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Aether Girl

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Hey there! I hope you like this piece I did for a contest about the elements of nature. I decided to choose space as I love it so much! S T A R C H I L D 

Leave a fave if you like this! And please do comment your opinions :)
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How do u get art to look like this?
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It simply takes a lot of work on photoshop. Photoshop can make so many images so much interesting.

Thanks for asking :)
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cool i don't have photoshop, do u know how much it costs?
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It's quite expensive, I'm not sure how much. You can get it through "many ways" though ;)
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Hi! I'm here as part of ProjectComment's Create for Comments contest! :wave:

I think your piece is really impressive and fits the theme really well. Your masterful use of a purple and black color palette caught my attention immediately, and I was quickly drawn to the intensity of the girl's eyes and the picturesque background. I'm also really liking the supernatural vibe the girl gives with her glowing eyes, and how you can see the stars through her hair and skin. I think you really conveyed how she is one with the aether. Excellent work :nod:!

As for suggestions, I found some elements in the foreground and background of your piece a little distracting. Specifically, the comet streak in the background looks out of place, and doesn't have the same level of detail and realism as the rest of the piece. I would suggest either removing it or adding a purple gradient to make it fit better with the rest of your background. Here is an example in orange that might help.

My second suggestion is to make the purpose of the purple lines in the girl's hair more visually clear. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong - I assumed that the lines are meant to emphasize her affinity with the aether, but their faintness and the difficulty of finding a clear 'flow' to the lines make them seem unfocused. They also conflict somewhat with the shading and lighting in the rest of the piece, which goes from bright colors and higher contrast near her eyes to deep shadows at the fringes. Perhaps you could make the lines around the girl's eyes more intense and numerous, and slowly disperse them as they get further from her face (kind of like a magnetic field)?

I hope this helps, and keep up the awesome work :)!
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Hi there! Thanks a bunch for this comment!

I can see what you mean, and I did think the same with the shooting star in the back. It does look a little weird.

The contrast with colors seemed weird to me as well, and I tried to make it pretty. Though, I guess it could’ve been better.

Thanks again for commenting. :)
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You are welcome, glad I could help :)!
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So pretty ❤️
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Thank you ^^
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You're welcome
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This is freaking me out. Why? Because the girl looks alot like my GF, except for the glowing eyes of course. Daz or Poser render? I use Daz.
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Lmao that’s insane.

I use Daz btw :)
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Heh. Me and my best friend Jon were able to make fairly accurate likenesses of ourselves, a so so one of my girlfriend and another friend, Zach, in Daz.…

This is pretty old. My newer renders are way improved in quality since Iray.
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I like your picture; It has a very unique visual aesthetic. There is an impressive amount of details, and the color scheme fits in perfectly; Not only that, but looking at the picture may also give the viewer the impression that the artist is telling a story, a fictional story which can be delved further into at any point in time.

Great job. :D

This critique has been brought to you by :iconwolfboy1020: for ProjectComment's Create for Comments Contest.
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Thanks a lot for your critique! I’m glad you liked the artwork.
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I'm digging the shading on this, but somehow if I feel that if the girl in the picture was brighter, kinda ghost like, it would really help compliment the eyes as being part of the theme of Aether/the void.
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Wow you’re so right! How could I have never thought this through?!

Lmao I’m actually annoyed now that I missed that detail.

Thanks for the comment! You really opened my eyes to new ideas :)
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You're welcome.
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Very PRETTYExcited Blush 
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Thank youuuu!! :3
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Hello Hello!
I just keep seeing more and more talented artists, don't I.. ^^'
This is really amazing!
I can see the care put into the cleanliness and semi-realism of the artwork!
The lighting is consistent and gives a really a e s t h e t i c look!
The slight glow of the subject's eye and almost contemplative look she'd giving so the open sky is really enchanting!
The background, (of course) compliments the piece and the whole thing fits the theme really well!
One thing I'd suggest is to MAKE MORE OF THIS BEAUTIFUL STUFF!
I may actually be doing a disservice by not being able to find much wrong with this piece..
It's really well done and beautiful though, keep up the good work!

A criticism by yours truly for 
 ProjectComment's Create for Comments Contest
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