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Life and Manga Update

Journal Entry: Tue Aug 14, 2018, 2:02 PM

I'm going to try to be as thorough as I can. I know that I ave essentially just vanished from most places on the internet except for maybe one or two. Let me explain.

I'm kinda disappointed in myself right now and fighting through a depression and art block. I have learned that I am incredibly under-prepared for this manga stuff. I'm nowhere near ready despite almost 7 or 8 fucking years of preparation. So many years of work and I'm still not ready. I'm greatful for my internship and it has been a great experience and insanely valuable to me.

However it has made me see that I don't really know much about what I'm doing and have a lot more work to do. This kinda of hurts because I am 27 years old with little accomplished. It feels like some sort of identity crisis because I was writing in my personal journal one day and realized that I was so attached to Naor, I don't know what to do without it. I have ZERO idea what to do next. I don't fucking know. I don't know what I am or who I am without it. Maybe try some other original stuff? Just random whatever the hell I want stuff?

I might keep working on Naor, but development of the world, characters. Practice anatomy and just develop it even more...

Additionally, I went to San Diego Comic Con and Anime Expo and not ONE person came to see me. Out of the 7,000+ of you, not one person? The only people that saw me there were people I was on panels with like zeldacw, Yaoyao and a few others I was privileged enough to meet. I suppose I was just disappointed that of the hundreds of thousands of people there..... not one was there and WANTED to come see me.

On the better side of things, I've become a demo artist for Wacom and Clip Studio/ Graphixly and we are discussing future conventions that I will be attending with them. After my panels that I moderated at Anime Expo, they invited me to San Diego Comic Con as a featured artist. I am in talks with them for a possible feature elsewhere. They are paying me for these things and I'm happy and proud to have that opportunity.

So please forgive me while I'm trying to figure out who I am again. Sorry. I have a lot of money coming in with my next paycheck and I intend to refund everyone just to take the pressure of commissions off of me. I apologize. All waitlists will remain as is and anyone I am issuing refunds to is free to be on the wait list. Once I receive the funds I will reach out to those who I intend to refund. Give me about 30 days to get my next paycheck and bills paid. Thank you.

Sorry for the confusion, but I'm in an identity crisis right now and need some space. I will do my best to get back to everyone.

If it is CRITICALLY important or involves commissions, please email me at

San Diego Comic Con 2018!!

Tue Jul 17, 2018, 8:24 PM

San Diego Comic Con 2018 by Ahkward

Hey everyone! I'll be at Booth 5336 during San Diego Comic Con.

I'll be drawing all day long from the time to Exhibitor Hall opens till it closes. I was able to work out a deal with Wacom and Clip Studio so feel free to drop by and say hi!! :la: You'll get to see me work live and then ask me any questions, comments, whatever. I LOVE talking to people while I draw.

See you there!

Nukerooster Commission Boost

Wed May 30, 2018, 8:21 PM

In Chicago for C2E2!!

Sat Apr 7, 2018, 6:20 AM

Stop by and come see me at table 512!! (next to image and skybound) It was kinda a last minute decision and Tokyopop made it happen for me, so PLEASE come on by! I will have a dark green TPop shirt and maybe a grey jacket. I have red hair but like to where a hat lol

C2E2 in Chicago!! by Ahkward

Dur by Ahkward

Derp by Ahkward

Changes to Patreon and other things

Sat Mar 3, 2018, 12:14 PM

So as a warning to everyone,

I have taken down my creator page on Patreon.

I do not feel I am posting as much as I should, nor that I really have the time or energy to manage it right now. For anyone who I support, you will still get your pledges from me. I didn't totally disable my account, I only took down my creator side. I'll remain a patron.

This is in an effort to become more active here. I have stopped posting most here because I was trying to post everything Naor and WIP wise to Patreon. It will be much easier and hopefully stir up interest again as I post here more often. I haven't abandoned dA, I just became exclusive to Instagram and Patreon mostly. That will change.

