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Location  Soulaven
Nanthleen Glaziiria was born under the roof of Monaite and has been since named the princess of Heartflower who will succeed in taking rule after her parents pass away.

When she was a child, she accidently, when in the underground dungeon beneath Monaite, touched the Orb of Life. Unbeknown to her parents who saw the child's finger twinkle green, Nanthleen had actually inherited the power of glass.

Her parents discovered her one night in her crib, she was drowned in glass shards that couldn't harm her, and whenever she got scared the shards would fly around the room like wasps.

'Glaziiria' has hence been given as her last name as it meant "Empowerer of Glass". And during her sixteenth birthday, a mighty wizard made her the weapon which could stabilize her powers.

She called her weapon 'Glassia'.

Nanthleen Glaziiria is now the leader of the Kin of Nature army serving under Xaven II's rule, her father's rule.

Apart from her duties at the castle above, Nanthleen would sometimes be spotted in the towns below using her powers to entertain people, summoning shards of glass that dance in the air and make flourishing cascades enjoyable to watch.
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