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Of Love

By ahermin
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I claim that the condition of human beings in love is fundamentally absurd What do I mean by this?

In normal language, something is usually called absurd because it is lacking its proper proportions. For instance, an ugly man is absurd in wanting a supermodel as his girlfriend.
Man wants meaning from the loved one, a unity and an order of values in existence. This want is completely out of proportion in a godless and meaningless world that ends inevitably in death. The universe is silent and indifferent. This relation between the human feeling and the world is the Absurd.

The "man in absurd love“ - the man who is periodically conscious of the ultimate futility of love. This notion directly opposes the idea of faith which is characteristic of most religions.

The search for true love is futile, as the modes of feeling are constantly changing due to fluctuation of their axioms, which may be manifest as a consistent set of sentiments directly conflicting with those once thought irrefutable. A person in love is the ultimate absurd hero.

As Sisyphus's, the human being in love ceaseless and pointless toil is the ultimate metaphor for modern lives spent working at futile jobs in factories and offices.
"The workman of today works every day in his life at the same tasks, and this fate is no less absurd. But it is tragic only at the rare moments when it becomes conscious."(Albert Camus)
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OoooH! That colours!!!
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incredible shot!!!
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Conscious into the indifference. Filling the void. Life will find a way. Ever searching for the anomaly.
knowing that every day, even most days, will not be sunny and warm with just the right humidity and freedom from fear and want doesn't mean it is absurd to relish the moments that are. It may be absurd to be in love if you do so to find " a unity and an order of values in existence" but do (all) people do that - or do they just fall in love because in the moment that exists the sun feels warm on their face ...

love the colors in this
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don't walk behind me, i may not lead. don't walk in front of me, i may not follow. just walk beside me and be my friend.

~   Albert Camus
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man toils, and works and loves and worships in this godless meaningless world almost fervently  to distract himself. To keep
from daring to peer outside of his absurd little world his little box of self made lies. because if he gets a peek at his
futility, his dismal absurdity the box will have no more meaning
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