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Pencils - Naor Preview by Ahkward Pencils - Naor Preview by Ahkward
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Comics - Give me your Qs by Ahkward

So this is essentially what a comic page looks like at the "penciling" stage before I ink it. The tutorial I am making is how to get from the idea to the script phase and then the script phase to this phase. Quick things. All of these I'll cover in detail in the actual tutorial. Tis just a preview here:

1. This is half the page / one panel. I left the rest out because spoilers.
2. This is what typical comic paper looks like. Each line has a name and a meaning. ALL ARE IMPORTANT. I'll cover that in the tutorial too.
3. The "x" means "fill" or make solid black.
4. The top is important. It allows anyone looking to know who, when, which story, which issue/volume, and which page.
5. For me, each volume has three chapters, so 2.1 = Issue 2, Chapter 1, Page 3.
6. You can detail your pencils or keep them as loose as you want. I keep mine somewhere in the middle.
7. Those blue lines are a special shade of blue called "non-photo blue" or "non-copy blue". When scanned in the right settings, it vanishes. :"D I purposely used the wrong/normal/average ones to make sure they appeared for the sake of the tutorial.
8. You can get this paper at Michael's or Hobby Lobby (though I don't like the latter personally cause reasons) and you can go online. I use Strathmore 200 years smooth bristol. It is forgiving with pencil and inks like a dream.


I got to this stage from this image (bottom one):

Naor Pages Preview by Ahkward

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April 19, 2016
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