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End of Journey

Let's face it--when it comes to dealing with winter, most birds seem an awful lot smarter than humans. Instead of griping about the weather, they simply head for a warmer climate. There are also humans that try to migrate, but running from yourself, that’s mighty far to run. Where ever you go, there you are.

Why migrate? Because it gets boring shivering in the dark. And because it's bleak in the winter. And because there's nothing to eat. And because the ancestors did it.

Birds can fly higher than Mt. Everest. Bar-headed geese have been recorded flying across the Himalayas. (Note: birds don't fly this high just to get in the Guinness Book of Records, but rather to reach their destinations efficiently. From radar studies, scientists know that birds can change altitudes to find the best wind conditions. To fight a headwind, most birds stay low, where ridges, trees and buildings slow the wind. To ride a tailwind, they get up high where the wind is as fast as possible.)

How high can we fly?
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An Excellent display of your fine artistic skills. The shading/lighting effects are on point. The color scheme is fantastic. Your subject matter and the way it is presented is a Class Act and a picture to be admired and remembered.

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Wow, stunning colors and perspective!!! Great job!
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... as high as our imagination! Thank you Imaginaaaation - power-ish 
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Beautiful capture!
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Wonderful shot Ehya-9--50 I love it Special-thanks-.-gif 
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Did you do anything digitally to the photograph?
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Beautiful photo. amazing
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Just breath taking - what an amazing shot!
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Beautiful photo...Awesome!!!
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This is simply awesome!!!!
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beautiful work
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I just adore this work, so strong but restful.
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aaaamazing shot!
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Beautuful photo..
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Absolutely brillant picture. Just fantastic.
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saya sangat suka
warna , moment dan judulnya
(Y)  (Y)  (Y)
This is an amazing piece of art. The dramatic, rich colours; the placement of the boat and the birds; the menacing clouds; the point of view. Amazing!
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Props, not just for the image, but the awesome description too.
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I really am touchdown by this.  Nice work!  Fly on.
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This is breath taking!
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