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EDIT: So far we have 44/100 subs! HECK YEAH, we are almost halfway there and it's only been a few days!

Here is a preview of some of the cool time-lapses and videos I plan on sharing with all of you!

You can see the post here:…

Wips by Ahkward


I am partnering with NukeRooster to bring all of you guys a channel full of




Downloadable Content

If you haven't see NukeRooster 's artwork yet you guys are seriously need to check it out!

Royal Feonix by NukeRooster

Couro by NukeRooster

Nukebrushes by NukeRooster

Again the art above belongs to my YouTube Channel partner:

Link to our channel is here:

THIS link above it our YouTube channel which will officially launch on February 1st! We have been planning this channel since last summer. We are finally making it happen. We will be be releasing a bunch of videos for you all on February 1st, 2019 to get everyone started. From there, we will be uploading a new video on Mondays (Me) and Thursdays (NukeRooster).

Why should you subscribe?


We will also be doing voice overs, giveaways and all kinds of great things.

Why release this 2 weeks early?

We needs YOUR help to get us ready for our big release on the 1st of February. We need 100 subs to get that Custom URL so we don't have to use that UGLY mix-mash URL.


Those first 100 people who DO subscribe to our Youtube Channel and Comment on THIS journal giving me your YOUTUBE USERNAME will get rewarded! I will give shoutouts to everyone listing your Youtube handle if you have one, and/or your DeviantART account in a special video for being our first 100 Youtube channel subscribers!


The first 100 names will be entered into a random list generator and ONE lucky person will get a Colored sketch like the image on the right here. I will record the process and give you a special shoutout video JUST FOR YOU! We will link multiple Social Media accounts for you and post some of your artwork as a thank you for your support! :la:

Kokopelu Sketch by Ahkward

Here is the Link again!

Hit that bright red, sexy, subscribe button once you hit the Channel page to not miss out on our awesome artwork guides and fun! Even after we reach 100, you don't want to miss out! :la:


Public To-Do List / FEB COMS OPEN

Wed Jan 16, 2019, 6:12 PM

Hello everyone!

I have had numerous questions about this regarding if I am open and I am making a journal to use as a Public Queue as well as share my thoughts.


In the past I had a large queue that had a tendency to back up and I attribute this to my lack of experience. I didn't know better than to take a crap ton of orders thinking it would "keep me busy". Well it did. Too much so. I have a clause in my commissions that protects my commissioners as of 25/12/2018.

All commissions are to be completed within 30 days of sketch/concept approval with the exception of sketchbook commissions which will have a deadline of one year. If I do not meet the 30day or year deadline, I will issue full or partial refunds depending on the amount of work completed.

This will hold me personally and financially accountable for all commissions I take, thus preventing what has been happening from ever happening again. This TOS clause is posted on my Commission Sheet, so there are two copies of it.

I have a very small number of orders left and will be completing it this month. Below is my current list of orders I need to complete and their deadlines. I also have tabs in this document for those who are expecting mail from me and another tab with my Youtube to-do list (I will make another journal about that).

Now in reference to the actual commissions, I have made a new Commission sheet with updated prices! I have also included my TOS at the top and payment details at the bottom.

I will take only 5 slots. PLEASE Comment on the DEVIATION or send a note!


FEBRUARY Commissions OPEN and TOS 2019 by Ahkward



Hey everybody! I wanted to inform all of you that Clip Studio Paint, the software I just gave away 2 copies of,

is 50% off with code "HOLIDAYS" until December 26th!

You can grab a copy here:

REMEMBER, you have to put in the code "HOLIDAYS" to get the sale price!

Image may contain: 2 people, text

Clip Studio Paint, the software that I use in my illustrations and animations is on sale right now! They just recently had an amazing update to the animation side (EX) that now allows audio and camera movement. It is pretty much an all inclusive software now and I love using it because it follows the cel-based animation model and not layer based like Photoshop does. I highly recommend it.

Get it while it's on sale for 50% off!

Here are some sample works of mine made

with Clip Studio!

Screencap by Ahkward

NightFire by Ahkward  DayFire by Ahkward

Hand of God by Ahkward  Bastet by Ahkward

Progress chart - Ahklut The Golden by Ahkward

Ahklut - The Golden by Ahkward
Kokopelu Sketch by Ahkward

Lineart - Kokopelu by Ahkward

Kokopelu: The Vengeful by Ahkward

Lineart - Bastet by Ahkward

Instagram and Twitter

Thu Dec 20, 2018, 10:21 AM

Hello everyone! I like to post this from time to time:

Don't forget to follow me on other social media! I am not AS active on DA and that's because I'm trying to get better at posting finished work on dA. I don't mind posting sketchdumps from time to time.

I'm NOT leaving dA.

I simply am more active on other sites.



Thank you everyone for participating in my giveaway. I waited a bit to make the announcement of the clip studio giveaway! I will be sending out notes to the two winners. I placed all the names on in a list maker and the top two names were chosen,

onion dance onion dance onion dance onion dance onion dance onion dance 

Congrats to Mystic-Breakthrough and Kaveirn !!

You've won a free copy of Clip Studio Pro! I will note you with the Serial code and download links!

onion dance onion dance onion dance onion dance onion dance onion dance 

Thank you to everyone for entering! Keep an eye out as I will try to do another giveaway soon!!

- Original Post -

Hey everyone! I am very excited to send this out to you because today marked 11 years since I joined this community on DeviantART. It was VERY different back then, and it was even different before I got here in the early years. I am glad I made that decision back then. It has shaped who I am and my decision to go into artwork as a profession!

Anywho, let's get to the good stuff.

So I have gotten lots of new watches recently, so in case you didn't know, I did some panels at Anime Expo 2018 with Wacom/Clip Studio and then was a resident artist for Clip Studio/Wacom during San Diego Comic Con this year. I have kept in touch with my friends at Clip Studio and Graphixly and we are partnering to bring you a giveaway to celebrate my 11 years. I REALLY wanted to do something cool THIS year since I didn't get to do anything last year.

As a thank you to the community, Graphixly and I are giving away two copies (fully licensed) of Clip Studio Paint Pro!

(the revamp of Manga Studio)

Pro Logo Cropped by Ahkward

What is CSP Pro?!

A banging awesome art software is what it is!… (specs on website, it is WIN/iOS friendly)

Here is some info from the Graphixly website.


Create original sketches using your mouse or draw naturally with a pen tablet-pro


Powerful coloring tools make CLIP STUDIO PAINT your all-in-one manga and comic creation solution.


Use an assortment of comic and manga creation tools that will help maximize your workflow.


Download over 10,000 free assets to help get your project started quickly!


Breathe life into your existing art and make animations and moving illustrations in CLIP STUDIO PAINT.


Customize the user interface layout and switch the interface according to your needs. Move around your workspace.


Pose 3D drawing figures included with CLIP STUDIO PAINT and use them as an inspirational basis for your work.


Easily integrate your CLIP STUDIO PAINT artwork with your existing graphics tools. (like Photoshop)


My personal opinion of CSP is it is like a blend of Sai and Photoshop. It comes with a built in stabilizer and also pens that have varying TYPES of stabilization. This is great for inkers, comic/manga artists and well, anyone who uses lineart.

The assets are GREAT because they allow you to make things kinda like clip art or pre-made items and import them into your artwork. These assets are stored IN the program and are available at any time. You can go online and download MORE assets made by other CSP users. It is like a whole community banding together to make cool stuff.

For me, as a manga creator, the best tool is the SCREENTONE tool. Making a screentone is as easy as making a selection, or shading in a flat tone, then selecting the "screentone" button on the layer properties! From there you can make tones from dots, lines, hatching, TONS of options. The best part is you can completely customize the tone and if later you change your mind, just select the layer and change the settings! You don't have to make a new tone each time. Makes is SUPER easy.

