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8 Character Facts: Tuhk / Amat

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 31, 2016, 2:09 AM

This time I was tagged by NinjaKato 

1) Post these rules
2) Post 8 facts about your character
3) Tag 8 other characters
4) Post their names along with their creator's avatars

(I'm a loser and won't tag people. XD )

Naor - Tuhk Character Sheet by Ahkward

Tuhk / Amat

1. Tuhk technically has two names.
Tuhk's original name is "Amat", the name he gave himself. Tuhk was given to him by other gods who refuse to acknowledge this (though I call him this too lol) It aggravates him, however he rarely complains about it. The only real mention of his name the Naori use is "ama" (ah-mah) which means "time" as in the "passage of time" and not hours or minutes. Also, "a" (said "ah") which means "fortune" or "future"; and "Amataro" being essentially the Naori version of the apocalypse. Amataro translates as "great Amat" and during this time, Tuhk will successfully kill all life on Naor plus Kuht (sun) and Aet (moon). The only ones who live are the JumKeTu, a handful of humans, a zaihkt and the two older gods, Roht and Dusai.

2. He is the first god in existence, only his body was created later.

While the mythology I have posted makes it look like Tuhk is a younger god, he himself is the universe, a sort of sentient universe. Originally it was only darkness, no light or anything. He created another life, and unintentionally created light. This caused him pain since light erases darkness and has since had a goal to erase light. It wasn't until Aet (Moon) was created that Tuhk had an opportunity to gain a physical form to fight the light. Aet feared Tuhk and was just a being in the darkness, he didn't emit light yet. So his mother (the wind) gave him some light dust and told him to apply a little each night. This created the waxing moonphases. There was also a second bag that Aet put his fear of the darkness in. His fear was given a physical form. On the 12th night, Kuht switchted the ribbons in a prank on his brother, and Aet opens the bag of fears by mistake. Tuhk was formed as the fears left the bag. His original form is human in nature, except he has blue eyes, nearly never seen in Naori.

3. His original/human form is now "banned".

Tuhk's original form, looking nearly human, he "lost" in a deal. At one point, a human broke a rule set in place by Jum. Tuhk has a great dislike for humans since they were built to resemble gods, thus himself included. To him, this is incredibly insulting to him. In combination of the human breaking a rule, Tuhk took away their near-immortality and gave them death from disease and old age. To punish him for interferring with the humans, Roht buried Tuhk into the land into a very deep hole and sealed it. Over time he dug his way back out and created Rohjun. However he was not allowed to leave the grounds of Rohjun and was bound to the earth/Naor.

Roht offered a deal that in return for letting him leave Rohjun, it would be on one condition, to serve the island as its death keeper and soul keeper. To transport the souls of the dead to trial in Rohjun (by Luihn who was also made in this deal). He was also no longer allowed to use his original form since he had attacked humans and obviously didn't deserve the respect and use of the form. He agreed and ever since has worked gathering souls every single day and plotting his rise back to power and Amataro.

4. Tuhk cannot taste or feel.

Due to certain reasons I won't go into, Tuhk cannot feel touch, pain or taste things. He also doesn't need to sleep, though he does need rest. However he must still eat to maintain his magic, and his food of choice happens to be souls mainly with blood as well. This is due to the way souls work. That's all I'm gonna say on that.

5. It is because of him that humans have access to magic.

He inadvertently gave humans access to magic, these humans are now called Zaihkt. Most zaihkt are aligned with Jum and so Tuhk has a special hatred for those humans who step into the domain of humans who use magic. The main goal of zaihkt is to fight off tuhk and keep balance between humans and spirits and plants and animals.

6. He gardens.

Yes, he gardens. Within Rohjun is a large garden, full of plants that can grow in low to no light at all. Most of these plants he uses for his own needs and wants, and developing new magic. Hey, he gotta find something to do. XD He mostly uses magic to manipulate things since he doesn't have hands anymore. Just behind this garden is his personal living space, 3 or 4 stories tall with his favorite spot on top, naturally.

7. His feathers can grants wishes.

All birds lose feathers from time to time, and Tuhk's feathers contain his magic. Due to is power, those who posses them can make wishes, within limits. Though you have to be incredibly careful! He will find any way or loophole he can to take your soul in return for granting your wish. He typically will not take it right away, but after you die. For this reason, Jum as told the humans to hand over all feathers found to Zaihkt so they can dispose of them properly.

8. He owns Jum.

He once revived Jum when she died the first time, however it was on the condition that the next time it happens, her soul will be absorbed by him. Jum has fought for him to release her for this since she wasn't the one to make the deal. He has refused to even consider it, and this has been a sore spot for her ever since.

Do you have any more questions? :'D

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