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Painting with Light

Light is part of the electromagnetic spectrum, which ranges from radio waves to gamma rays. Electromagnetic radiation waves, as their names suggest are fluctuations of electric and magnetic fields, which can transport energy from one location to another. Visible light is not inherently different from the other parts of the electromagnetic spectrum with the exception that the human eye has evolved to detect visible waves. Electromagnetic radiation can also be described in terms of a stream of photons which are mass-less particles each traveling with wavelike properties at the speed of light. A photon is the smallest quantity (quantum) of energy which can be transported and it was the realization that light traveled in discrete quanta that was the origins of Quantum Theory.

Light beer is beer that is reduced in alcohol content or in calories, compared to normal beer.
“Light beer” customarily means a beer with less than 3.5% ABV. This is the primary definition of the term in Australia and Scotland. In Australia, regular beers have approximately 5% ABV; light beers have 2.2%–3.2%. In Canada, a light beer contains 2.6%-4.0% alcohol by volume, and an extra-light beer contains less than 2.5% ABV. In the United States, some establishments are permitted to sell only low-alcohol light beer . For example, in Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Utah, beer that is sold in supermarkets and convenience stores must have no more than 3.2% alcohol by weight (4% ABV). This low-alcohol beer is called “low-point beer” or “three-two beer.” Minnesota has a full-service alcohol license that is available to retailers. It permits the sale of beers having a normal alcohol content, but the 3.2% licenses are easier to obtain.

Etymology of ‘ photography ’ :from photos (ϕοτοσ ), light, and graphos (γραοσ ), writing, delineation, or painting. Although ‘heliography’, ‘ photogeny’, and ‘daguerreotypy’, were first used as alternatives, ‘ photography’ eventually gained universal precedence as the preferred name. First published by the German astronomer Johann von Mädler in the Vossische Zeitung, the name appears to have occurred to Charles Wheatstone and Sir John Herschel independently in England. (Hercules Florence in Brazil had already used the term photographie—albeit to describe a cameraless process—in his experimental notebooks in 1833-4, but these were not discovered until much later.) Herschel had long been the authority on new nomenclature, and his use of the term in ‘Note on the Art of Photography’, 14 March 1839, was a catalyst for its adoption as a properly inclusive name for both ‘ photogenic drawing’ and ‘daguerreotypy’.
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This knocked my socks off! This is great! I love it.