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A scene from The Kuos I - Vibrant Damage (Book)

This is Jenny Da' Gare cornered by Shadow Knights, as is from the story,

Hope you like this!

Please comment your opinions and leave a favorite if you do ^^
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Automatically pressed the WATCH button. You are beyond good. Love yer style. Visually pleasing and layered in meaning.
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Thanks a lot ^^ 
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Firstly I would like to say that this piece looks amazing. It makes me wonder about its story, which I think every good piece of art invites. So what I'm wondering if the girl is courageous and powerful (because she does look badass), because she doesn't look afraid in midst of all these evil creatures. Or if she is afraid but isn't visible?

I read a comment about the shadow tendrils, and I would like to add that they don't fit as much. They don't look like shadows, if that makes sense, I suppose I would have preferred them to be softer tendrils, a little bit flowing.
The effect of shadow and light (light on the girl's face particularly) is amazing. There's fog, there's sunlight, and it all blends in together, along with the shadow knights.
The textures are perfect, the colors are so lively, it makes me almost feel the touch of the shadow knight. Something about the shape of the girl's neck seems off to me. 
I love the masks, how the darkness comes out from it. Everything about this piece gives off a heavy mysterious vibe but doesn't really scare you. 
The two things that were off for me were the tendrils in the middle of the piece, the brush stroke seems off, and the shape of neck (or maybe I'm just mistaken about the neck). 
I shall look up your story as I am very intrigued and impressed.

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Thanks a lot for the time you took in writing this! It means much!

I completely agree with everything you've said, and I'll take it to improve. I wanted to make the tendrils a lot more natural but maybe I'd overdone it. And to answer your question, she is afraid.

I see what you mean about the neck, it feels a little off to me now too.

Thanks for your critique, and your time <3
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This is insanely beautiful. It has a sort of steam punk vibe. Loveeee it 
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wow this looks like something out of a video game! beautiful rendering
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This looks really good.
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The composition is great. I have been trying for a long time to create works that are as complex as this. Would you be willing to offer any tips? The tools I favor in my drawing program are the smudge tool and blur tool, among basics like the brush tool.

To me, it looks like opacity was used a lot in this picture, as well as a few textures maybe? Like on the eyepatch, and on the jacket? The detail on the chest piece of the figure on the far left is so well done, it looks real. I like how there is not a lot of complexity in the four corners of the picture too, to help frame what is going on in the middle of the picture. Great job on the girl's lips too, they look so realistic! 
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Hey there! And thanks for commenting!

For tips on rendering, I’m not sure as it differs from software to another.

I use Daz Studio, and a lot of ready assets. Sometimes I go ahead and play with the textures and make my own to fit the scene. But keep in mind that most of the work that makes the image finished is in photoshop. 3D rendering is only half the process.

I have posted a few of the brushes I use on my account here. You can find them.

I checked your gallery and it seems you might need to work more on your composition and lighting. As for textures, maybe work on the bump map, and they seem a little too plastic.

That’s all I can say really.

Thanks again, hope that helped.
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this is super neat- i love  the different thickness/density of the hair in places, like on the forehead there is little baby hairs, and over the eyepatch there is some hair that you can partially see through. I also love the lighting and shading for the skin and eye. the composition is pretty dynamic and the overall look of the piece has some pretty sinister implications, which is interesting and really leaves me wanting to know more about what's going on here. 
the use of blues and purples with the shadow knights creates a really wicked contrasting effect with the paler tones of the girl they are surrounding. I also thoroughly enjoy the cloudy / misty texture that's going on throughout the picture. it does make the overall piece look more shadow-y and dark, which I think pairs nicely with these wispy black strands coming in on the right side of the image. Can I ask, is it hair or just general tendrils of darkness? either way, awesome work. I'm intrigued to check out your story!
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Thanks a lot for your comment, and the time you took to write it!

Those are tendrils of shadow coming for the knight on the right who has his hand up.

I hope you do enjoy the story in case you check it out :)
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Thanks a lot!
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This is from a book? looks more like something from one of those super hi-fi type games
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Yes. It’s from a book series I’m writing on wattpad. :D
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to quote actor Wallace Shawn, I find this fact to be "inconceivable" 
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Thank you :3
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Let your self go!!!
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