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The Fence
        It was a bright morning with clear blue skies, birds sang and the sun shined with a smile on its face. Jacob just finished his breakfast his amazing wife made, ham and eggs with a nice cup of coffee, and went outside to do his chores. He breathed in the fresh morning air and sighed in relief as he stepped off the front porch with his red toolbox in hand. The white picket fence, the only thing dividing him and his neighbors, needed some mending: change the nails, change the wood, and maybe a fresh coat of paint. Ray was on the other side of the fence. He was painting and who wouldn’t show off to the world they were an artist. He naturally said good morning to Jacob and Jacob waved with a smile. As he was making his way to the white picket fence, he stopped and found a lone red flower growing on his lawn. It looked like one of those Christmas plants his wife usually bought for display, but it had a long, thick stem that seemed plastic. It
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    I woke up choking on my own saliva as I felt the sense of dread rising at the pit of my stomach. I couldn’t see anything; I blind searched for my cellphone in the dark, I heard the sheets rustled and a pillow fell. I found it, in my hand, I felt for the power button and the screen lit up. It was the witching hour and not a very good time for me to be awake in. I grumbled and fixed my glasses that were still on my face; the bridge of my nose hurt. But damn it was so dark. I don’t remember turning off the lights. Then I realized it was a power outage. Fuuuuuuuuu—I left all the lights on again. I selected the flashlight icon from my toolbox and tested my lamp on the nightstand just to make sure aaaaaand that shit wasn’t working. The sound of my acrylic charms clanked and jingled when I got off the bed and made my way to the door to peer through the peephole. The lights in the hallway were also off, fuck. But they were always
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Nightmares and Day Dreams Chapter 7
Chapter 7
            Though it was a very cold Tuesday morning, the commute to work was always another grueling task. Checking if the bus would be there on time or she was going to be there on time, deciding whether to leave her behind just so can walk back and wait for another hour in the lobby. Then there’s the matter of waiting for the trains. Since it’s morning, the subway is always super packed with other people out to work, and the smell. God, the smells! Perfume, cologne, a late-night bums’ recreational urinal; people avoided that spot. Disgusting
    A free seat meant an actual battle to the death with stares. It was even harder when someone would even be vocal about it or deciding whether an old lady or pregnant woman should take it. Talk about brutal. Barbara would always offer her seat to an old lady but then some asshole would slide in and take it. Dick.
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Loaf cats by Ahiru-Dezu Loaf cats :iconahiru-dezu:Ahiru-Dezu 4 0 Cat tower by Ahiru-Dezu Cat tower :iconahiru-dezu:Ahiru-Dezu 4 2 Wasabi sleep banzai by Ahiru-Dezu Wasabi sleep banzai :iconahiru-dezu:Ahiru-Dezu 7 0 I'm trash by Ahiru-Dezu I'm trash :iconahiru-dezu:Ahiru-Dezu 1 0 I can't sit there anymore by Ahiru-Dezu I can't sit there anymore :iconahiru-dezu:Ahiru-Dezu 2 0 Teeth by Ahiru-Dezu Teeth :iconahiru-dezu:Ahiru-Dezu 3 0 Catmom and Kids by Ahiru-Dezu Catmom and Kids :iconahiru-dezu:Ahiru-Dezu 1 0 More Kigen tests by Ahiru-Dezu More Kigen tests :iconahiru-dezu:Ahiru-Dezu 1 0


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Woob woob woob! Spiderman! Woob woob woob! Into the... woob woob woob! Spiderverse! YEEEEE!!!
 Back in school, so I can finally do something productive with my life... like learn.
BBiEaL - Arts and Crafters Icon 
I hunger....... for more holiday cheer!

Also, I'm hungry.
A mountain of

This was from October but I still have trouble cleaning.
On Tuesday!
My wallet slipped out of my sweater pocket and I'm running around campus to the police, then retracing my steps, then trying to catch the shuttle that dropped me off thinking of bloody murder. My paranoia gets the best of me and I cancel my card that I always use to make sure whoever steals my wallet doesn't use it for evil. I go to other shuttle drivers to see if they can maybe contact the guy who dropped my off but no-ho-ho. I wait there in the sun for another 10 minutes and I stop him and he tells me he dropped it off the parking department. Le phew! I then get a phone call saying they have my wallet. More walking. I arrive, they give me my wallet, I open it, all my money's gone. About $60 and I was planning on putting that  money in my clipper card because I'm running out--I guess I can't do that! So whomever deliberately took and stole my money out of my wallet, I hope you choke or get food poisoning from the food you bought my money with; or die from an overdose if you're using it for drugs.


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Barbara Frida Hernandez
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Hi there! I'm a reader and a writer, so I'll try my best to get myself out there in the world!


Character profiles, Plot ideas, Short stories
I'm here to sell ideas, and if you want it, you can have it because I believe that artist-person or other writer can make that idea better and come to life.


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