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Naor Chap 01: 19 by Ahkward Naor Chap 01: 19 by Ahkward
Apparently Tuhk and the Moon God have a beef with each other. XD  And... Does the Moon have an eye that looks like TUHK'S? I added some of the links to the Naor mythology below if you want to read up on it!

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First Page: Naor Page 01 

Naor Chap 01: 18 by Ahkward     dA current icon by Ahkward   Naor Chap 01: 20 by Ahkward

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Naor Island + Character List by Ahkward    Naori Myth 04: Creation of the Moon, AetAfter Jum had trained Kuht, she asked the King of Gods, Roht for approval. Roht was satisfied with all his son was capable of. However Kuht was not. He was merely a prince, but wanted power, to be  recognized for that power he had.
Kuht went to his father and asked if he could assist in creating Naor, to add more life to it as his father had created Jum. He had magic, and was a skilled fighter thanks to his training. Roht was not  pleased with the idea of creating more life. He knew more life would need more souls, more light. With the Great Darkness being such a present threat, Roht did not want to use more light than needed.
Kuht was silently angered that he was not allowed to help make Naor. He dreamed that night of the Great Darkness again and had a conversation with him. In this dream, the Great Darkness explained that his blood contained light, and light was what created life. Kuht thought about this the next day as he traveled to Naor and watched the oceans. How still
  Naori Myth 05: Tuhk, Amat and the Great DarknessAet was faithful to his father, Roht and watched over the treasures taken from his brother, Kuht. However, at night, he stood in the darkness watching Naor and its ocean  creatures with no ways to see. He could only listen. He wondered, how would he get light? His Father, his mother and brother possessed light. So he went to his mother, Dusai, and asked for some light. She gave him two pouches. She said to him,
"One pouch is full of light dust. Each night you much add a little for two weeks, then it will become permanent. But remember, only a little each night. Too much at one time would be too much to handle for such a young god. "
Aet held the pouches carefully and examined each one then asked her about the second one. His mother looked at him very seriously and warned him about the second bag.
"Put your fear in this bag. You shall never again fear the darkness, as we never fear it. However, you must remember to never open this bag of fears again. If you do, they will
Skollyson Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Student General Artist
The lore is so rich <3
Ahkward Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Aha there is so much more! I can't wait to share!
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