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Surrender :iconagustus:agustus 0 0
My love
To My Love,
I miss you terribly. Not a night goes by where I don't sit and wish to bask in your company again. You meant so much to me, you were my closest friend, the one who was always there to listen when I had a bad day, when things just couldn't work out. You were the sweetest love to be found, and your kiss always had the power to raise me to a new state of mind. Why did you have to complicate things?
I never once disliked you, no matter the pain you put me through. You never liked spending too much time with me, but I didn't mind. Even though you would snap at me when you were sick of me, we both knew that I would always return to you, and after our time apart, I could always be sure you would welcome me back to your loving embrace, and we would again soar above all the others around us.
But then our love turned sour. I still don't understand why you would turn my own friends against me. I loved you unconditionally, but after what happened between us, I wonder whether you ever l
:iconagustus:agustus 1 5
Life sentence?
“Just leave me alone, ok?” she screamed at the man she once loved. Things hadn't always been like this... She didn't even know why they were. What had happened to their little fairytale?
He could have sworn the leaves were singing as they floated in the breeze. The grass was soft under his back and the sun beating down on his face was relaxing and warm. But warmer still was the glow from the beautiful girl he held there in his arms, and gazing into her eyes, things could never have been any better. She smiled and kissed him lightly on the lips and he felt that familiar buzz; the electricity her kiss always sent through his body, tingling to the tips of his toes.
As they walked together, they could both feel that something was different. She was walking a step away from him. They got to the shop and he went to hug her, but she pulled away. “We don't have time for that” she said. He was hurt, but only showed it through hostility. “You seemed to have plenty of tim
:iconagustus:agustus 1 2
Angels Live Forever
I've never gone back
inside those walls
The place we laughed
And sang, and danced
and joked and smoked
I've never gone back there
because it's not there now
The place is still alive
but in my mind its different
that place cannot even exist
because it's the place where you died
I've never since set foot in that door
though I know it so well, each corridor,
Your room in the ward, ahead to the left...
We used to lay on your bed and hold each other
I remember how warm you were in my arms
I felt safe there, my heart beat slow, rare feeling of calm
I remember once you wore my hat
you looked so cute I couldn't take it back
But the worst memory, that I'll never forget
was when they rolled you out on the bed
I rushed to your room when you had gone
I'm not sure why, I just... had to see
The empty jug and popped out sheets
of death in little white pills
you were gone, and that place died with you
corridors gone from bright
to cold and grey
And there was nothing left there
and I missed you
:iconagustus:agustus 1 13
it's just 5 letters
A simple concept to grasp;
it is when the balance of negativity and positivity skews more to the latter
yet how does something so simple remain so unobtainable?
I wish for more rainbows
less grey skies
more dancing
less fighting
A wise man once said, and I quote:
"The problems that exist in the world today cannot be solved by the level of thinking that created them"
Since then, there have been no advancements
in fact
things are worse.
A simple concept?
Perhaps to those who choose to look away
The world is too broken for happiness
I'm crazy?
then lock me up. Hide me away
somewhere I can make my own little world
And it will be
:iconagustus:agustus 0 3
Mature content
Billy Meets The Alien Babe :iconagustus:agustus 0 3
SFJB 1 by agustus SFJB 1 :iconagustus:agustus 0 3
Sometimes I feel so stupid
To have trusted you
But what we had was so real
What else could I do?
Sometimes I wish I had you back
But I know you're not the same
You've changed, I've changed
Life's a wicked game
Sometimes I wonder what went wrong
What turned perfection sour?
What turned our love-a blooming rose
Into this wilted flower
Sometimes I cry for hours on end
Dwelling on the past
A year, two months passed us by
It all went far too fast
Sometimes I think I'm better off
Surviving on my own
But to be honest, those days of ours
We're the best I've ever known
Sometimes... Sometimes is not the truth
I knew that from the start
Cause you don't know this, but it's true
You're still there in my heart
And always, I wish to be
Who I was back then
When drugs were out, love enough
Time and time again
:iconagustus:agustus 3 7
King by agustus King :iconagustus:agustus 2 7
Mature content
Confession :iconagustus:agustus 0 2
No Title
Load this gun with your sharp words
Point it to my head
Tell me that you love me
Lie until I'm dead
Give me all my greatest dreams
Them rip them all away
Plant the seeds to grow a home
then ask me not to stay
I would have given anything
To have you be my everything
I would have given all my life
I thought that you would be my wife
But now all that is over
and all my dreams are shattered
and I'm left here wondering
if I ever really mattered
:iconagustus:agustus 1 4
Turtle Man by agustus Turtle Man :iconagustus:agustus 0 2 trippin by agustus trippin :iconagustus:agustus 0 5
He is sitting alone. As he speaks to her on the phone, he is holding his razor, stroking it with his thumb, and marvelling at its beauty. Sometimes, he lets his depression show, so that people can help him. But not tonight. He doesn't let it show. His voice remains strong, he laughs occasionally, but inside he is already dead. He is so sick of her lies. There she goes again. Trying to bullshit him into believing that she really does love him. He doesn't believe it. No one could love the fucked up mess that he has become. He doesn't even like himself, and he knows that he is just another problem to the world. He knows that the only reason she is talking to him is because of his problem, she is too scared to hurt him. HE KNOWS. Why does she continue to lie? He's surprised that she will even go near him. It's just part of the act though. Well, he's had enough. He also knows that she doesn't really want him hanging around her anymore. Nobody wants him around anymore.  That is why
:iconagustus:agustus 0 2
Angel In The Fog by agustus Angel In The Fog :iconagustus:agustus 4 10
I miss you
I remember hot December
Temperatures up to 35
But through all that...
Freezing cold like death
The tears always drying on my pillow
Not freezing on their way
It all seems so distant now
The good times
The bad
But everything was always easy to take
Because we always had each other
But now there is nothing
I sit and wonder where everything went wrong
As cliché as it sounds
I thought we were made for each other
But somewhere along the way
Everything fell apart
And all I could wish for is you again
How long will I feel empty?
How long will it take to feel alive?
I just wish to feel loved
I just wish to die
Because already, I'm not alive
I've had enough
:iconagustus:agustus 0 8

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Institotionalized Ch. 1
Chapter 1
            "Okay, Frank," he said, sitting back in his leather chair. A loud, almost fart-like sound came from the chair because of his weight.
            He folded his hands in his lap and looked at me through his glasses with those dull, gray eyes. "Tell me about these, eh-hem, monsters you hear."
            I looked at him, trying to read his mind. I wondered what he was thinking right then. Probably trying to decide if I have a mental illness, or if I’m on drugs.
            "Frank." He cleared his throat. "When did this all start?"
            I could answer that.
:iconuno-xo:Uno-Xo 2 10
Institutionalized intro
            Fire. Smoke. Pot. Cigarette. Alcohol.
            Theses things keep my mind on track. Otherwise the monsters come back. They come back and try to take me. No, they’ll never take me alive. I gotta do what it takes to survive. ’Cause I’m still here, baby, I’m still here.
            The room was spinning, laughter filling my ears, making them hurt. It was too loud. The music, the talking, especially the laughing. Laughing is always too loud for me. It hurts my ears, especially their laughter. I fear their laughter.
They’re coming back. I know it. I can feel their presence. It’s getting closer, and closer, and closer. They’re here. All of them. They
:iconuno-xo:Uno-Xo 1 11
Mist clouds
Clouds in my head
form a mist of uncertainty
obscuring my clear visions
My questing searchlight reflects
on a thousand diverting particles
leaving me a muddled path to follow
Should I wait till the weather clears
or shall I drive on blindfolded?
:iconenge-tzehai:enge-tzehai 1 4
love yer body colored pencil by dailydoseofska
Mature content
love yer body colored pencil :icondailydoseofska:dailydoseofska 989 312
Pain Lurks in the Dark
Some days it never crosses my mind that they are gone. Some days I can live with myself enough to get up and act like I still possess life. Like a “normal” person. How can anyone be normal who has seen the things I’ve seen, gone through what I’ve gone through? Today was okay. I saw my own tan face today and didn’t want to shatter it into a thousand pieces. The sun shone in my window, bright and yellow and sugary. The birds chirped through the window like nothing had ever happened, their dulcet voices giving me some small measure of peace. The tears did not come as they often do to drench my face in scorching, salty lines. I washed my coarse, dark hair; ate my chicken soup; and did some paperwork. Today I felt the whole world turning underneath me so lethargically slow. But that made me think of their bodies under me, how she in her loose white linen used to sing like the birds and rock the pale bundle until the cries subsided, how the moonlight danced in her bl
:iconphoto-puffin:photo-puffin 1 1
Pet Peeve
A rhyme I'll weave
About a pet peeve
Concerning grammar & spelling
It makes me quite mad
It's gotten so bad
On this subject I can't help but dwelling
I have found
That typos abound
But those I can ignore
The exchanging of text
Has me quite vexed
And makes reading poems a chore
Let's review
The words threw and through
The former is a verb past tense
You threw the ball
Walked through the mall
The latter is a preposition, make sense?
It's time to go
Over no and know
The first is a negative expression
I have no more
I know the score
I hope I'm making an impression
Let's try one more
There's your and you're
You're is a contraction of you are
Your is possessive
I know I'm obsessive
But to not know this, to me, seems bizarre
There's to and too
And do and due
These words have different meanings
Words misused
English abused
To the language it's demeaning
I may be splitting hairs
But no one seems to care
To spellcheck or proofread
This may sound absurd
But if you want to be heard
Fine tune befor
:iconsunrunner68:sunrunner68 19 46
Kirbies by VGCScott Kirbies :iconvgcscott:VGCScott 2,349 557 Love by LadybirdM Love :iconladybirdm:LadybirdM 14,703 2,019 not beautiful by MIKscissors not beautiful :iconmikscissors:MIKscissors 7 22



I've decided it is a good idea to leave this page in the past. I haven't felt like I can upload any art here for a long time now, mostly because this profile isn't mine anymore. It belonged to someone I used to know, someone who was consumed by depression and anger, someone who hated the world around him and was always looking for a way out.

The past year has been one of incredible growth. Most importantly, I've learned to love the skin I'm in, to fully accept and truly love myself, and express myself freely. I've learned to love my own company, that being alone is not the same as being lonely. I've learned to show my bright, shiny self to the world around me without a care for what the world thinks of it. I've learned to be different, and to accept and love it, rather than striving to fit into social norms. Yes, I've faced ridicule and even aggression for baring my soul, but I've also attracted beautiful, quirky people into my life, and will continue to do so for the rest of my life. I have faith in myself, and I truly see myself as a beautiful person (no matter what you think!). I'm no longer reliant on others to affirm my place in this world. I just live, and see how the world tries to cope with my freakin blinding radiance! I live for the world now, I live for the new experiences and the new people we can meet each day, I live for the little differences we can make in the world around us. I've learned to love, to truly love all those around me, to see their flaws and love them for it, not to take anything as an insult to myself.

I will be starting a new profile on dA. I considered deleting this one, but it has become somewhat of a time capsule for me. There are so many things I've posted on here that are now distant, suppressed memories, and if nothing else, it's interesting for me to read back on. If through my journey somebody else finds something meaningful to them, then all the better. Thank you so much to all those who I've shared this journey with over the past however-many years. If any of you would like to keep in touch, note me, and once I'm set up again I'll give you my new name :)

Much love,


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