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Saluting the Sun
Expand, spread, reach up.
Rise through the clouds to the sun.
Feel its warming rays.
Topple slowly down,
Hold yourself just off the ground
And push it away.
Stand, if you still can.
Hold your hands up, tall and proud.
Now give up and sink.
Sweep through yourself now,
And bend back like a dragon
With flame in your breath.
Rise, rise and repeat until
Every part of your being is still.
:iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 1
I always used to smudge the page
By leaning on the ink as it dried.
Not any more: I've come of age.
Now the ink has been left still
And not a thing can alter it.
All anyone has now is will
To create or to destroy.
What I really wonder is
When again will I see joy?
:iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 5
The true artist wastes no time
between his evenly crafted lines
stripping paint that's not yet dry.
Because he knows, of course,
there is no way
to quicken the course of day.
He waits, instead,
for blood to slow,
hearts to stop and souls to flow.
Then he paints his masterpiece:
a mortal man without a crease
laying still to rest in peace.
:iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 3 8
The writer opens
with a squeaking bedroom door,
the slow, alliterative click-clack
of a slightly rusted handle.
He soon picks up the pace,
as we hear him filter
mouthwash through his blackened teeth
into the vortex of the toilet bowl.
Faltering in the middle,
only the vague, distant sound
of metal on ceramics
manages to reach us.
But as I hear the front door
silently close and his van
roll quietly to the twilit road,
I know that
this is poetry.
:iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 2 8
Trapped in the Pillory
Tonight, as I tredged home,
I felt every slow drop of
realisation hit me like a stone.
Rain, ceaselessly dripping,
saturated my thinking
(and my jacket).
Gradually, it started to
force its way in,
showing me the only path.
I had found myself stumbling,
wondering how all of this
could have began.
When suddenly I
righted myself, remembered,
it doesn't matter one bit.
Because I know how it will end.
:iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 11
The path to... by ahbegorrah The path to... :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 1 Right in Two by ahbegorrah Right in Two :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 1 High there by ahbegorrah High there :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 2 1
Doug says (03:46):
In a small, dead-ending garden in a forest park, there is a disused grey stone bird bath the size of a kitchen table, surrounded by the crimson and magenta blossoms of spring. It was here, just one year ago, that everything started to unravel for Morgan.
Doug says (03:48):
He is a dark-skinned, yet fair-haired man, so tall that he towers high above the rest of his family. They always wondered how he came to look the way he did, and there were some who kept closer eyes on the milkman after Morgan's birth.
Doug says (03:50):
He was lazing back in the midsummer sun, just as dusk was approaching, lying on his back on the green metal mesh bench opposite the fountain, when suddenly he saw darting movement in the empty bath.
Doug says (03:52):
He spun off the bench flat onto his face. Slowly, he pulled himself up with a look of utter shame on his face, but this was soon wiped clean by what he saw spewing from the fountain.
Doug says (03:55):
Great fiery fountains of colour
:iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 2 6
Digital Flowers? by ahbegorrah Digital Flowers? :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 2 1 Your new best friend by ahbegorrah Your new best friend :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 3 Outside The Wall by ahbegorrah Outside The Wall :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 1 Tune in those satellite dishes by ahbegorrah Tune in those satellite dishes :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 1 Caught under wheel's roll by ahbegorrah Caught under wheel's roll :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 1 Break out by ahbegorrah Break out :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 1 Rusheen Bay by ahbegorrah Rusheen Bay :iconahbegorrah:ahbegorrah 1 1

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:P thanks :peace:
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Hey! It's max.
Didn't know you were here! just wanted to thank you for showing me the flowtoys! i bought some flowchucks and they're awesome.

Need to see you guys again and party some more.

I was planning to go to ireland this summer, i'll keep you up !
ahbegorrah Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2010
Hey Max, how've you been?
I got some double ended flowpoi a while ago, they're wicked! I'm trying to learn some chucky stuff 'cause then I'd have double chucks but all I'm getting so far is pain :p

Definitely my friend, most definitely!

Hope you do, we need more crazy frenchmen :)
Pumpkinwaffle Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2010  Student
Good Good!
Well i'm going to ireland fo sure! i'll be there around the 20th normally, buying the tickets tomorrow.
I'll teach chucks once i'm there, and you teach me poi and then we can do some kickass double chucks duos !!!!

I'll keep you up about me going to ireland, all is set all i'm missing is a place to stay but from what sally said i can easly squat anywhere, in the worst case there's always theo's place! So see you in ireland and i'll sure bring my frenchyness :D
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Alan is a :smoking: :shithappens:
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I just wanted to use those emotions for my own amusement :D :matrixfight:

Also, why is this :kevin: called kevin???

Do you have a phone yet?
shepsoverthere Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey Alan you should check out [link] she is a, in my opinion, fantastic poet!
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Thanks so much for the fav on [link] I'd love to hear what you think of it and my other work!
ahbegorrah Featured By Owner Aug 8, 2009
Link doesn't work, but I found it anyway.

I don't have the attention span right now, but I'll get around to it, I promise!
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Thanks so much!
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