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Sand Story

By ahermin
The Haifa Sand Sculptures Festival last summer was delayed by the Second Lebanon War. When it opened, in September, I was quite surprised to notice that the Prince was offering oral pleasures to Cinderella in public…

I was even more surprised to see this words sand scripted in a letter the Prince was caring half out of his pocket:

"Women love it. Cunillingus.
What’s more, many women can only experience a clitoral orgasm, that can be achieved through cunillingus. Manually stimulate the clitoris or use sex toys like clitoral vibrators.

Cunillingus is much simpler than fellatio. Kiss your partner's clitoris, gently suck it and caress it with your tongue.

Some women like side-to-side motions where the clitoris slips out the tongue left and right. You can kiss the area between the clitoris and the entrance to the vagina as well as the entrance itself. Actually you can do everything your partner enjoys. The main thing is to make sure your partner likes what you are doing. How will you know?

Practice will help you. The more often you practice oral sex the more discoveries you are going to make. And be careful. Pay great attention to your partner's reaction. Does she enjoy what you are doing? Maybe you should do something else? And don’t be ashamed of speaking to her about it. Ask her what she likes and what she doesn’t. Do you remember we were talking about sincerity and trust before? There is nothing a loving couple shouldn’t be able to discuss.

What women hate
The clitoris is as sensitive as the tip of the penis. Do not bite it, do not lick it too persistently and of course do not forget about the other parts of her body. Show you love her and her wonderful body!

Tip for everyone. Do you want to enjoy oral pleasure? Then don’t forget about proper hygiene! Your genitals must smell fresh!"
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TylerFreeFlight's avatar
Nice photo and awesome P.S.A! I wonder how many people actually read the description.
ucurmi's avatar
one word. WOW! ^^
RatitaDeCampo's avatar
wow, great photo.... xD i was kinda shocked with the description
The castle is amazing.
hasiktir's avatar
Her expression is brilliant.. Love how you've captured the sexual intimacy along with the majesty of the castle behind.. Good job ;)
digitalTouch's avatar
I have never seen something like that!

I'm so gonna practice making sand-sculptures this summer..
KashaZubrokowa's avatar
nice but the picture will not show

Fresh -
Kosjenka's avatar
Simply amazing! :wow::faint:
took me a while to notice the prince..i just thought she was napping D:..oh wells..haha i love the description XD
ShimiMouse's avatar
Wow !!!! thats different from the ones built as a child.. haha Vwery freaking nice by the way
quadratiges's avatar
i like the colours a lot, beautiful! :)
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Ellygator's avatar
Good advice, and an amazing piece of artwork to go with it!
Espoir-Amour's avatar
Ahahaha. I hope the kiddies loved it.
We have permanent sand sculpture exhibitions on many beachfronts in Victoria, but I've never come across anything as creative as this ;)
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who built that! :|
PrettyRogue's avatar
Hm.. It looks not bad. But It could be made better. Despite ,it's good job.
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that's excellent!!!! :)
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