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Dynasty - The Weapon of Diamond (The Kuos series)


His head fell off. And when panic took hold of their camp they danced a fearful dance; falling over their steps as they tried to run away from the devil that had attacked  them. He pulled ready a shot of three arrows at once, and they soon hit their targets as he wanted them to; killing off the vile old woman and the two men that crawled behind her, leaving two screaming figures going into the forest. One of them tripped over a fallen tree, and the other ran after his life; they were unfortunate. Thinking he was going to survive if he kept running toward god-knows-what, the reaper came in to sweep him off his legs, literally. His upper body bounced its way on the snow, a trail of dark, twisted blood being drawn behind it.

“ARGH! Kill me! I beg you, please! I can’t take this pain!” He said as tears of demise washed over his face. Conax stood over him, nothing but anger in his eyes. He cut through the bandit’s head with his saber, letting out brain chunks from the large wound. Conax turned to face the last one; the one who tripped over the tree. He was lying on his stomach with his hands and legs tied by an enchantment of transparent, yellow binds.

“What do you want?! I’ll give you anything. I swear it on Xenia. Just please, don’t kill me. I have so much to live for—”

“Jenny! Come over here,” Conax said, and when she replied, she was in an affright; shocked by all the crimson colors that covered the forest.

“What is this?” She could barely speak. He threw one of his sabers near her feet.

“Kill him,” he said.


I hope you guys like this piece of work. Heart 

This is Conax Kuo
, one of the characters in my book series (The Kuos). In this artwork he is holding a weapon with the calling 'Dynasty'. I blade made of Diamond from its hand to its other end.

The Yellow Warrior by AHAKuo 
        -Conax Kuo-

Download for 1980x1080 quality! :D

Some assests by Kayleyss from Deviantart! (Thanks!) 
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Awesome! This one is really great. Fantastic use of dark atmosphere, it really feels like he's coming for you. Up to this point, the only one of these Kuo's I've seen was the rather rough and undetailed one, and this is a huge leap in improvement, as you clearly spent way more time on this.
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Thank you! It was pretty tough to go through, true, but it came out eventually. <3 :D
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o.o I wanna say badass
but looks like someone already beat me to it lol
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Lol thank you <3 Your words mean a lot :D
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First of all, this is a great piece already. The atmosphere is great and I think that you already got it pretty much on point in terms of colours / balance.
Still, I think that the sword is not really coming through. You can clearly see that it's there, but not that it's made from diamond. I mean a sword made of diamond is really rare and surely one of his main symbols. Without reading your description I would NOT have known that it's made out of this material. Of course the environment is really dark, so there's not too much light getting onto the blade, but you have to make it more noticeable. I think you should not push it too much towards blue because blue and yellow don't really fit together here. Instead you should do some studies about that diamond material so you can change it in a way that it looks like a diamond sword due to it's reflections and how it "breaks" the light. That way it's getting far more realistic and still keeps the focus onto where it is right now.
Another thing that I realised is: The environment looks good at first glance. But if you think about it, it becomes a bit "unrealistic". The cape is flying to the left because of the wind. But in the background it doesn't feel like there's wind blowing to the left. Sure, there are particles which seem to be moving in some way, but not how they move. You could add some motion-blur to make it feel like the dust is being blown to this direction. Same goes for the foreground dust.
Last thing you could look into is adding some more details or objects. On the left and the right there's a bit too much space. I mean if you would crop the painting into "A4" /some kind of portrait size, it would look more dynamic / more action would be in it. I know that you have a clear plan of what composition should be in it, but to be honest this just looks a bit too empty. Try to add maybe another rock onto the right side or something else. I think it would make it a lot more interesting.
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Thanks a lot for your comment! Most of everything you said was true. I do struggle a bit when it comes to environment, but it'll get better soon.

About the sword. It is diamond. But it's mostly the lore of the story in which the character is that made it confusing. It's black diamond on the center with Crystal's on the tips. I wanted to make it darker as I'm still finding it hard to properly make it as I want it to be. Still trying to figure out meshes and textures correctly.

Thanks again for your invaluable comment. It means a lot! <3 :D
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I'm glad I could help you!
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