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Lineart - Ahkyboi by Ahkward Lineart - Ahkyboi by Ahkward
Aha so notice my lineart is colored?! I recently started doing this with the Bastet drawing I did and it looked so much better than black only. Here you can really see it without all the color and everything underneath. I will put the sketches with the lineart to show how things usually change in between, usually posing or size if I find errors or change my mind about things. lol

How do I color my lineart? I lock the transparent pixels and color in with a brush. That's it! Sometimes choosing the color is hard, something you might have to fiddle with after the drawing is colored. So what you see here is the final colors I chose, I always start out with Black lineart and adjust the colors as I go to what I feel looks best. Those flowers were a nightmare to pick the right colors for. XD Ahk himself was easy!

If you have questions, let me know!

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October 3, 2018
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