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(The Kuos) Example Scene - After The Fall

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Hi guys! This one took a while to make. It is an example of what my novel series The Kuos would be if it was a visual one.

So zoom in! Read and give opinions.

The story is pretty limited but can hopefully give the idea of the long one :)


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Hi from ProjectComment! I'm commenting as part of the Everything Must Go contest :).

Your 3D work is amazing, and from looking at this comic, I'm blown away by how much detail you put into everything - the characters, the textures in the background...if I didn't know better, I would've thought that these were screenshots from a high-quality game :nod:. The first panel, with the amazingly detailed background, and last panel, with the close-up shot of Ruby's eyes, are my favorites - it almost looks like her eyes are on fire, mirroring the sun.

There's nothing I can suggest about your lovely artwork, but I can make a few suggestions about the comic :nod:. While helpful, I think that your diagram about the reading order isn't necessary; you can simply write read from left to right in the description, or add small arrows connecting the panels if it's unclear. Additionally, I suggest using a more professional font for the sound effects (the 'click' and exclamation marks), as the current font doesn't mesh well with the seriousness of the story and the more elegant-looking font you used for the dialogue. 

Hope this helps, and keep up the excellent work! ;)

Very good lighting and excellent textures!!
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Thank you! Glad you liked it :)
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Lovely this is so beautiful!
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I like the different lighting techniques you've used for each panel.
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I’m glad! I was a bit skeptical at first. :)
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