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.: Coward Montblanc Gumi +DL :.

Hello all yes I joined kitzabitza collab

This took me forever you don't even know. 
Jomo you're the real mvp

- Download -

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        ▵ Remember to respect the character licenses of both Internet Co. and Piapro ©.
                        ▵ You must include ALL readme's in folder when distributing.

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Thanks for the amazing model! Used here and here!
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who made her skirt?
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Very Originalle uwu
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can we take parts or no?
The-Awkward-Human's avatar
Downloaded!! Also is there a slider to put her goggles on her?
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Thank you!!!

I completely forgot about her goggles HAHAHAHAHA
I'll update her sometime this week! Thank you for bringing that to my attention
The-Awkward-Human's avatar
Just another reminder about the goggles xD
The-Awkward-Human's avatar
No problem!! I love that song so much the feels in it tho 
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Downloaded!![Table Smacks x11] 
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     this was exactly what I needed some my motion! Mako Star Eyes Pearl and Steven Emote 1 
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Thank you!!
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aHaru's avatar
Thank you!!
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Thank you- This is my favorite Gumi song <33 Downloaded
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Ooww so cute,thx ! <3
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this makes me so happ ;;^^)))
god bless
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Ah!! Thank you! ;0
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Thank you *^* Muito obrigada
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Downloaded :3
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Aw, this is a really cute model!
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