Normally Clip Studio Pro is 49$ for a DL copy, however Graphixly has generously donated 2 copies for me to give away for free!

:heart: Thank you to those at CSP and Graphixly! :heart:

Clip Studiovad by Ahkward

Clip Studiovad3 by Ahkward

Clip Studiovad4 by Ahkward


In order to qualify for the giveaway, you have to do three things.

1. Be a watcher of mine. This is for my watchers on deviantART as a thank you for supporting me for so many years. Thank you! (yes I will be checking)

2. How long have you been on dA? Give me your answer! :D

3. Share a few artworks you are proud of! This day isn't about just me, I want to have YOU guys get some exposure too! So make sure that you guys check out each others' comments! You might find some cool new artists to follow!

That's it! I look forward to reading your comments.

I will note the winner with the links and codes!

I will go to random list maker an putting in all the names. The top two names will be the winners. I will sent out a note with the instructions and serial numbers so that you can download and install your new CSP Pro!

I will share a few of mine.

Kokopelu: The Vengeful by Ahkward  Ahklut - The Golden by Ahkward

Sequence C - Rough by Ahkward
Toxic by Ahkward Bastet by Ahkward

So get out there and comment! Share your artwork! Thank you so much everyone for your support over the last 11 years! I hope we can be here for another 11 more!

I also found this dA Questionnaire that I completed 3 years ago, I will do it again as something fun to do. Feel free to do this in your own journals! hehe

   1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?

I joined dA on November 9th, 2007, so it's been exactly 11 years today.

  2. What does your username mean?

Ahk or Ahklut is the main character in my comic "Naor". Ahkward and awkward sound the same and usually is a good icebreaker. ouo Plus is it funny and memorable IMHO.

   3. Describe yourself in three words.

DOTS, ink and caffiene

  4. Are you left or right handed?

It depends! In most cases I'm right handed, however I am left-eye dominant, so when I do sports or use firearms, I'm left-handed.

   5. What was your first deviation?

Well, the first deviation I ever posted I think I deleted honestly because it was so bad. The one I still have is this one:

Sesshoumaru-sama! :heart:

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?

Anything with ink! I ADORE working in ink. I really love making manga and comic pages though. Something about telling stories in that way is just the best thing ever to me! 

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?

HNG Can I do a specific person?! I love Rumiko Takahashi and Hiromu Arakawa in terms of style! HasaBattle is amazing too!

   8. What was your first favourite?

:'D It's in storage, but here is the second one! Back from my InuYasha fangirl days. My cousin and I would die laughing this on repeat forever! XD

InuYasha in a NutShell by gabugurl

   9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?

Interestingly enough.... not inkwork?! I love to look at new things and not just my own type of artwork. Gives me ideas on how to push what I already do even further to keep improving!

   10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?

OMG I have no idea, I hate picking favorites. ;-;
Some of the main ones as far as skill and art are:

CanisAlbus HasaBattle
NukeRooster (not biased what)

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?

All of my watchers, all of them. Though if I had to pick one, I can't. I have so many people who have been supportive in all countries and it's impossible to choose.

   12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?

WolfOfTheAlphakings has been incredibly supportive, helping me manage the pegramkre, talking to me at all hours of the night and listening to my doubts and fears all the time. We may not talk as much as we used to, but that's ok, she has life stuff to do. That doesn't mean she hasn't made a huge impact on me over the last many years.

NukeRooster and I have been friends for a number of years already, like what 6 or 7? When I was living in Florida we met up a few times, her coming to my place, going to an art museum and host a devmeet together, well TECHNICALLY two, but you don't make it to the first one. OTL We talk pretty much  everyday and ACTUALLY we have some cool stuff planned for the future! More details to come on that but I am really happy that we are working together on this project and I'm sure it'll help us and everyone here on dA and hopefully the world! Props to you for putting up with me on that stuff until our launch date. XD

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?

Ink and pencils! Now that I have Clip Studio, I really love digital art now. I am still more of a traditional artist at heart, but the feel of CSP is pretty wonderful to me. Plus makes making manga SO EASY.

   14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?

Outside in the parks or forests. I love take my books to the mountain reserves and parks and draw nature and things I see there. However since I am living in a hotel now, it makes it very hard to have any space to work. I am too far away from the mountains and I am limited to what I can do with the public transport system in Los Angeles.

   15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?

I've had so many. People making a fangroup for my Naor comic, multiple devmeets I've helped put together, contests I've hosted and all the crazy streams! Streams I think are the best part about the community here!

Aha, I had to do this since it seems like a good way to get to know peoples.  Have fun if you decide to do one too! :D

Anyway guys, THANK YOU so much for your support here on deviantART. You are all my heroes.

I look forward to reading your replies and seeing your artwork!


8 facts about ... (tagged)

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2018, 2:17 AM

I was tagged by WolfOfTheAlphakings to do a journal with 8 facts about Aros. I normally don't do chain stuff, but I will actually do 8 facts about all of my main characters, starting with Aros. These have to be lesser known facts.

I will add other characters on other days....

Aros Tou: Human/Miyape (from the Naor Manga)

1. He is horribly claustrophobic. This stems from his dysfunctional family as a child and an event as a kid where he got stuck in a tree trunk for multiple days.

2, Aros is actually a good singer. His mother, Sana, would sing often and he would practice with her. He almost never sings in front of others, but if you are around him enough, but might get lucky to hear him humming while going about his chores, duties, or while working in his herbal shop.

3. Speaking of herbal shop, Aros is a very good business man. He runs a shop in the local town of Feruhk and Nyuseti so that he can make some extra cash as well as provide people with medicine. He will take trades and cash, but if worse comes to worse, he will give you the medicine for free or on loan to be repaid later or not at all.

4. Aros is pansexual, he is attracted to all kinds of people, and spirits as well for the most part. He isn't afraid to get a bit freaky. However in bed he personally tends to be masochistic.

5. Aros kills his father (more like finishes him off) at age 12. His father killed his mother in a drunken rage, however she was a hunter as well and almost did him in. Aros finished him off before his father had a chance to recover. He was raised by the shaman of the village.

6. Aros and Rin have a "special" relationship. Rin is centuries old, and has watched many family lines grow over time. She was told by Tuhk to keep an eye on aros as a child (actually the reason he got stuck in the log in the first place). When aros was of age, she tempted him and led him to bed, being his first experience. Yep, Rin stole his V-card. They have maintained and on and off relationship that stays FWB versus an actual romantic one.

7. It might be known that Aros has a serious crush on Fahle Panua, however he is a lot younger than her, about 14 years and 9 months older than him. While that isn't a big deal for some people, in Naor that is a big deal.

8. Aros is a zaihkt, which is a spiritual leader of the village of Feruhk. All spiritual leaders have a partner they work with. Aros chose a spirit serpent called a "kiraj", whose name is "Za". Za was originally a problem spirit who was robbing the village of it's fish supplies. When Aros was younger and starting to study magic, he was adamant he could change Za. However kiraj are incredibly venemous, so he had to be very careful. Aros himself has been affected many times by the poison and has developed an immunity to it as well as an anti-venom.

Current Queue

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 4, 2018, 1:27 AM

Ok, so I am going to explain this chart here:

The numbers are DATES!

So for example, On line "Koko" Sketch says "1" and Inks says "3". This means the sketch is due to be done on the 1st and the inks are due to be done on the 3rd. The colors are due to be done on the 5th.

I am going to keep a list here, AND on the deviation so that there is a list of all of these projects if you wish. This is a personal challenge for me and once I get into the later drawings (of the okami gods) it will be helpful. When the year is over, I will make a new journal for a new set of months. ouo

Sketch >> Inks >> Final Color >> Progress Chart



Final Color = Bastet
Progress chart =


Sketch = AhkyBoi


Final Color = Due on the 5th of October
Progress chart =

Future topics

Pon (Naor)
Hokoe (Naor)
Aros (Naor)
Fahle (Naor)
Tuhk (Naor)


Okami / Issun - Sun
Dragon - Rejuventation
Mouse - Power Slash
Monkey - Lotus / Vine / Bloom
Pig - Cherry Bomb
Hare - Crescent
Snake - Whirlpool / Waterspout
Horse - Gale
Phoenix - Inferno
Sheep - Mist
Cat - Catwalk
Tiger - Thunderbolt
Ox - Blizzard

Anime Expo 2018

Journal Entry: Tue Sep 4, 2018, 1:00 PM

OMFG I am only like 3 months late with this, but I haven't had stable internet really. I have some time now to do that so forgive me! lol

Anime Expo was right in Downtown Los Angeles, and I live in Inglewood (south LA) so it was easy to get to everyday without having to put money out for a hotel. NICE! We got set up at Tokyopop the Day before which was totally worth it because Stu Levy was awesome enough to take us all out to Koreatown for lunch afterwards. ouo

Untitled by Ahkward  Untitled by Ahkward  Untitled by Ahkward  Untitled by Ahkward
Untitled by Ahkward  Untitled by Ahkward
Untitled by Ahkward  Untitled by Ahkward

The next day we got there early enough to get some awesome shots of the place before it got busy.

Untitled by Ahkward

Untitled by Ahkward

Untitled by Ahkward

I had a panel with the Wacom and Clip Studio Paint. We had a ton of people there! We tried to make a video, but the video recording equipment got a bit grouchy. XD No video sadly! We did get a photo from one of the panels.

Panel #1 by Ahkward

Originally I was only supposed to be on one panel as a last minute addition to fill an empty slot, but I ended up moderating both panels! Here is a feature for all my cool panelists that were all fucking awesome!

Th Th060 

I was SO LUCKY and HONORED to host and moderate not one but TWO panels for so many amazing artists! I hope someday that I can reach up to your levels.

Another Onion Icon  Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion Happy Happy..Onion Thank You..Onion Go Wacky..Onion :bademoticon: onion head 'smug' Ule Psyco Muaha Stare Shy :bademoticon:  03 Nih onion head 'siga'

:iconyayaoyuyingstudio: or… for her AWESOME COMIC on GLOBAL COMICS

:iconzeldacw: or for her AWESOME SERIES ON TAPASTIC

Jay Ryu (aka Gearous)  ->  or

Natalia Batista (TOKYOPOP Artist) -> or…

Tan Hui Tian (Collateral Damage Studio Artist) -> or

Over the course of the next few days I hung out a lot at the Tokyopop table

and saw some great cosplays and outfits! lol

Untitled by Ahkward Untitled by Ahkward  Untitled by Ahkward
Untitled by Ahkward  Untitled by Ahkward Untitled by Ahkward

I finally found a sushi burrito truck and we also had a nice party for the exhibitors on a nearby rooftop. :la:

Untitled by Ahkward Untitled by Ahkward

Untitled by Ahkward Untitled by Ahkward Untitled by Ahkward  

The convention ended and then we all packed up. We took Monday off and rested before going back to work!

Untitled by Ahkward

Thanks for reading and to everyone who worked with me during AX2018!

San Diego Comic Con 2018!!

Tue Jul 17, 2018, 8:24 PM

San Diego Comic Con 2018 by Ahkward

Hey everyone! I'll be at Booth 5336 during San Diego Comic Con.

I'll be drawing all day long from the time to Exhibitor Hall opens till it closes. I was able to work out a deal with Wacom and Clip Studio so feel free to drop by and say hi!! :la: You'll get to see me work live and then ask me any questions, comments, whatever. I LOVE talking to people while I draw.

