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NAOR AMV - Storyboards Part 1of9 by Ahkward NAOR AMV - Storyboards Part 1of9 by Ahkward
SOOOO, I am going to go ahead and announce this. I have been planning a NAOR AMV for a very long time. I have been storyboarding it all out and am going to be starting to put an animatic together. I will not be posting much to dA, reserving a lot of it for Patreon other than the occasional post. You are free to join me on Patreon. It only costs 1$ per month. All links are included as well as original files so JUST in case links get effed up. lol

The AMV itself will be about 4:30 long and contain about 6600 frames without credits and such and IS to a song that I have chosen. I long this particular song and I think it fits NAOR very well. I know the whole copyrighted thing, but I'm not making money off of the AMV, it's just a fun thing I have been DYING to do for ages. It is of the LAST priority, so no big deal on worrying if it'll take away from commissions. It won't. :'D

Head on over to get access to my storyboards as I post them (in chunks over the next few months to avoid one LONG HUGE post). This first part has the first 33 seconds, about 1/9 for the whole thing.…
VengefulPhoenix Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
wow! sounds amazing!
Ahkward Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2017  Professional Traditional Artist
Thank you! i'm super excited about it and can't wait to share more!
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