DeviantART, while changing a lot in the last few years, is my largest following anywhere and it isn't fair to give you guys the cold shoulder like I have. I have mailed out a lot of what I owe to people, but I am still working on all the main I have.

In addition I also have a LEAVE and START date for my internship at TokyoPop in Los Angeles. I will leave South Dakota on the 5th of June and arrive on the 7th. I will be taking the train from Omaha to Sacramento, and then from Sacramento to LA will be 3 different bus lines. It will be a LONG trip, about 52 hours in total, but I'm not too worried about that. I'll live. lol

My start date will be the 11th of June, and with my birthday that friday, the 15th of June, I'm looking for some fun stuff to do. If you want to hang out that weekend let me know! Being with TokyoPop, I have found out that I will be going to various cons, which I will make a separate entry for, so if you can't spend the weekend with me, I might meet you at a con. I love doing sketches for people, and I do them pretty cheap at cons, so be sure to drop by for a visit once I get the announcements ready (after the con list is confirmed).

So with that I will head out to get some more artwork done. I have a lot to do and only 94 days to do it all. (before I leave for Cali)

Naor Anniversary! 8 years

Wed Feb 14, 2018, 6:34 PM


February 14th has a VERY special meaning to me


February 14th was when my first project containing Ahk, my main character from Naor was due. I always have used this date as the first day I started working on Naor because that is the day my professor asked me to write more about him and his story. So I have been, for like, 8 years now!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!!

8 LONG years on this project. Granted it is in the middle of a reboot
and conversion over to a manga, but hey, it has made a lot of
strides in only 8 years. I have a lot more updates on that, but I
at least wanted to get that out there.

If you don't know what Naor is, it is a comic/manga I have been working on for many years. It is essentially a murder mystery and supernatural themed story where the two main characters are not even human! I really enjoy making the series and if you want to read what I have done, please go here:…

Please note I only started making pages a few months ago, and work in slow as I have been on hiatus off and on over the years, but it is in no danger of abandonment.

Have some Naor Art

Naor Page 01 by Ahkward

Naor Chap 1: 01 by Ahkward Naor Chap 02: 01 by Ahkward Naor Chapter 3: Sealed by Ahkward

Aednenao: Rin Rensuh by Ahkward

Toxic by Ahkward Pon WIP - Update by Ahkward  Naor Myth - Dusai and Kuht Masks by Ahkward Naor: The God Luihn by Ahkward

You can also read Naor on Webtoons!…


Life update

Thu Jan 11, 2018, 7:48 PM

HEEEEEY guys! I'm still here, still alive, mostly. xnx

Here is stuff I will cover here:

1. Life update
2. Commission update
3. Naor update :star: REALLY IMPORTANT


So I mentioned in a previous journal that I was promoted to Assistant Manager at my IRL job. That has pretty much taken over my life like I feared it would. I worked on every single freaking Holiday:

Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
NewYear's Eve and
NewYear's Day


I finally got my first real day off on Wednesday the 10th, however now that I have health insurance I spent it mostly sleeping and at the hospital getting a general wellness check. They found some stuff and there are more tests tomorrow, so hopefully it isn't anything to worry about! lol I'm certainly not worried. XD

However that said I sincerely apologize for being absent. Now that the holiday season is over I can finally get some breaks. Yes, breaks AFTER the holiday because I didn't get days off, not even weekends. >n> So all you people whining about being back to school or back to work, at least be happy you got the time off. Because I was that person getting up at 430 am to clock in at 530am to open at 6am almost every day during the holiday season. So be grateful. In fact last week, the first week of the year, I pulled 94 hours in 8 days. I wish I was joking. That's JUST my IRL job, not counting commission, animation and comic work. Total was about 126 hours.

DAYUM gonna have a big fat paycheck tomorrow though!  AW YEAH. I am STILL working on your commissions, please understand. I will talk about that next.

