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^^ That's awesome hehehe. Really sharp, and love the pattern each dragon has. (And sorry I've not commented, mess up with internet but back again now). You're really good at dragons too =)
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Thank you, dear.
You are flattering me now! :blush:

Sorry, but your Togusa-Pony has to wait a bit (till next year). I have so much to do for university and my parents are visiting soon.
LarraChersan's avatar
WOW! Just... Wow! :wow: This is AMAZING!!! I can't believe my eyes! Very astonishing pic! I LOVE it! :D :heart: It really looks in some way like Chersan and Numair, though my version is very different from this. But I like the symbols in their wings and the faces are great! :D They look so harmonious.
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:D :hug: I'm glad you like it. ^^
I know it is not like you described it, but as you said I no longer should do that thing especially for you I had it almost half done. I liked the idea so much I continued. Since that I let a bit of Thrawn and Ahkuna flow into it, and added the star because it seamed to fit.
If you still want it, it is all yours.

Ach übrigens, kannst du die vier Anspielungen finden? Tip: a bird, a sign & two fighters. :D
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You're welcome, my dear! :hug: :cuddle:
As you know I found the bird, sign and fighters. ^^ And I thank you for this wonderful drawing! :hug: At the moment I decided to wait for the new one you're doing. I don't have the time to work this into a watermark and I want to see the other first. ;)
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I am afraid to tell you, that you probably might wait a bit... :ashamed:
You know university, and next week I can't because of my gouverments visit...

Regierung im Anmarsch und die bleiben für eine ganze Woche und diese krieg ich's nicht hin und dann nehmen die mich mit und dann wird es vermutlich erst zwischen Weihnachten und Neujahr etwas. Regierung, ich, sie, in Bremen, 1 GANZE Woche... *arg* *schwitz*
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Never mind, my dear! :hug: I can wait. I'm happy, that you said you'll do it. And I have time. :)

Du Arme, dass ist ja nicht so toll. :petting: Kommt Paps auch mit? Oder nur sie? Ich hoffe, du überlebst die Woche, immerhin wollen wir uns ja wiedersehen! :hug: Freu dich einfach schon mal drauf, dann kann alles nicht so schlimm werden.
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Yup, Papa kommt auch mit.
Hast du den Vorentwurf schon bekommen?
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Ja, habe dir eben drauf geantwortet. :D
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