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Naori Myth: Magic, Miyape and Zaihkt by Ahkward Naori Myth: Magic, Miyape and Zaihkt by Ahkward
Two powerful mythological figures, these two human sisters formed a large rift between the humans and the gods of Naor. They accuse each other of abandoning the other and siding with the wrong gods, leaving the other to die.

(sorry for the sketch, I needed to get back to commissions, I'll finish it later)

Rin Rensuh (left) had been a great hunter in her time living in the village of Jangk with her sister, Zai Rensuh (right). Rin was wild with her ambitions to be the best hunter, a flirt with the males and firm in her beliefs that all things are to be fair and just between gods and humans. However, blood was thicker than water and she firmly stood beside her family in times of need, even abandoning her hunting job when their mother was ill to care for her younger brother. Zai by contrast was quiet, softspoken and believed all life is sacred, be is friend or enemy. She strived to save and assist anyone she could to any degree of helpfulness.

When Zai left the village to care for another village far away to the south, Rin was heartbroken. This village was condemned to death by Tuhk for angering him and any who went there were doomed to death themselves. Fearing for her family, feeling responsibility for them, she stayed away from the doomed village, and doomed Zai herself to death when she appeared to them sick. Rin helped drive Zai away to avoid the sickness spreading, even striking Zai in the arm with one of her arrows. Zai went back to the village and continued to try her best to care for and save the sick. At night, Tuhk would descend from the sky to hackle at her efforts.

"Attempting to undo my curses and laws shall be the death of you and all who follow your example! You have nothing to save you or any who cross me. You must want death by my laws, tell me now and I will make it so!"

In her desperation, Zai made a plea to the JumKeTu gods. They were all the flora and all the fauna, all the land and water of the island. They lived around her and in everything, surely they would hear her and assist her to defeat Tuhk and save her as well. However days passed and she continued to ask for their help, she repeated her prayer over and over, even carving a promise mark into her forehead, while repeating her promise. Near death, she had began to wander from the village. If she were to die, it would be surrounded by the beauty of nature, not the smell of death and decay in that horrid village.

Zai in her state was not sound of mind, and when lights began to dance in her vision she followed them delirious and amused. She wandered to a cave and seeing nothing for her to lose, followed them even inside. By now even she had realized there was something odd about these strange beautiful blue lights. After endless passageways, shallow river-walks and odd glowing stones, she entered a gorgeous room full of wild plants, waterfalls with a wooden and stone shrine at its base and three gods standing at its entrance. They called to her and Zai fell to her knees in front of them. The JumKeTu had guided her to them! What relief in knowing they had heard her prayers!

Jum, Goddess to the Winter, Land and Sea, and Creator of all Flora and Fauna, praise her for all her efforts. For weeks Zai had given her life for a village condemned to death by Tuhk, Amat, the Great Darkness and Universe himself. Despite this praise, Zai did not thank them, and her thoughts were only for the villagers she left behind. Guilt filled her heart and she wept in front of them, begging for a solution and a cure.

Tu, God of Spring and King to all the Flora on the Island snorted at her. Why did Zai care so much for these humans? They had broken on of Tuhk's laws, and were just in being punished! They were not her family, she was not obligated to assist them. She threw her life away and deserved no help. He asked her for her reasoning in discarding her gift of life given by the JumKeTu gods.

Zai looked firmly at Tu and told her of her souls reasons: "Yes, we are all children of the same origin, whether related or not. Whether from the same village or not. I care for the survival of all, not just one. What must I do, please?!"

Ke, Goddess of the Summer and Queen to all the Fauna on the Island, she looked at Zai and sighed, "You must die and give your blood to us. Your spirit must leave your body, and you will have three days to find it again. However, Tuhk will try to gather your soul, as vengence for trying to undo his spell. If you succeed in returning, you will be able to save those people and many more to come if need be."

And so Tu, with his magic produced a plant, now known as "fenrutu". It was a thin stick like plant. Its branches split into three every time and had three green berries. Tu handed or over to Zai, who gazed at its green smooth skin. She, wildly, began to devour it and discovered it was incredibly dry and bitter. However, it did not take long for the poison to take effect. Blood spilled from her mouth, eyes and ears. She coughed and tried to remember it was ok to die, but the fear she felt was overwhelming her. She tried to whisper things, and the words got harder to say. She could only think of how Tuhk would come after her, but knew either death would come now or later. What choice did she have? The gods were here with her, surely they had a plan, she omly needed to trust them and do as they say. She prayed to them in her mind so her words would be clear.

Zai fell to the cold floor of the cave and lay there silently. Within seconds of her last shallow breath, she awoke on top of UnSonae, a crater lake on a dormant volcano to the far west. She was unfamiliar with it, and had no idea where she was. Never had she or any human traveled this far west before. At night, Tuhk would come looking for her and she ran into the forest and much to her surprise, many new creatures she had never seen were there! Beautiful and ugly, strong and weak, of the air and ground, many had never known a human to enter the spirit world.

