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Enadarxel Featured By Owner Edited Oct 19, 2015
I felt the need to backtrack of things I've asked, but that's pretty much about characters.

Most of my requests were centered on characters, particularly one. Ignore the requests with lizardmen. As far as it goes with my characters, it's really a thing about animals. All my characters are anthros. I always liked to see how an artist can draw different species. In the subject of animals, I quite like animal features. Paws, eyes, wings, antlers, horns, spikes, tails, scales, fur... I don't think I've mentionned how much I love anthros.

I must ask, do you want me to send you a list of my current characters? The list changed a bit in the last few months. Some characters were updated, some removed, but most of them remain the same.

For Naor, I was also very specific about characters. Actually, I would love you to cover some of the cultural aspect of your universe. I'm impressed by the work you put on creating a tongue, a whole mythology of a population, etc. I know you've spent a lot of time on this project, but it's still impressive how much you've done with it.

For the rest, like I said before, you have a lot of freedom on what you can add in the sketchbook. Food, machines, architecture, sceneries, nature, cities, furniture, games, guns... You know, everything.

I'm not going to tell you to take your time or anything like that, but I am very patient with long term projects. I do realize that you have a lot of work in your to-do list, and you are looking for jobs by setting up portfolios... and misfortunes can happen.
Ahkward Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Yes, please send me an updated list of characters. Though I will tell you that what I've already done I can't change and I'll do my best to adjust it to the new list. I print out the lists people send me and put them in the back pocket of the sketchbook so that I can remember. XD

Well... I already drew lizard men, a few anyway. I'll definitely add some studies for you in your book then! I love doing animal studies and I do a lot of them. XD

As far as Naor, some information I am NOT going to be revealing in these books. I don't want anything spoiled or given out early to anyone, so I'll do what I can to meet those requests.

As far as how long it takes me, these sketchbooks are "commissions" yes, however they are NOT a "top priority" I am sorry if you dislike waiting, however a lot of my freelance work for companies (which I can't list here) is deadline sensitive AND on a contract I must uphold since I signed it and so it is out of my control if I have to work on those projects first. I also have a 33hour a week job at walmart with hours of 1pm-11pm, so that also limits my time. I do draw as much as I can, but please remember, I have many projects going on and some have to be put on a higher priority. u_u This is NOT a misfortune, it is just life, I'm am incredibly busy person and if you are mad about waiting, tell me and I will work on yours more than the others (I have 4 of these right now).

I am not afraid to take criticism and if you are unhappy or getting upset waiting as long as you have, please be honest with me. Beating around a bush cause you are afraid to step on my toes WILL NOT help you get it faster. You'll have to be blunt with me to get what you want. You have told me and asked me numerous times about when you'll ahve it, and that tells me you are getting impatient. So I want to know, are you becoming truly and honestly upset about the length of time you have waited?

I know 300$ is a lot to pay, however remember, that is very very very cheap for the amount of pages you are getting, over 200. That's about 1.01$ per page and it's original. So it takes time, to draw. If you want any quality works in there, it isn't going to happen in a month or two, though I know it's been about 4-6 months.
Enadarxel Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015
I had to hide my other comment because I was editing the hell out of it... I'm so unsure of my choice of words.... Okay, I'll start with the thing that stresses me the most.

Yes, I'll admit I'm a little impatient with the commission, but I can deal with it. The only thing I do is sending a message to the artist, and that's it. I'm waiting since a few months for another major commission. All I need when I'm being impatient is a few words.

I paid 300$ to secure a sketchbook. I probably didn't have to pay that much, but it was my decision, and I don't regret it. The idea of acting entitled because I paid for more never crossed my mind.

I don't remember why I was asking for spoilers in Naor. I don't even know why I would have asked for spoilers. Heck, I didn't even think that I was asking for spoilers. I'm rarely interested in stories anyways. I'm more interested in characters.

It's not the first time that my hesitations leads my to go with roundabouts phrases. It happens with my friends too. I'm so obsessed with my OCs, that I know I'll annoy other people with them if I talk too much about them.

Just some comments on the list I sent you :
-The updated list of characters is not that different. Some characters were merged, and there's only one character that is new. This is just to say that it's the final list of a group I call Desconcencha.
-You'll see that one of my characters is awfully similar to Ahk, or you already saw that one character was similar to Ahk. The character I'm talking about is that character with a skull on his chest. I've "anthropomorphed" that little critter. If you haven't inserted a joke about their similar nature in the sketchbook yet, you have all the means to do so.

Also, Aros is my favorite character of Naor, even if I'm more into anthros than humans. That means any content of Aros is more than welcomed.
Ahkward Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
It'll be a lot easier once I finish scanning these. I have it almost half done already if you think about it, I just need to finish getting it together. I don't have to work today, so I'm focusing on scanning things. XD Once I post those pics for you, I hope you'll feel better. That's why I am going to focus on that again today.

Also, I have contracts that are up to 2000$+... and have deadlines. XD So it's not that they are paying more and thus are more important. No. I simply have to have the work done by a certain date, I simply signed a legal document saying I would and I must honor it. That's all.

I can definitely draw characters for you and give a small blurb about them in the book. :la: I just can't give too much away, but I'd love to draw those characters you noted to me and then some of mine and some of those other ideas you sent me in the note as well. The way the story is set up, the culture and mythology is interconnected with the plot. XD So I would need to give -some- spoilers away in explaining the culture. I can talk about certain parts, but not all of it. As far as drawing Aros is concerned. rest in knowing I have already drawn him in there. lol A few times.

Honestly a "skull dog" concept is not unique and there are a lot of characters that have a similar look. XD So I won't worry about it.
Enadarxel Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2015
You bet I'll be very happy to see those scans! lol I'll have more patience once I've seen parts of the commission. A bit like a sketch for an illustration commission.

Oh deadlines... I didn't think of them, but yes it's really important to deliver your work before the deadline.

Yes, Yes, and YES! I know I'll get to see Aros in the sketchbook! :iconlaexplodeplz::iconlaexplodeplz::iconlaexplodeplz: Aros is so handsome that Dastan, and The Prince from Prince of Persia should be jealous of him. X)

You just said that "the culture and mythology is interconnected with the plot," and I already can't imagine how complex Naor is. XD
Hey, I remember you posted Naoru lessons a while ago... *Search for those* Yup, you did post Naoru lessons. Just wondering, how maths would be called in Naor? I'd be very interesting to see how additions, subtractions, multiplications, and divisions work!
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