See you there!

Nukerooster Commission Boost

Wed May 30, 2018, 8:21 PM

In Chicago for C2E2!!

Sat Apr 7, 2018, 6:20 AM

Stop by and come see me at table 512!! (next to image and skybound) It was kinda a last minute decision and Tokyopop made it happen for me, so PLEASE come on by! I will have a dark green TPop shirt and maybe a grey jacket. I have red hair but like to where a hat lol

C2E2 in Chicago!! by Ahkward

Dur by Ahkward

Derp by Ahkward

Changes to Patreon and other things

Sat Mar 3, 2018, 12:14 PM

So as a warning to everyone,

I have taken down my creator page on Patreon.

I do not feel I am posting as much as I should, nor that I really have the time or energy to manage it right now. For anyone who I support, you will still get your pledges from me. I didn't totally disable my account, I only took down my creator side. I'll remain a patron.

This is in an effort to become more active here. I have stopped posting most here because I was trying to post everything Naor and WIP wise to Patreon. It will be much easier and hopefully stir up interest again as I post here more often. I haven't abandoned dA, I just became exclusive to Instagram and Patreon mostly. That will change.

DeviantART, while changing a lot in the last few years, is my largest following anywhere and it isn't fair to give you guys the cold shoulder like I have. I have mailed out a lot of what I owe to people, but I am still working on all the main I have.

In addition I also have a LEAVE and START date for my internship at TokyoPop in Los Angeles. I will leave South Dakota on the 5th of June and arrive on the 7th. I will be taking the train from Omaha to Sacramento, and then from Sacramento to LA will be 3 different bus lines. It will be a LONG trip, about 52 hours in total, but I'm not too worried about that. I'll live. lol

My start date will be the 11th of June, and with my birthday that friday, the 15th of June, I'm looking for some fun stuff to do. If you want to hang out that weekend let me know! Being with TokyoPop, I have found out that I will be going to various cons, which I will make a separate entry for, so if you can't spend the weekend with me, I might meet you at a con. I love doing sketches for people, and I do them pretty cheap at cons, so be sure to drop by for a visit once I get the announcements ready (after the con list is confirmed).

So with that I will head out to get some more artwork done. I have a lot to do and only 94 days to do it all. (before I leave for Cali)

Naor Anniversary! 8 years

Wed Feb 14, 2018, 6:34 PM


February 14th has a VERY special meaning to me


February 14th was when my first project containing Ahk, my main character from Naor was due. I always have used this date as the first day I started working on Naor because that is the day my professor asked me to write more about him and his story. So I have been, for like, 8 years now!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?!!

8 LONG years on this project. Granted it is in the middle of a reboot
and conversion over to a manga, but hey, it has made a lot of
strides in only 8 years. I have a lot more updates on that, but I
at least wanted to get that out there.

If you don't know what Naor is, it is a comic/manga I have been working on for many years. It is essentially a murder mystery and supernatural themed story where the two main characters are not even human! I really enjoy making the series and if you want to read what I have done, please go here:…

Please note I only started making pages a few months ago, and work in slow as I have been on hiatus off and on over the years, but it is in no danger of abandonment.

Have some Naor Art

Naor Page 01 by Ahkward

Naor Chap 1: 01 by Ahkward Naor Chap 02: 01 by Ahkward Naor Chapter 3: Sealed by Ahkward

Aednenao: Rin Rensuh by Ahkward

Toxic by Ahkward Pon WIP - Update by Ahkward  Naor Myth - Dusai and Kuht Masks by Ahkward Naor: The God Luihn by Ahkward

You can also read Naor on Webtoons!…


Life update

Thu Jan 11, 2018, 7:48 PM

HEEEEEY guys! I'm still here, still alive, mostly. xnx

Here is stuff I will cover here:

