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2016 Summary by Ahkward 2016 Summary by Ahkward

It has been one heck of a long year. I got a lot done, but not near as much as I wanted to. Comic wise, I got my Naor Prologue (16pages) re-drawn from January to Mach and then got an additional 13 pages done in 9 months. Not bad considering during that time I had other full time jobs and moved twice.

I got a decent amount of commissions done but I need to work on getting faster with getting orders done as far as personal goals are concerned.

My main goal this year is 52 new pages before January 1st of 2018. I want to have one done for each week and it would give me two new books done. I have the next 12 already storyboarded and things are gonna get busy here. I also want to stop being afraid to color and screentone traditionally. It might be slower, but it sure does look amazing once it is done. I did a LOT of traditional work this year, and actually only 4 of the 12 have been done digitally in this summary. The rest are traditional.

I also want to look for new publishing options for Naor, but I should probably get more material done first. Onward to a better year!

Past summaries... Some are insanely painful to look at.

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