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About Rin and Zai Rensuh (Naor)

Journal Entry: Sat Jun 25, 2016, 8:01 PM

Jenova-Cells tagged me in a meme about characters. I usually dont' do meme's but Jenova has been a super awesome supporter, translator and excited about Naor so I'll amuse you bro. ouo I'll post 8 facts each.

It is VERY important to understand the mythology between these two, as it'll be referenced throughout the story. I do want to do a nice tribute piece.... when I have time. -shot- I never have time for anything anymore unless it's commissioned or comics XD

Rin and Zai Rensuh

Naori Myth: Magic, Miyape and Zaihkt by Ahkward
IG - Rin Aednenao by AhkwardRin Rensuh Sketch by Ahkward  ~ Portrait 23: Jeweled by Ahkward ~ Lady sketches by Ahkward

If you'd like to read the myth between these two, you can find it here:
 Naori Myth: Magic, Miyape and Zaihkt

Rin Rensuh
Aries - April 1
Female - Bisexual
Younger sister

  1. Evident by their name, they are sisters. Rin will never admit this and hates Zai, always quick to change the topic.
  2. She was pursued by many men, however prefers women for company. She bisexual, and would use this to her advantage to get what she wanted. Due to this she can be a bit vain.
  3. She was once human, and during her human life was a hunter, she was one of few female hunters as at that time in Naor history women were not traditionally hunter, but rather farmers, artists and carpenters.
  4. Rin and Zai once lived in a village called Jangk, now ruins.
  5. Rin was killed by Zai in a fight after Rin killed someone from Zai's village. After that, Tuhk offered Rin eternal life as a miyape in return for serving him. Rin took this opportunity to be able to harass Zai and other Naori forever and thus became the first miyape. Since then she's been revived several times by Tuhk, so she does die from time to time, but is revived each time.
  6. Rin now lives mainly in Ikt, which is also a city of ruins. Nobody knows why of all places she chose Ikt or if Tuhk assigned her there.
  7. She has the ability to hide her miyape form and look human. She usually uses this when she's gathering information, or looking for some attention for the night. (Yes because she's still active in that way). However few people know what she looks like because she will kill the person right after. Miyape survive on souls and blood and she will lure people away and alone, have her way and kill them afterwards leaving no witness. This makes her one of the most dangerous beings and prolific killers in Naor ( she goes after men and women).
  8.  Rin has always had a sort of soft spot for Aros, not in a romantic way, more of a curious way and routinely harasses him. He is one of the few men she hasn't killed after a night together and it's thought do to her finding him interesting or Tukh ordering her not to.

Zai Rensuh
Capricorn - January 12
Female - Aromantic
Older sister

  1. Zai loves her sister Rin. Despite their past, Zai has faith that one day she will reunite with Rin on good terms.
  2. Zai has never had a relationship, and never wanted one. She looked down on Rin for being so casual and then upon becoming a zaihkt, she was not allowed to form a relationship based on the law of the gods.
  3. She was the first Zaihkt, essentially a human made half-spirit that can use magic and servers as a healer and messenger between gods spirits, plants and animals to the human world.
  4. It is technically Zai's fault that Jangk became ruins, she had the opportunity to save it, but didn't, this is what caused the fight between them.
  5. All zaihkt have partners that are animal spirits. Zai's partner is named "Hijiro" and is essentially a large animal that is a mix of a leopard and a bear, called a "Hiji". Hijiro simply mean "big hiji" or "great hiji". XD
  6. She trained three people to carry on her magic and duties, all three followed the same process of becoming a zaihkt and thus started the role of zaihkt in Naor. In Naor, your teacher or one who watched over you during your training has a lot of weight to your skills and credit.
  7. Her name means "leader" and so "zaihkt" can be translated as "leader of magic". She is considered the leader of all zaihkt and after death, her soul was sent to Untugo. Other zaihkt can go there and ask to talk to her for advice, and she will always answer if called upon.
  8. All zaihkt have eugmog, and Zai's first was a triangle shape, considered sacred by the naori. Since then, triangle shaped eugmog are rare and reserved as rewards for truly amazing accomplishments. Only Zai will give those to zaihkt she thinks deserves them.

To better understand them, I highly advise you read their myth. XD
 Naori Myth: Magic, Miyape and Zaihkt

ouo Was that enough info Jenova-Cells? lol

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Jenova-Cells Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016
owo Thank you thank you thank you for taking the time to write this. They're both so well-rounded; I love love love their characters, even though they're almost polar opposites. XD I still find it so sad that Rin and Zai are so against each other, but it makes a lot of sense. They're just so different, even though they're related. But neither of them were in the wrong for taking their own sides...

Thanks again for doing the meme. I just love reading about original characters, especially the super developed ones. ;w;
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Of course bro! >.> I'm still working on the ink drawing of Rin, it's kinda more detailed than I wanted cause it's so much fun. lol So I figured I'd do a nice detailed thing here to kinda make up for it. XD
Jenova-Cells Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016
No worries, I know you've got a lot on your plate. I'm glad you're having fun with the drawing! 8D
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll try to grab a photo of it soon ouo
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