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Unsigned version for 0.5$ :)

New artwork, a new story behind it :) <3 Heart Heart :happybounce: 

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Desc by AHAKuo 

PSD files, Original resolution (unsigned) on my Patreon.  


Rendered in Daz and made to glow in Photoshop CS6.

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© 2017 - 2021 AHAKuo
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I love the colors you use!! Very nice!
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Hello from PC!
First off, Things I like:
1) The detail in this render is astounding. Beautiful. 10/10. Although the detail does cause some problems, but I'll get to that in the Critique section
2) The use of blur to bring focus on the face is a nice touch
(I know the things I like only has two things but that's only because I generalized the entirety of what I like about the detail into one thing)
Now, Things you need to Fix:
1) That shine. It's WAY too bright and should be toned down a bit. It's distracting and makes the eye feel like it's being irritated by the shine as it would by actual irl shine
2) Getting back to that detail, in some places you put a bit too much detail. Specifically the detail of the pores. Normally when you look at a face from that distance, you don't really see the pores(unless said face has some mild acne.) And when you are able to see the pores, they aren't the same throughout the face. For instance, places like the cheeks and the chin have near invisible pores while places like the nose do. Try referencing a close up of a human face and take note of how the pores look on different parts of the face
3) On a smaller note, The sweater looks very stiff, as if made of rubber instead of actual cloth. I don't really blame you though, as modelling real tiny things like that is hard as heck
4) The background is very barren and doesn't do anything for the image. Try adding slight patterns and slight colour that would bring focus to the main subject of the image.
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Thank you :D I am a dummy! 
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Hello, how are you today? I'm from ProjectComment and I'm here to give you some feedback!

I’m just gonna say for a start that the amount of detail put into this is really extraordinary, I love how you can see nearly every single hair there is. I would say to change up the facial expression to fit the mood, it’s very beautiful, that’s for sure, but to give it more emotion, you could possibly change the eyebrow shape? Also, I think that the lighting is really extreme. It’s dark on one side and extremely bright on the other, it blurs and blocks the details on that side, it looks good though! I would just say to tone down the light. Another thing I noticed is the shirt, that’s one of the first things I noticed, I saw that the texture is a bit rough, it looks like styrofoam. It doesn’t look natural, and I understand the feeling of the picture is kind of ‘soft’ or ‘gentle’, but the shirt just looks odd. Other than that, I don’t know what else to tell you except the everything else corresponds to the picture in some way and it all looks amazing. I also love how the background is white and it’s very simple so your eyes will focus right on the subject.

You've earned a new watcher, I absolutely love your works! <3
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Yes, that's true. The bump map was too overdone, same for the lighting. But maybe it was because I was trying to make it pop up in the gallery as a very bright picture so ...

As for the expression, it was quite confusing for me what to go for. But I think it's my fault for not using a reference, but it isn't that big of a deal anymore lol

Thanks for your comment and watch! I hope you see more <3 :D Heart Heart 
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Yeah anytime! But it is still really gorgeous.
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Hey AHAKuo ^^ Quite lovely work as usual! The eyes are definitely the highlights of the piece, and I quite like the blindingly white background. It gives it a magical, dream-like feel.


One thing that could potentially be reworked is the facial expression. I'm not sure how animatable these models are but I feel like it's a bit of a confused expression right now. The eyes are mostly relaxed, the eyebrows show a hint of surprise, and.. to me it looks like she's doing a bit of a duckface O: This expression would be totally fine for a light-hearted portrait but it looks like there's an emotional connection going on so tweaking it a bit could help portray that emotion. Maybe the mouth could be more sad, or more happy, or the eyebrows frowned a bit... Those are suggestions, because I'm not exactly sure what she's feeling ^^


Second small thing, I think the shirt's texture is too intense. It feels to me like rough plastic or even cement because the bump is set very high. It could easily be toned down by half or more, or alternatively just blurred so it looks more like fabric. I'm also not sure how the collar works, but if it's designed as it shows it's not really an issue xD


Overall it looks quite nice. The lighting is evocative, the eyes look gorgeous and the hands are positioned in a very delicate pose that shows the attachment between the two characters. Nice work!! ^^

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I see what you mean. You're right. It does seem too rough. I just realized that. Well, I guess next time I'll be more careful. And the expression was a bit confusing for me too. I didn't know what exactly was going on but I thought it looked okay like this :P Because it fit the character of Blue (she is supposed to be cheerful at all times)

Thanks for commenting <3 Meow :3 
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It's really cute.
I have no words, it's just amazing!!!
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Your comment is enough. Thanks! Hug Love 
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No problem, you really REALLY deserve It!!! <3
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SO AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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the felling of this art is super i relly love it
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Thank u <3 <3 :D
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So lovely! The tender connection between mother and child is absolutely magical. Everyone can relate to it! Amazing work..
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It's something I thought would be good for everyone. Thank you for the comment as well :) <3
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this , and the rest of your work , is absolutely stunning ! keep up the work <3
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Thank you :D Your words motivate me <3
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Stunning picture
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