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Mint Eye Jumin Han by AgustinaKazuyo Mint Eye Jumin Han :iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 102 28 Atka Fireblood Diedrich by AgustinaKazuyo Atka Fireblood Diedrich :iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 14 0
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Chapter Three: The Golden Rule :iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 6 1
Let me tell you about this guy
There was this guy who was almost perfect, from who I ran when I finally realized we wouldn't be happy together. You see, our dreams clashed, and we had grown up very differently.
In the end, we would have to sacrifice our dreams just to be with the other. And that's never worth it.
There was this guy who could make me laugh, who could teach me things, who could fight me but would never yell at me, or insult me. We are talking the type of guy who would apologize and hear your apologies, who would engage in a verbal war but never let you walk out the door with your bags. We, I mean, really, we're talking about a guy who learnt only one thing his whole life: to survive alone, and suddenly discovered 'together' in your kisses and lame puns.
We're talking a guy who would laugh at your quirks but never mock you. Who would soothe you back to sleep after a nightmare or watch over you so you don't sleepwalk away. Who would appreciate the good in you but never praise you falsely. A guy whose mo
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 1 0
Yeah, lie to yourself, Charon. by AgustinaKazuyo Yeah, lie to yourself, Charon. :iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 4 0 The Storyteller: FAMILY PORTRAIT by AgustinaKazuyo The Storyteller: FAMILY PORTRAIT :iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 9 3
~The Storyteller~Chapter 10~
Chapter Ten
Silk and Linen

He hadn’t left.
Kagome was pretty sure it was because she hadn’t asked him to, so he would remain until she released him from this tiring aspect of his duty that was keeping her paranoia and anxiety at bay.
She would soon enough. Yeah, she totally would…
This Sesshomaru does as he pleases and requires neither for your permission nor your agreement to depart.’
She could hear it as clearly as if he had actually said it. Maybe telling him he could go already would be insulting.
It would probably be wiser if she just let him do whatever he wanted. After all, that’s what he always did anyway…
But as Sango’s newborn turned two months old her suspicions on his reasons to stay resurged. And she felt guilty.
Am I keeping him captive?
But how could she tell him he was welcomed to leave without sounding insulting? The answer was simple; she had to demonstrate she didn’t need him to babysit her.
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 1 2
~The Storyteller~Chapter 09~
Chapter Nine
Filial Responsibility

He was hella weird.
In hindsight she really doubted Sesshomaru had finally spoken his mind because he didn't like her song. Something else had to trigger his sudden outburst, but for the life of her, Kagome couldn't figure what it had been.
She was glad, though, that he had told her what he thought. She hadn't seen things that way and maybe she had dodged the bullet of insulting and hurting Inuyasha if they found him. And he wasn't holding it against her.
She was thankful. And he had officially been declared a friend.
Of course it wasn't mutual, but Kagome was used to one-sided feelings, and was ok with it. Someday, maybe, he would see her as a friend too.
Maybe, just maybe, he already did… In his own hella weird way.
She could grasp the patterns of the taiyokai's actions, had managed to understand that ever since the defeat of Naraku he didn't speak until he had to and kept nothing if he decided you were worthy of his vo
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 0 0
~The Storyteller~Chapter 08~
Chapter Eight

"It's been months, maybe there's just nothing to smell anymore…"
Once again she was not graced with an answer.
The colossal muzzle inspected the ground taking deep inhalations that destabilized her. Sitting between the roots of the Goshinboku she drew a frowny face with a stick in the pristine white snow. "You could at least answer me once in a while… Unless you really can't talk when you are a dog?" Her long black hair was all over her face suddenly and she struggled to get it back in place, barely keeping herself from falling from her place. "Careful with the sniffing! Ugh, you've got such a short temper!"
A gigantic red eye glared down at her before resuming into ignorance. Snuffling, smelling, huffing, roaring, the majestic hound finally let his nose point at the skies and howled.
Kagome ran by his front paw and pulled white fur anxiously. "You found him!? Let's go!"
The beast growled showing a set of monstrous fangs. With a bla
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 0 0
~The Storyteller~Chapter 07~
Chapter Seven

It took a moment, but Kagome realized she had gone blind.
With a gasp she brought her hand to her face, ignoring the piercing pain in her abdomen.
Not even the contour of her fingers in front of her confirmed her worst fears. Tears slipped past her cheeks and she fought to scramble to her feet, but was defeated by gravity soon and resigned herself to sit, sweating and shaking in pain, one hand covering her lifeless eyes and one on her aching stomach.
Her racing heart felt weak in her chest, and she could only breathe her words. "I can't… see… Are… you still th-there?"
"I am."
She covered her eyes when a flame burst to life a few steps away. Now truly blinded by light she tried to scrutinize her surroundings. "Where… are we?"
"You are safe."
Blinking she realized she was in some sort of cave, although it looked strangely artificial, like a rough tunnel. The taiyoukai was now sitting against the rocky wall, one of his hands rest
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 0 0
~The Storyteller~Chapter 06~
Chapter Six
Rose red, ebony black, snow white

He was a simple creature.
Confident of strength he had arduously earned. Conscious of his every whim and thought, and their causes. Cognizant of his flaws, however few they may be.
If someone had ever dared to ask, he might have answered that the reason behind his ways was very simple one: he was self-confident.
His faith in himself, as with every other single being he had ever encountered, had been merited. