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Dove in the Sky (2B - Nier Automata)

TUTORIAL HAS BEEN POSTED:  Nier Automata 2B (PSD File - Tutorial) by AHAKuo 

Here it is! The one I've been working on for quite some time! CURSE YOU! CURSE YOU! :happybounce: Heart 

I've been wanting to get this one out for a very long time now. And now that I have bought the necessary assets, I can make even more 2B art works. I really do want your opinions on this guys.

Rendered in Daz Studio 4.9 and photoshopped to epicness in PS CS6.

Thanks to guhzcoituz for providing the clothing asset import from the game. The figure used here was Genesis 3 (Mika 7 modified)

PLUS: If I hit 100 watchers. I will release this artwork's source files with a detailed tutorial for all of you. And you can also make your own alternatives. :)

Glory to mankind!

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mind sharing what hair you are using? thanks!
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Some of the hair has been drawn by hand in photoshop. It’s not all 3D.
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I’m using the hair from the game. It’s been extracted by the user I mentioned in the description ^^
I see. thanks. I thought its a 3d model hair. I cant seem to find the extracted hair from the user u mentioned(guhzcoituz) only clothing and face morph/texture. if you can link it it would appreciate it a lot. Thanks!
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It’s in the same package.
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The hair is included
awesome thanks for the info!
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Thanks :) I'm glad u love it <3
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yeah i really like her
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Greetings from :iconprojectcomment:
Hi. So, I was also looking at your atomic blond one that you did for a contest? It said something about a model, so I don't know if you use a photograph as the base, or have someone who models for you, or what? I'm going to assume you draw this from scratch. So if I'm off base, let me know.

The composition and the colours are so great. It's eye catching, and has a great movement. I like the light too. The rough painting style is really nice and works great with the atmosphere of the painting as well.

But I don't know what's going on with her left hand (right side on the painting) and the skirt/lower body. I think it's the costume she's wearing but without knowing this franchise and character really well, it's a bit confusing. And her shoulder looks a bit too bumpy? 

Other than that, I don't think I have anything to add, really. It's really well done. 

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Thank you! And yes she's a 3D model!

Your input was helpful and I will see about it. Mostly it has to do with the way I do its perspective.

Thanks again! :)
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This looks pretty amazing! I never played the game on this before because i think it was for playstation 4 or xbox one. Sadly i don't play console games anymore and stayed with PC gaming.

I really like with what you did here by lighting and i'm not sure what that is in the air. I think thats feathers or something i'm not sure. I also really like the lighting you did on this.

You earned yourself a watch from me. x3
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Thank youuu!! <3 I'm glad you loved the image. I also wanted to add, this game is on steam. ;)

You should try it out :D
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I use linux so gaming for me can have some complications. x.x;
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what do you want me to tell you?... this is good, this is nice, this IS beautiful, all of what you did here, it's good, I honestly can't think how this could get any better... keep on the good work

Akari Akazaki (Good Job) [V3] 
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Thank youuuu! :D Your comment made me smile so wide I strained my cheeks (jk..) lol

Thanks again and I will keep my arts coming :P
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very beautiful !
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This is a really beautiful work. I was drawn to the glow/light in the upper middle left of the picture as well as 2B's gorgeous face. You did a wonderful job making her seem 3-D. She almost jumps off the screen. I feel like I could reach out and brush her hair out of her face.

Let's talk about that hair. Simply gorgeous. The colors, the texture. Reads very much as white, but I appreciate that it took blues and greens to render that effect. I might show your picture to my hairstylist and beg for 2B's 'do.

The only thing I'm confused about is her pose. Is she mid-kick? Is she behind a shield? What is going on in the lower right quadrant of the piece is not clear to me. I think she is mid-kick, but perhaps somehow making the thigh more visible without (somehow) losing the contrast between the light upper left and darker lower right could help? I also wonder if maybe her right hand is just a touch too small?

The defocused background and light sparks really add to my enjoyment of this piece. Overall, it is a very arresting work. The play between the light/white parts and the black/dark parts is pleasing to me. Supportcomment 
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OMG! Thank you for this great comment! I really appreciate the points you made and would like to act upon them later on. And to answer your question in the third paragraph, she is flying upward.

I'm so glad this was pleasing to you :3 <3
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So cool that she is flying! I totally see it now. Love!
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Incredible! So expressive that I fell in love with your artwork 😍
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I appreciate your lovely comment ❤️❤️ <3 Thank you!
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