2. Commissions

As it stands right now I have 15 commissions left (19 with sketchbooks). I will be honest and counting ACEOs, this time last year I have over 60 commissions, so 60+ drawings to do. That was a horrible mistake and NOT fair to my commissioners.

If you have ordered anything from me, an object for me to mail, commission, whatever and you haven't gotten it:

I am happy to issue a full monetary refund.

Please just note me. If you are waiting on multiple things, like some people waiting on art and a comic book, I am still getting those sent out. If you wish to cancel an order, that's ok too. Just let me know your paypal email so I can find your payment and refund you.

Now that I am getting my holiday pay, I have a lot more money to get all that mailed stuff out. I bought a ton more shipping supplies with my last check and ALL ACEOs are packaged up, I just need to get to the post office soon, as well as a bunch of other things.

It is hard because I work 530am to 4pm, not breaks, no lunch period and my post office in town is only open from 7am to 3pm.... So getting to the post office on a day I actually have time is really hard. I have been working every single day for 3 weeks with no day off. Yesterday and tomorrow is my first since the week before Christmas.

3. Naor

Naor is my comic, for those of you who don't know. It is going through some major changes this year.

First up, I have stopped producing pages for a reason. For the sake of my internship, which is due to officially begin with TokyopPop in June of this year, I am working on an animation. I know it sounds odd, to work on an animation for a comic/manga company, however I already have a large comic-based portfolio. I am aiming to diversify that with storyboards, animatics, animations, and the like. So I am doing this as a way to develop my portfolio, while still being productive.

The animation is going to be a teaser/trailer for Naor. It will be about 4:35 minutes long, and will initially be a rough color state. Nothing fancy. I have been posting much of the Process on my Patreon and occasionally on Instagram. I want to post more here, but I do not have internet at home in an effort to save money. ANYWAY, I will try to make some gifs for you guys to see what I am up to, probably just lineart or sketch versions of everything. Screenshots and stuff like that. I really want to save it for my patrons who are actually helping me financially.

You can find my patreon by clicking on the image below! It costs only 1$ to get access to everything!

If for some reason you are unhappy to support me via Patreon, I also have a Ko-fi for donations! Anyone who donates to my Ko-fi will get access to stuff I post that month, but I'll need your email address or dA account for links to be able to link you to things.

Ko-fi link is here:

Here is a super rough version of some things I have done. Remember these are color roughs, not a final product. The beginning three scenes are the ones I started, the rest are just drawings I did to help with boards. I have about 2000 frames planned out (about 1min and 41 seconds). This is just about 37 seconds.

(I am currently at a relatives house, so I am borrowing theirs to type this. We don't have any real cafes or coffee shops here. I have to go to work or sit in my car to borrow the library internet most times. I am looking into getting a router for my phone or something. The local internet sucks and is unreliable, so I don't want to use that. )

If you have any questions for me, about anything, please let me know!

Thanks for all the love, especially the Christmas gifts and Core membership donations. I cannot thank everyone enough for it!


OMG which one of you did this?!


embedded_item1511365158662 by Ahkward
Not accounts, just houses.

So I unexpectedly moved October 21st and 22nd. I was NOT prepared in any way whatsoever, so for the last week or so I have been scrambling trying to get all of my stuff to my new place and get unpacked and back to work on commissions and comics. I didn't do a very good job. ROFL

1. YES, Naor Chapter 2 is late. Sorry about that! I had planned to get the three pages I was supposed to release on the 23rd done and posted. Well that didn't happen. I haven't been able to really draw much due to the large amount of overtime lately. I WILL post new pages on MONDAY, IDK if I have to not sleep this weekend at all! OTL

2. I know 10 to 20 hours a week of overtime isn't very much compared to some people, but between unpacking and working overtime, I haven't had the energy when I get home (shifts are 10hrs of standing with NO breaks). For some fucking reason South Dakota doesn't have mandated breaks (not even for lunch). like WTF? How can this be true?

