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Sketchbook COM: King 01-24 by Ahkward Sketchbook COM: King 01-24 by Ahkward
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So this is the first 24 pages of the 200 page sketchbook for Enadarxel. I have about 50 left to get all organized, most of them being drawings of their characters and Naor stuff since those are the main things they asked for in this book.

I like burning pages to get an almost airbrushy look, but sometimes I hold the flame too it to long. XD There was a page that i burned a hole in. Oops! LOL I'll be posting more next week from this book.

For those of you who don't know what this is. I auction off empty sketchbooks and let the winner/buyer give me themes and characters to put in them. I don't let people determine what goes on EVERY. SINGLE. PAGE. - But I do let them give me certain specific things they want to see. I also vary my books like I do my personal ones. I tape digital pictures I've done in them, food wrappers I thought were cool looking or had colors I liked. I'll put in stickers and tickets from places I go.

My sketchbooks are more like mini scrapbooks of everything I do. It's been interesting splitting everything up between all the books I have.
Enadarxel Featured By Owner Edited Dec 11, 2015
I noticed the burned page. xD Then I saw Lights and Sounds by Yellowcard! "Hello you/How was the rest/You made it through/But never the less" I used to listen to Yellowcard and Billy Talent when I was a teenager. :D

I quite like the OC signs thingy (Ludias and Nelibae), it's really cool. With no intents of comparisons, it reminds me of the loading screens in SSX On Tour, I thought those were cool.

Ah Aros being sassy like usual! "Nope" xD I love it! :D

And I also love that you stuck random things in it!

Damn furries would love to have a place to live like in Naor! :'D " (insterspecies relationship tolerance)

Also, I'm not going to change my name anymore! I think since the auction, I change it two times. XD
Ahkward Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
I still love YC and it's a big nostalgia thing for me too. XD I have more OC pages for you and the Aros thing, he is always sassy. Poor Koko is usually the butt of his torment and jokes.
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