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2015 Summary - Ahkward by Ahkward 2015 Summary - Ahkward by Ahkward
so I decided to make my Summary a bit early since I don't see myself getting anything special done before January. Only two weeks left, so idk about how much I'll get to make art.


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To summarize in words:

January through April was just hell for me. It was my final semester of Ringling College of Art and Design. It was Thesis time and a very nerve destroying time. In early January I got my thesis "Naor" approved, however I ran into so many road blocks with having to change styles and the amount of work I did. To be fair to myself, I originally had 99+ pages of thesis and I cut it down to 64 by the time I finished it. In the 4 months I had to complete it, I wore myself out physically and emotionally. Those of you here who went to Ringling with me know how frazzled I was during that time. However I learned that I could be ok with my own voice and once I settled into a style and look I liked, I got it done pretty fast in the last month or so.

May through July was a sort of recoup once the high from graduating wore off, and I got SO MUCH artwork done, commission, trades, personal work, however I couldn't get a job, and that was killer for me. It was extremely demotivating to have the last 6 years of college end with no job offers, no interviews, no internship, nothing. I felt like a waste of space. I had a lot of people here on dA standing by me though

8 / 9
August and September was an odd month. I moved back to my grandparents home in CO at the end of July / early August. It was refreshing to return to my mountains though, and I felt a surge of inspiration again to see people and things I hadn't seen in three years. I got some artwork done, lots of small things, but mostly spent time recovering and trying to find a muse again and found the Red Team Go Colorado Comic group and my art muse returned. I've been able to get a LOT of comic work done since meeting them.

10 /11 / 12
I got my third job (previously it was freelancing and comic art as the first two) working at a retail place. I had hoped it would be great to get out of the house, get some physical exercise and earn even more money. It's kind of backfired and now, while I have more money, little time to work on Art. Now I end up with 90+ hours a week if I put my full effort into art and it's starting to wear on me. However the best part of these last three months is my Internship offer from India which I happily accepted. I am making decent money now and starting to get more art jobs ranging from conceptual art to comics to children's books to other things I cant' talk about. XD

Things are starting to turn finally. :'D

It's been an insane year. It's been hard emotionally and physically, mostly with the transition from a student to a professional. However it's a normal thing to have the transition be rough and uncertain. I'm happy I have a place to live for now, and now I am happily working as many hours and jobs as I can to save up and prepare for this internship.

I've been worried a lot over having wasted my time in college, or being a failure since I never had a job interview while in college, never being accepted into a gallery or getting any awards or honors. But it's ok. We all have our own paths and since I've left Ringling with my BFA, I've had time to step back and reflect on what I learned there, not just in a technical, but life sort of way about myself and how to be an artist.

While these are things I wish I could have known before going into college if I had talked to more people, I think there are some things you can only know by struggling through hardships. So I'm glad I could go through them. I've put myself back together over the last few weeks and I'm ready to tackle the next few months before my internship and I'll need some help from you guys. I'll be posting later about it. :'D

So thanks again for your support! Especially those of you ordering artwork and commissions from me! Hope the rest of your year is good and the next even better!

- Ahkward
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kaseylsnow Featured By Owner Jan 9, 2016  Professional Digital Artist
Really interesting way to do the year-in-recap thing, I like it. Also really cool to read about/have watched your go through this process. I have only been following you since this summer but it's been a very interesting and inspirational thing to see you persevere through all of the crazy stuff that happened in 2015. Here's to an awesome 2016! :beer: <---cider because gluten. xD
ApalrieusCentauri Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015  Student General Artist
 In other words


Nouvelleph Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015  Hobbyist
Your art is ahjbjhdbaskjskj super crazy good!!
DarkBachuru Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2015
So much great art.
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