though I won't them them.

Like I said, damn near anything is on the table since I want to give this stuff to my readers. However I know how important and valuable money is. If it means that much to you, over artwork, I certainly won't be offended. (esp with my own money issues lately)

Aednenao: Rin Rensuh by Ahkward  
BasstheDragon Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016
You achieved that XD

Well I of course prefer money, cuz it is handier, but I am doing this just for fun so it's not like I need it (well of course I "need" it, but everyone would like to recieve money no? XD)

What do you mean it would be worth 70 to 100 dollar? The art or the translation worthness of the translation? Just asking

Well I'll think about it, I'll first check what I need to translate and then I'll decide ^^
Ahkward Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
I can do artwork worth 30-45, the cost of a translation. However some are asking for bigger artworks that cost more. So I use it as a tab. Take that Rin picture, it is worth about 75, so it is worth two chapters of translation. I can also do money pay from time to time, or even send comic books as I print them in return for translations. I could likely print the book in your language just for you and ship it even.

Lots of options

That is what I mean. It will be better to translate
BasstheDragon Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2016
Again I'll think about it, you'll hear from me
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