1. Life update
2. Commission update
3. Naor update :star: REALLY IMPORTANT


So I mentioned in a previous journal that I was promoted to Assistant Manager at my IRL job. That has pretty much taken over my life like I feared it would. I worked on every single freaking Holiday:

Christmas Eve
Christmas Day
NewYear's Eve and
NewYear's Day


I finally got my first real day off on Wednesday the 10th, however now that I have health insurance I spent it mostly sleeping and at the hospital getting a general wellness check. They found some stuff and there are more tests tomorrow, so hopefully it isn't anything to worry about! lol I'm certainly not worried. XD

However that said I sincerely apologize for being absent. Now that the holiday season is over I can finally get some breaks. Yes, breaks AFTER the holiday because I didn't get days off, not even weekends. >n> So all you people whining about being back to school or back to work, at least be happy you got the time off. Because I was that person getting up at 430 am to clock in at 530am to open at 6am almost every day during the holiday season. So be grateful. In fact last week, the first week of the year, I pulled 94 hours in 8 days. I wish I was joking. That's JUST my IRL job, not counting commission, animation and comic work. Total was about 126 hours.

DAYUM gonna have a big fat paycheck tomorrow though!  AW YEAH. I am STILL working on your commissions, please understand. I will talk about that next.

2. Commissions

As it stands right now I have 15 commissions left (19 with sketchbooks). I will be honest and counting ACEOs, this time last year I have over 60 commissions, so 60+ drawings to do. That was a horrible mistake and NOT fair to my commissioners.

If you have ordered anything from me, an object for me to mail, commission, whatever and you haven't gotten it:

I am happy to issue a full monetary refund.

Please just note me. If you are waiting on multiple things, like some people waiting on art and a comic book, I am still getting those sent out. If you wish to cancel an order, that's ok too. Just let me know your paypal email so I can find your payment and refund you.

Now that I am getting my holiday pay, I have a lot more money to get all that mailed stuff out. I bought a ton more shipping supplies with my last check and ALL ACEOs are packaged up, I just need to get to the post office soon, as well as a bunch of other things.

It is hard because I work 530am to 4pm, not breaks, no lunch period and my post office in town is only open from 7am to 3pm.... So getting to the post office on a day I actually have time is really hard. I have been working every single day for 3 weeks with no day off. Yesterday and tomorrow is my first since the week before Christmas.

3. Naor

Naor is my comic, for those of you who don't know. It is going through some major changes this year.

First up, I have stopped producing pages for a reason. For the sake of my internship, which is due to officially begin with TokyopPop in June of this year, I am working on an animation. I know it sounds odd, to work on an animation for a comic/manga company, however I already have a large comic-based portfolio. I am aiming to diversify that with storyboards, animatics, animations, and the like. So I am doing this as a way to develop my portfolio, while still being productive.

The animation is going to be a teaser/trailer for Naor. It will be about 4:35 minutes long, and will initially be a rough color state. Nothing fancy. I have been posting much of the Process on my Patreon and occasionally on Instagram. I want to post more here, but I do not have internet at home in an effort to save money. ANYWAY, I will try to make some gifs for you guys to see what I am up to, probably just lineart or sketch versions of everything. Screenshots and stuff like that. I really want to save it for my patrons who are actually helping me financially.

You can find my patreon by clicking on the image below! It costs only 1$ to get access to everything!

If for some reason you are unhappy to support me via Patreon, I also have a Ko-fi for donations! Anyone who donates to my Ko-fi will get access to stuff I post that month, but I'll need your email address or dA account for links to be able to link you to things.

Ko-fi link is here:

Here is a super rough version of some things I have done. Remember these are color roughs, not a final product. The beginning three scenes are the ones I started, the rest are just drawings I did to help with boards. I have about 2000 frames planned out (about 1min and 41 seconds). This is just about 37 seconds.

(I am currently at a relatives house, so I am borrowing theirs to type this. We don't have any real cafes or coffee shops here. I have to go to work or sit in my car to borrow the library internet most times. I am looking into getting a router for my phone or something. The local internet sucks and is unreliable, so I don't want to use that. )

If you have any questions for me, about anything, please let me know!

