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Design Unscripted 2 - LIVE Kickstarter

Journal Entry: Tue Mar 17, 2015, 10:53 AM

Design Unscripted 2 - LIVE Kickstarter

Hey guys! It's that time again!

For those of you who have been with me long enough, you are aware that last year, I was fortunate to be a member of the Design Unscripted Artbook that my college produced. We have decided to create a second edition and now is the time to support us! My artwork, again will be in this book, I am also in the starting video at 1:35, so if you want to see the video and the awesome art in it, click the link and check it out!

Even if you can't pledge or help fund, spread the word please! This project means a lot to me! 

- Ahk / Kat Jackson

CoverDU2 by Ahkward

Project Link!  --  $1,007  /  $15,000 raised so far

 :star: >>>>… <<<< :star:

What is Design Unscripted?

Over 20 Illustration artists from Ringling College of Art and Design (students and alumni) have collaborated their imagination and talent in order to bring you the 2nd volume of Design Unscripted, a 100 page visual development art book! The book’s aim is to help launch the careers of aspiring Visual Development Artists by showcasing their work alongside Ringling alumni who have become seasoned professionals. This art-book will give you access into the creative process and contains original ideas for many never before seen character and prop designs as well as environments, vehicles, storyboards and color-scripts from these emerging artists! There will only be one print run of this book…this is a rare opportunity to not only invest in the careers of these up-and-coming artists, but also to get a limited edition copy of this book. 

The forward for Design Unscripted 2 will be written by Patrick Osborne, the Oscar winning Director of Disney's Feast!

In this Design Unscripted 2 campaign we will bring you the highest quality product at a reasonably priced rate. This is a passion project for the majority of the artists involved.  By backing this project you are making it possible for an emerging artist to gain the exposure they need to pursue their dreams!  Because of the number of artists involved, a variety of mediums and styles will be represented in this book. This visual development collection has been a labor of love by artists who are passionate about their craft. Thank you so much for helping! 

If you can't help fund the project, please at least spread the word! We need your help to make this awesome project a reality!

Artist Line-Up:

Arri Du, Courtney Brenek, Jeremy Edlebut, John Treanor, Kat Jackson (Me), Molly Dean, Tyler Keshner, Z. Akhmetova, Francis Vallejo, James Frio, McClean Kendree, Mirna Stubbs, Natalie Andrewson, Carlos Villagra, Sonny Zin, Joshua Otero, Octavio Perez, Caleb Prochnow, Katy Betz, Danny Samuels, Kellee Riley, Albert Sorrentino

Some sample work from the artists above!

Courtney by Ahkward Mccean by Ahkward

Molly by Ahkward      Asia by Ahkward   Sonny by Ahkward

Natalie by Ahkward  Dany by Ahkward

Here is some of the epic stuff you can get supporting us! 

DUcover1 by Ahkward    Meanwhile Reward by Ahkward        CoverDU2 by Ahkward

  Cardset by Ahkward      Barker by Ahkward            Stretchgoal1 by Ahkward


Skin by moonfreak (modified by Ahkward)
DaniTheArtist1995 Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015  Student General Artist
Looks awesome! I'll pledge some money to it as soon as I can!! :D
dustinwilson Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2015
Backed. :D
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