One spirit, a large orange cat-bear came to her and looked her over, inspecting this odd human. At first Zai was afraid, they spoke a strange language that sounded familiar to her own, so she listened to figure out how to understand. She watched them and they watched her, looking for any reason she was. After careful consideration, she spoke, and was amazed when they understood her and spoke mack to her in her own language! How they knew it, she had no idea, but she examined her reasons and the spirits felt sorry and praise for her.

"What a noble soul!"
"To have the Jumketu help you, you must be special!"
"Yes! Let us help her find her way"
"We shall be your guardians"

The orange catbear, as large as a human, carried Zai through the forest; but soon darkness fell. Tuhk was on his errands and at first did not notice that a human had entered the world. He asked the spirits why they seemed so excited about the day. One spirit, a bird known for his rumors, told Tuhk what he had seen. That a human had entered the spirit world with the help of the JumKeTu. Tuhk asked the name of this human, and the bird told him her name was Zai. Tuhk was angered, how dare a human trespass into the spirit world?! Not just any human either, it was that annoying Zai Rensuh! He was certain she looked to undo his magic!

He set out to look for Zai, but word traveled faster than him. Once it reached Zai and the Catbear, they began to hurry even faster. If only it were daylight, Tuhk would go away! Or there was some way to fight him possibly? Surely not, she was just a little human. However, Catbear was wise in magic spells and stopped and began to dig. He turned to her and gave her a beautiful blue stone, it was of a triangular shape and shone like the water's surface. He spoke softly to her:

"I will teach you how to fight Tuhk as we do. We are  near-immortal, having died and found our way to our bodies by chance or intention. We can use the power of Eugmog. You are now spirit also, and when you awake again, shall be a half spirit like us. The power of the Eugmog will be yours to use as well and I will come to you and teach you ways of the spirits."

She wondered how a stone would fight against a god, but she had faith in the catbear's words. They left again and by sunrise were in the valley of UnTugo. She still had a long way to go and they slept little. They took turns, protecting each other during short and fragile rests. After much searching, Tuhk knew where she was. He came out of the sky and stopped them in their tracks. His great wings chilled the air and the plants withered at his feet. He purred in a sickly-sweet voice:

"So you have finally perished, Zai Rensuh? Why is it you are with this catbear spirit? You seek to undo my magic and I will not allow this! In your time in the village, I warned you of such actions against me!"

Tuhk exhaled and a deep miasthma filled the valley, wilting the plants and collapsing the animals it touched. However Catbear had protected Zai with his life energy, a dome around them and he ran for the cave she had entered before those few days ago. Tuhk continued to pursue them and lashed out at the catbear, flames licking his life energy and draining him of strength. Zai turned to Tuhk and pleaded for his understanding and moved her hand as if to slap him away and a blue streak of light collided with Tuhk's chest, opening it and blood darkening the ground.

Tuhk was surprised by this an enraged. Now a human had raised a hand to him. She must NOT escape his rage! She held her hand to him again and cut him again on his wing and this stopped him. He landed to the ground and watched as Zai and the Catbear ran off. She had been successful! He gave up! Tuhk was not finished and from himself pulled a rotting and black soul mixing it with the earth, a serpent. Within seconds formed a vile, twitching and snarling human-looking beast, claws sharper than bone blades, a human head with sunken eyes, it's feet resembling hands sporting those claws. Its body was elongated and scaled and it screamed in pain of existence. He yelled for it to capture them and it took off with tremendous speed, catching up to Zai and the catbear as they reached the entrance of cave.

It tackled them to the ground, slamming her hand to the hard rock and the eugmog stone flew from her hand. The catbear grabbed the beast and told Zai to run inside for the sun would rise soon. She obeyed and ran as fast as she could and entered the room and hurried to stand in front of her body and the JumKeTu who had waited for her. They guided her into her body and she woke up from the cold stone, bloodied from her death, but functional. It was as if she had never died, never gotten sick!

She still had the Eugmog in her hand and looked to Jum how had a second one and offered it to her, stringing them together on a single chord. She fended of Tuhk with one, but now she had two! She remembered the catbear and thanked them but as she left, Tu stood on her way and held out a plant to her. He told her to bury it into the ground at the village near where the dead had fallen. She was to eat what grew there to keep her immune to the disease and to feed it to others to heal them.

Zai nodded and left quickly, searching for the catbear outside, amazed to find him waiting for her by the cave entrance. Together they left for the village and Zai immediately set to work to grow the strange plant. Catbear showed her magic spells to help in her duties and they became inseparable in time. Within months most of the remaining villagers were healed and those who had fallen were buried. Relatives were amazed and somewhat at ease that their family deaths could bring about such amazing medicine.

However, Zai with the village agreed that it was best to start over, to leave the village and find a new home. After weeks not hearing from her sister, Rin was amazed to see Zai return, bearing strange stones and appearing to be completely healed. However by this time, Jangk had fallen prey to Tuhk's wicked sickness. Upon hearing her story, Rin was relieved to hear her sister could cure them and save their lives. However, Zai was angry and upset with her family and village. They had abandoned her and the other village in their time of need, and as just service, she would abandon Jangk as well. So bitter was Zai to her sister than she did not even save her.

Zai left Jangk and Rin was heartbroken and confused. Family mattered above all else! Her village was her home, her family... did it not matter to her? Zai moved north and west along the shores and settled in an area full of large, full guyut trees, perfect for food year round, access to rivers and water at their base and land nearby for farming this plant. She called it "Douhk", and together with the catbear and those she saved from the previous village they built homes and walkways over the river.

Jangk began to grow in anger at Zai Rensuh for abandoning them. Together, having been condemned to death and to see no alternative, Rin left Jangk and began stalkign anyone who left the village. She would kill anyone who stepped foot outside and if Zai or the catbear appeared, she would go into hiding. One day, tired with her village in terror, Zai called out to Rin, to meet and settle this bitter argument. Against each other they fought, Zai with all her magic she had learned from spirits, and Rin, her skills sharp and fast from her years as a hunter. Yet, having been weakened by disease, Rin fell to Zai and died in her arms after her bowstring was cut and her shoulder gashed open.

Zai cried for her sister as Tuhk appeared to collect her soul and chided at Zai. What a foul, horrible being she was, having taken the life of her sister who loved her so much! Rin's soul left her body and Tuhk left taking it with him to Rohjun, home of the Mkarishu, or death gods. He made her appear for him in his vast and beautiful garden. She looked around at the strange plants there and to Tuhk who smiled wickedly as he spoke.

"Rin Rensuh, I admire your persistence, your strength and your grit. To pursue an enemy with such a disease grasping you is not easy. To pursue your sister, one whom you loved and cherished makes it all the more interesting. I love your desire for vengeance and I and enticed by your hatred. However you are unable to carry revenge you seek, for you have died. I shall offer you this: become my servant, become my child and I shall grant you eternal life as long as I myself live. Do as I command and you will be allowed to carry out your wicked desires upon this island at your whim."

Rin's heart had become cold long before her death and she relished in the chance to get her revenge upon Zai and heartily agreed to Tuhk's demands. He bore a new body for her, one of which she would be recognized as having her life sewn with his. Curved horns sprouted from her body, fangs grew from her teeth, wings grew out of her back, as large as many man side by side could spread their arms and they were as dark as the night sky. Her eyes burned with a cold blue fire mirroring her simmering anger. Tuhk watched as she transformed and warned her of new changes to her needs:

"Like the gods and all living things, you, a spirit called "Miyape" require blood for survival. Normal attacks will not kill you, however you are not immortal as I am. Protect your mind, your heart, your spine and your neck for all are weak and vulnerable to you. You must eat at least once every 2 days, or you will go insane with hunger and lose control of your mind until you find it. Consume blood or souls, these are the only things that will satisfy you. Within your body flows a venom now, one that with a single bite or contact with skin will make them fail to resist you, aiding in your hunting."

Rin flew off to Douhk and landed at the gate, her body twitching with hate and her mind growing edgy with hunger. The catbear came to meet her and she attacked him, her new strength allowed her to savagely toss him as if he were nothing. She bit down into him and nearly drained him of all his blood. Only when Zai shoved her off did she stop and Rin turned to her sister and snarled viciously, baring her bloodied teeth:

"I hate you! I shall make you miserable for all your days and all those who train from you! I serve the universe, Amat himself and he chose me! I am a miyape and a child of Amat. You may have saved yourself, but I am the immortal one now!

Rin flew off and Zai wept in her despair at what she had caused. Her village was gone. Her family was dead. Her sister, the only one alive hated her and now served the one she was trying to defeat. She went to catbear and began to share her blood with him and carried him via magic back to the village so he may heal.

 Rin was in the village, now named Ikt and watched it crumble over the next decades. In time, Zai grew old and one day death came calling for her. However instead of Tuhk obtaining her soul, Jum claimed ownership and Zai's students of magic, young humans took up her duties to fight Tuhk and his diseases. Zai and all of her students and their students, known as "Zaihkt" or "shamans" now align themselves with the JumKeTu and join them in Untugo upon their death. Rin still lives within the borders of the old cliff village called Ikt after all these thousands of years, prowling on unsuspecting men by hiding her miyape appearance and luring them into her company at night and killing them as they lower their guard to her. Zai still lives within Untugo along with her line of students who defended the island after her and have since had death call for them. Should one need advice from them, they may visit Untugo and get consultation from any past Zaihkt.

It is sad that I wrote this without consulting my notes! ROFL I've repeated it far too many times in my head. XD Some of the wording is different, but I've read it so many times over the last few years in editing it that I pretty much memorized it by now.

PLEASE NOTE: I'm no English Major. I've heard my wording is odd, but I wanted a sort of... idk traditional older sounding story style. I really wanted an excuse to sketch these two, so I made this. -shot-

-rolls away to go back to commissions-

Naor/myths ©  Ahkward
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Jenova-Cells Featured By Owner Jun 27, 2015
Awww, what a tragic story! It's so sad how they fell apart. :<
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
Sad story is sad, but it started a lot of good things too.
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Thank you! I can't wait to share more stories!
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I read every word
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Professional Traditional Artist
ROFL, I don't need ingresh and spheling to sound edumacated.
BC-Rain Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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