Thanks for all the love, especially the Christmas gifts and Core membership donations. I cannot thank everyone enough for it!


OMG which one of you did this?!


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Not accounts, just houses.

So I unexpectedly moved October 21st and 22nd. I was NOT prepared in any way whatsoever, so for the last week or so I have been scrambling trying to get all of my stuff to my new place and get unpacked and back to work on commissions and comics. I didn't do a very good job. ROFL

1. YES, Naor Chapter 2 is late. Sorry about that! I had planned to get the three pages I was supposed to release on the 23rd done and posted. Well that didn't happen. I haven't been able to really draw much due to the large amount of overtime lately. I WILL post new pages on MONDAY, IDK if I have to not sleep this weekend at all! OTL

2. I know 10 to 20 hours a week of overtime isn't very much compared to some people, but between unpacking and working overtime, I haven't had the energy when I get home (shifts are 10hrs of standing with NO breaks). For some fucking reason South Dakota doesn't have mandated breaks (not even for lunch). like WTF? How can this be true?

3. Commissions.... um yeah. 4/6 Sketchbook commissions are DONE. I have been doing those instead of my larger commissions (since sketchbooks are easy to hide in pockets while at work). ROFL I also have a few more smaller ones to scan and post once I get my scanner set up again. I finally got that over to my new place yesterday, so I should be able to get more scans done soon.... hopefully.

4. I have a huge ass backlog for the last few weeks months. Like I said before, I didn't know I was moving until like, 2 days before it happened. I won't go into details, but hey, I have a place of my own that is easily affordable on my budget.

PLUS I got to take Miso. She had a horrid skin condition and she is doing SO MUCH BETTER now. I am so happy to see her improving. ouo Enjoy a photo of her.

Miso Cute by Ahkward
OHMEHGERD my 10yr Anniversary on DA is next month! (Same account, active the entire time) WHAT SHOULD I DO?! Maybe give away an original page of Naor? Maybe do an auction that goes towards my internship next summer? A contest? GUYS I NEED IDEAS
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Would anyone want to watch me stream doing commissions and then some comic pages? I have 4 digital commissions left and then 2 comic pages which are half done.

I would use picarto and might start in about an hour...
Sorry I didn't update last week with a new comic page or upload any commissions! I am super busy as my step dad had major arm/shoulder surgery. I've been helping take care of him the last two weeks as his right arm has been pretty much useless.

I also fell down my stairs (21 steps) on Tuesday morning on my way downstairs to get ready for work. I am ok, not broken or anything as far as I can tell, but bruised up my arm back and butt. XD Super lucky, but I am pretty slow moving right now. Sitting is hard since I banged up my lower spine/tailbone really badly. I don't have insurance, so I can't go to a doctor and get checked or get medicine. So I'll be a bit slower to heal. Sitting to draw REALLY hurts right now, so I'm gonna focus on scanning stuff this weekend.

Thanks for patience. I have a TON of things to upload. I have the rest of a sketchbook commission (finally done for King), updates for the other sketchbook commissions. Some digital commissions and 2 comic pages as well as an update for the tutorial series regarding two page spreads.

I also was interviewed this weekend by PopComics and it will appear on the TokyopPop and PopComics blog on Monday the 4th! I am pretty excited for that and I will be sure to link everyone up once it is available to read.

Sorry for slow updates!
Hey guys, I had an issue with my rebilling and DA is not accepting my card for whatever reason. I am in the process of getting it back. 

Can anyone get me a membership for like a week or more? I would use my paypal but I just withdrew it all. It will take probably days to figure this out. 

Whoever gives me any length of membership will get a free sketch or something in return. I need my page up since I use dA for business affairs. (Depending on gw much you give I will happily do something extra special and custom!)

Or I can send you the money for it / pay you back!

Please please and thank you!