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Naor: The God Luihn by Ahkward Naor: The God Luihn by Ahkward
So I don't think I'll ever finish this. I got too much to do and I'm not really caring to finish the background. Check out eh swanky new logo I made! :la: Meet Luihn! :

Luihn-romkari (loo-een-row-oom-kah-ree)
Type: Mkarishu / Death God
God of: Record-keeper and Judgment

So in Naori Myth, originally there was only Tuhk. To keep from spoilers, one day he pissed off the Creator God, Roht, and was forced into his current job which he's done for millennia: To gather souls of the dead and try them to determine reincarnation or damnation forever. To assist him, Roht created two new gods, one from an old woman and one from a serpent, both known to be rather grumpy things like Tuhk.

And so Luihn was created and given the task of keeping track of the actions of every living soul on the island and this created the Kepelos. Essentially they are enchanted books created by Luihn than are a biography ofyour life. Every though, action, everything is recorded in these books, and each soul has one. Luihn is the maker, keeper and destroyer of these books.

In addition, when you die in Naor, Mkeshu is the one to actually kill you, Tuhk delivers your soul to Luihn (and after waiting your turn), Luihn will call you to judgement. He shall read the best moments and worst moments of your life, those you were good of heart and dark of heart outloud to you. From there, he will make a decision on whether to grant you a new life, or to feed you to Mkeshu. He is very fair and is incredibly hard to bribe, though he does have his guilty pleasures. Luihn is never allowed to leave Rohjun, the realm where Tuhk lives, though he rarely leaves his library which has books other than kepelos/lifebooks. He lets people borrow them, for a price.

Oh also, don't try to touch your kepelos/lifebook. Since both you and your book are well... you, the book will try to merge with you, thus destroying itself. If it gets damaged or destroyed, so do you. So don't touch it, dumby.

Luihn himself is pretty large, taller than the average human by a few heads if he stands up straight. He is very formal and polite on most occasions and is the least likely of the death-god trio to kill you just for fun. Also, his hair I dont' see as legit hair, more like... a sort of hood like cobras that stays out forever, idk I liked it better than him bald.

Luihn you will meet in Part one, I forget the chapter and am too lazy to check. I'll update this later. XD
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TheWisestDino Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahhh This looks so dramatic and awesome! I love his design and the Naor mythology!
Ahkward Featured By Owner May 1, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks! I'm trying to work on getting more myths posted. XD
WolfOfTheAlphakings Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Student General Artist

-Casually makes this my background instead of aros like it has been for months-
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2016  Professional Traditional Artist
Luihn is awesome. No doubt.
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