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Ruby Rose - RWBY (Process)

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Hi there! I swear I'm not bashing my patreon in your faces lol. This is just the process gif of the artwork I posted ages back then (not really)

Ruby Rose - RWBY by AHAKuo 

If you would like the source files, they are on my patreon and available as soon as you choose the Tier 2 of the patronage

  Desc by AHAKuo 

***To be honest with you, I only made a patreon so I can obtain the necessary resources for making art. As you know, I use Daz 3D, which needs my hard-earned money to buy assets. By giving me your support, I will be able to buy the assets for future art works. You're not obligated to it though. I will still post normal artworks as usual. But full res and source files will only be on patreon (as will as some exclusive pieces.)

Other stuff:

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Ruby! This is really cool!
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Thanks! Glad you liked it <3
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I'm ready for Volume 5 :heart: