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Lorraine Broughton

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I had to find time from my studies just so I can make this! I'm glad it turned out alright :P

Please comment and/or favorite, it'll be much appreciated :)


Softwares used: Daz Studio 4.9 / Photoshop CS6.
Model Used: Victoria 7 (modified)
Gun used available on renderosity by Exnem.
Shirt used is available from the Daz Studio store.

Another submission:  Conflict Of Aesthetics by AHAKuo 

Other works:

Ruby Emerald Amera (The Kuos series) by AHAKuo  Rain by AHAKuo  Dove in the Sky (2B - Nier Automata) by AHAKuo  I'm Happy by AHAKuo  Sword and Glass (The Kuos series) by AHAKuo  
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I was quite surprised this didn't make it to the semi finals. One of the best contributions to the competition in my opinion.
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It sucks really. But I won't let it bother me. I wanted to have a chance but seems there's a lot of people who did amazingly and were turned down.

Kinda like this one:  Nuclear Lorraine by astoralexander

And this:  Neon Clash by Dropdeadcoheed

It's really a bummer :(
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Hello! I'm here from :iconprojectcomment: and hopefully my critique will be useful!

Though honestly, I feel like I have more to gush about than to give constructive criticism about. I mean, wow! I'm a bit out of my depth with 3D art (Maya basically made me its bitch, I'm not gonna lie) but this rendering is splendid! The bounce light, the dynamic shadows, and the detail in the hair-- all very lovely if you ask me! The posing is also nice and dynamic, with strong use of perspective and a very nice curve to the body that nicely redirects the eye. It's a simple composition, but it really stands out and grabs the viewer's attention-- all very good things! I especially like the shadows created by the sunglasses on the face. 

The only things I can really think of to suggest are basically just... adding a little bit more. The sunglasses are a bit dull, but most sunglasses have shiny lenses that make reflections. Considering she's taking aim on someone, it would really improve the picture to maybe see the reflection of who she's shooting (or what? who knows!) in her sunglasses. The brightness on the sunglasses would also bring more focus back to the intense expression, so overall it would bring a very strong impact on the piece! They also sorta... disappear into her hair a little. Is that just something of an issue with the model? I don't really know myself, since this is out of my field of expertise (if you could call anything about art my field of expertise, lol). 

Seriously though, this is amazing! I don't know when the contest ends, but I do wish you the very best! I don't know how it's all going to end, but I do think this is definitely a very strong piece! :D Keep up the excellent work! 
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Very big thanks to you! I'm extremely happy that you found this vibrant and great, as I thought it was lacking a bit (and it is.)

The idea of adding more to the glasses is something to struggle with currently, but I'm getting to it. The glasses disappearing into the hair was something I was afraid someone would point out lol. But it was annoying to try and fix it so I somehow tried to make it seem as if there's too much hair around it.

Thank you for the compliments and the useful tips, I will put them into display more :)
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XD ahhh, I understand. I've done quick fixes like that when a deadline approached. It always kinda sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do, amirite? 

As far as I can tell, reflections in the glasses are something between a texture and a lighting effect. Like, in a lot of games, you can actually find the texture used to create a reflection and stuff. So it might just be a matter of setting up what you want the character to see, making it into an image, and using said image as a texture? I'm not exactly... any good with 3D anything... but hopefully that might help? 

:D If that's lacking for you, then you're WAY above me in skill level is all I can say. Keep up the good work!
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cholie commenting on behalf of ProjectComment

Hello again! As soon as I saw this, it caught my eye immediately and practically lept out at me. I knew I had to take a closer look and comment on it.

Wow, what an amazing piece of fan art! A very strong and cohesive piece. Great angle and pose, definitely not one you see too often. Great foreshortening and use of space too! She looks so real, so lifelike. Amazing rendition of skin, and the textures of the fabric of her tank top and hair. This is a perfect combination of realistic and cartoony. I like the sense of movement you captured through her hair. Your shading and blending is spot-on. The way the light source causes parts of her to glow and cast shadows is also masterfully executed. I can easily see this as a poster that they'd use to advertise "Atomic Blonde." Great job on her expression too! It's chilling, I get the feeling from the look in her eyes that she's a seasoned killer, and her eyes say, "you're dead." The details and effort you poured into this piece are evident in the visual textures of her hair, skin, the way you colored her irises, the way you shaded and blended her and the objects she's holding. I think parts of the gun should be more in focus, however they're blurry, when they should be sharper/clearer. Other than that, you've made a very stunning piece that's going to give people a run for their money. This piece is definitely the perfect showcase of your talents and skills because of the level of difficulty of the pose and all the small details. This looks like a movie still or a screenshot of a video game. I think it was a great choice for you to choose a multicolored background, it definitely enhances your piece and draws more attention to the subject of the piece.

I wouldn't be surprised if you did very well in this contest. I hope you win, or at the very least place. 
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I'm very joyful from this comment! Thank you so much for every second you took in writing this :) Hatsune Miku-19 (Miku Miku Shite Ageru) 

I really do hope I win with the competition being very tight xD Thanks again for your amazing feedback :PHeart Heart Heart 

I really can see that it does represent a lot. Nod 
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This is so lovely! Your style reminds me of those beautiful BJD dolls. (: Good luck in the contest!
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Thank you so much for this! And good luck to you too :) <3
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Hi! I'm from :Constructive:  !  The overall perspective is very interesting and the action draws the eye a lot more than a forward facing view but the camera's focal point seems blurred/unfocused and could do with more depth. A previous comment pointed out that because of the skin texture the hand resembled a male but I think that is a nitpick and caused more by dark lighting than texture. The strongest part to me is the choice of color scheme and lighting that really sets this piece out from your others and the others in the contest. Overall this is a very creative piece and one of my favorites in the whole contest.
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Thanks for the comment! You may be right about the dark part :)
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so AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I love this so much 
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I love your comment more :) <3
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WOW! so cool!
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As someone who's competing in the contest, I agree that this is the best.
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Thank youu! Yours is good as well :) <3
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Great angle and colors! <3
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This has a very appealing colour scheme.
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Just as appealing as in the movie itself. There seemed to be a lot of pinks and blues, so.

Thanks for leaving a comment :3
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