3. Commissions.... um yeah. 4/6 Sketchbook commissions are DONE. I have been doing those instead of my larger commissions (since sketchbooks are easy to hide in pockets while at work). ROFL I also have a few more smaller ones to scan and post once I get my scanner set up again. I finally got that over to my new place yesterday, so I should be able to get more scans done soon.... hopefully.

4. I have a huge ass backlog for the last few weeks months. Like I said before, I didn't know I was moving until like, 2 days before it happened. I won't go into details, but hey, I have a place of my own that is easily affordable on my budget.

PLUS I got to take Miso. She had a horrid skin condition and she is doing SO MUCH BETTER now. I am so happy to see her improving. ouo Enjoy a photo of her.

Miso Cute by Ahkward
OHMEHGERD my 10yr Anniversary on DA is next month! (Same account, active the entire time) WHAT SHOULD I DO?! Maybe give away an original page of Naor? Maybe do an auction that goes towards my internship next summer? A contest? GUYS I NEED IDEAS
embedded_item1508503400621 by Ahkward
Would anyone want to watch me stream doing commissions and then some comic pages? I have 4 digital commissions left and then 2 comic pages which are half done.

I would use picarto and might start in about an hour...
Sorry I didn't update last week with a new comic page or upload any commissions! I am super busy as my step dad had major arm/shoulder surgery. I've been helping take care of him the last two weeks as his right arm has been pretty much useless.

I also fell down my stairs (21 steps) on Tuesday morning on my way downstairs to get ready for work. I am ok, not broken or anything as far as I can tell, but bruised up my arm back and butt. XD Super lucky, but I am pretty slow moving right now. Sitting is hard since I banged up my lower spine/tailbone really badly. I don't have insurance, so I can't go to a doctor and get checked or get medicine. So I'll be a bit slower to heal. Sitting to draw REALLY hurts right now, so I'm gonna focus on scanning stuff this weekend.

Thanks for patience. I have a TON of things to upload. I have the rest of a sketchbook commission (finally done for King), updates for the other sketchbook commissions. Some digital commissions and 2 comic pages as well as an update for the tutorial series regarding two page spreads.

I also was interviewed this weekend by PopComics and it will appear on the TokyopPop and PopComics blog on Monday the 4th! I am pretty excited for that and I will be sure to link everyone up once it is available to read.

Sorry for slow updates!
Hey guys, I had an issue with my rebilling and DA is not accepting my card for whatever reason. I am in the process of getting it back. 

Can anyone get me a membership for like a week or more? I would use my paypal but I just withdrew it all. It will take probably days to figure this out. 

Whoever gives me any length of membership will get a free sketch or something in return. I need my page up since I use dA for business affairs. (Depending on gw much you give I will happily do something extra special and custom!)

Or I can send you the money for it / pay you back!

Please please and thank you!
I know I have a lot I can improve upon, my commissions being one of them in terms of time.

I made a Sarahah account and I would love to get feedback, good or bad. It is 100% Anonymous, meaning I have no idea who messages me, so if you want to speak your mind, you can safely do so. (Not that I would do anything anyway)

Do I complain too much?
Wish I would experiment more?
Angry I am too slow on orders?
Always wanted to tell me SOMETHING?!


I want to know what makes you happy and / or unhappy. I also want to be more open to my followers. So please feel free to drop me a message. I cannot fix something if it is not known to me.  
Hey guys I will be in Ohio to pick up my younger brother. I will be given money for gas to get him by my mom, but I need somewhere to stay.

I will be leaving South Dakota for the Heath/Newark/Granville area (about 1hr EAST of Columbus) along I-70 near Route 16 and Route 37 on July 3rd. I will need somewhere to rest that night and stay the 4th as well. I will leave to pick up my brother very early on the 5th to head home. If you live along I-70 that is best. It doesnt have to be that close, within an hour or so of my destination would be nice since I am driving straight home through Ohio, Indiana, Iowa and back to South Dakota.

In return I am willing to do inkwork on spot for a commission or let you have an original page of the comic/cooy of the comic or other original art! If I owe you artwork I will bring it to you. Or you can make me owe you for later! Lol I am happy to barter and discuss. I am happy to get my own food, I just need a couch to borrow. If you have family over for the holiday I can leave and do my own thing until dark/sleep time.

If you are willing to let me borrow a couch or spare bed please let me know! I promise to do something in return, I just cannot do money otherwise I would just get a hotel.

Thanks guys!!


Wed Jun 21, 2017, 8:28 PM

Hey everyone! I wanted to update all of you guys on some goings on


To thank you all for all the birthday wishes last week! I DID take the day off for once (and kinda took friday off too lol ).

So here is an overall update of things:

I have 4 commissions WIP right now - ALL ARE BEING INKED/colored:

**I am doing these first because they are the oldest**

Full Color YCH for CheekyStoat
Full Color YCH for Happy-Tanuki
Full Color for Skollyson
Full color KayruKitsune

I also have multiple comic pages in progress

Chapter 1: Page 12-15 (inking)
Page 16-19 (sketching)
Page 20-24 (story-boarding)

Chapter 2: (not started yet)

I went through a horrid depression and art block the last 2 months. I barely got any work done and dealing with my family not approving of my internship really got me down. I wanted to take it and since I have confirmed it with them that they are willing to wait (hopefully the offer will still be open in a year or two).

I also finally got my car situation fixed. The guy i was buying it from was "having issues" giving me the title so I could register it. Now I have that and I am legal to drive the car, so that will help a ton in getting more work in town and the nearby towns.

I am doing my best to keep working, but I am trying to avoid doing what I did in college. I was almost medically withdrawn because I stopped eating, drinking and sleeping. I am very motivated right now, but I am scared I will lose control and become 120% devoted and nearly kill myself like last time.

I also recorded three new videos for youtube. The TOXIC video is gonna take a bit longer since after effects cannot handle videos over 20 hours long. XD Be patient while I edit the hell out of that one.

Anyway, later guys! I need to get back to inking!


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TokyoPop Internship

Wed Jun 14, 2017, 9:03 PM

Tokyopop Logo by Ahkward

During my work with POPComics (which is run by TokyoPop) I have been in touch with some of the staffers there. The topic cane up about my future career plans and I mentioned I was looking for an internship.

I was offered one. 6 months in LA, California.

tumblr onjitqgtRB1qkprgpo1 500 by Ahkward

The catch?

An unpaid internship... in LA, California

Tumblr M3e7apcrvj1ro9phro1 R1 500 by Ahkward

Now, I know that unpaid internships are a bummer, however I still plan to take this. I will need to make a savings for this, and by my estimate I will need about 20k to 30k to last 6 months for everything, rent, utilities, foods, transport, etc.

If you live in LA and have any tips, advice or anything useful, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I would love any advice for living in LA for a short time that might turn into a longer time. I am hopeful about any job prospects after the internship.

tumblr olvpumaDHf1vbm7vzo1 540 by Ahkward

I am planning on either renting on my own or with someone else, so if you happen to live close to or in LA and would be willing to let me bum with you for 6 months next year or in 2 years, let me know! I of course would pay rent and such. However as I stated, I have to save up for this.

What about India? That fell through due to a technicality with the Indian government. In order to be granted the visa for the type of work I was doing, it was required I be paid a certain amount per year. The company I was going to work for would not give me that amount, thus I would never have been granted the visa. So that is being put on hold for a long time as I would rather do this internship instead.

