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Stitch In Zootopia

AU where Stitch lands in the world of Zootopia! Judy - Icon Nick - Icon Stitch's Teasing Manner 
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Now here's a crossover I've never seen before. Hilarious!

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I love that you made that crossover! Have a wonderful day and may God bless you. Jesus Christ loves you - He always has and always will, no matter what! You're priceless and you matter! Please stay safe and healthy. ^_^

Chief Bogo: Security here, we have detected a pantless experiment in Zootopia!

Other Police Officer: But it‘s experiment 626, you know, Stitch!

Chief Bogo: Well, talk about the Lilo and Stitch movie.

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Hey, in Zootopia, anyone can be dude...wants to be pantsless! XD
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I love it it, use it as a friend code card but I said to give you all the credit
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lol, but wasnt stich at same tall +- as Lilo? that mean he should be much taller than ordinary fox and rabit :D
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Both great movies. *sigh* Of course Judy's first focus is 'OMG No pants!' which would make the eventual 'Wait a sec, what the Hay-Bale are You?!' all the better.
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Oh god damn it 😂
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Why is this so perfect?
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The unused Easter Egg
GIF My Little Pony - Laugh 
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I wish he appeared in this movie. 😁
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And nobody noticed that before... (Pants)
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:lol: That would be interesting and hilarious to see XD
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Aww so cute...
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OH!!! Disney, make this Happen!!!! :D
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Stitch meets Nick and Judy.
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Ha ha! Nice idea!
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You know who else isn`t wearing any pants?
Donald Duck!
Won`t somebody PLEASE think of the children?!! :faint:
don't for get poo the bear
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