What about the TokyoPop fallout of 2008?

tumblr oo9u7sQpz31tb8iyko1 500 by Ahkward

Honestly this is my chief concern about taking an unpaid internship with TP. It did have a fallout about 10 years ago, however I am going to give this a chance and hope that the company has indeed changed. I've been in contact with staff from TP since December when I was initially offered the internship. However with everything that was happening between moving out and getting settled elsewhere, I didn't really have the time or reason to think about it.

I am keeping an eye on the company as they progress and I follow them on multiple social media sites, though I know that only says so much. I am confident they are not the same company as before and that Stu has learned from the mistakes made in the past.

What would I do for the internship?

This we are still discussing, but it would be floorwork. I would be assisting in editing, production, archiving, etc. Like most interns, I'd probably be a grunt and an assistant to everyone in the office. lol The main thing I want to get out of this internship is to see the office side/studio side of comic and manga companies. I want to know what it is like to be on the inside working with the production, managing and editing staff. This will help me work on my skills as an artist and one-day comic professional as well as networking.

I also will be working conventions with the staff. They have already invited me to assist in conventions behind tables, so if any pop up in the nearby area, I will certainly take that opportunity. I will only go to cons within a certain distance since I am trying to save up for the internship.

Overall I am excited and nervous.

20-30k is a LOT of money. I could pay off my personal student loan with that money. However I am planning on spending it on an internship instead. This has made my family very upset with me, but even if nothing comes of the internship I will have the knowledge and experience and that cannot be taken away from me. I see it as just another semester in college personally! lol Except a professional company instead of a college.

How do I plan to get the money?

Um, working? XD A lot? I have already one job that gets me about 600 a month. I need about another 1000 a month to make this work, in other words, I need another full time job. For my current job, it would mean working 6 days a week. I have the opportunity to get more hours, however with no drive-able vehicle (still waiting on my title which is kinda like a "deed" for a house but a car), I cannot drive TO my other place of work in the next town over. As soon as that clears, I plan to take 2 more days of work to bring me a total of 1200 a month. That will give me about 500 a month to save up. I plan to either use my patreon to save up, or start pushing commissions again once I finish the batch I have.

Again, I will need about 2 years to save up this money. I don't go out to eat, I don't go to the movies or starbucks. I have really nothing I can cut from my life to save money. I live 30min from the nearest starbucks, shopping centre, mall, whatever. Spending money is not something I struggle to control.

I also plan on making crafts, like silk and canvas wall scrolls of my own artwork, or offering people who have done PAST commissions the opportunity to have theirs done. I am fairly certain I know how this will work, I'm just not entirely sure if my method will. So I will keep an eye on it and post results! Thanks for your patience everyone!

I will be posting more stuff about my efforts to save up in the coming days. Thank you!

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250,123 Kiriban - update

Mon Jun 12, 2017, 11:10 AM

Ok, well nobody caught my kiriban, so I guess I won't be doing anything for it. ^^; I recently passed 250,000 views, so we are 1/4 of the way to a million, only took me almost 10 years to get there lol.

Thank you so much for all your support guys!

I might do another one in the future. If not, I plan to do something for my 10 year anniversary later this year.

I will be posting lots of art here and to my patreon later today. I am scanning it as i type this.

Expect commissions and two sketch dumps.

I have A LOT to post. At least 10 deviations. Just an fyi.

Update on things

Sun May 21, 2017, 8:25 PM

Hey guys. Sorry I have been quiet lately.

I have been through a rougher than usual patch lately.. It is just my stupid emotions getting in the way. I hit rock bottom the other day when I burned some of my Naor Comic pages and tore them up. I made it worse by posting it on Instagram and FB; and now people there are freaked out I guess.

I simply could not see it going anywhere. After hitting the ground I am trying to find some recovery time. I have a lot of commissions scanned, I just need to post them. I will get to it as soon as I can. Sorry guys.

I will answer messages if you need to get ahold of me. I will probably be less active than normal... not that it amounts to much anymore.

I will try editing those scans when I get a chance. Please bare with me while I put my mind back together. I know this seems dramatic, I'm sorry.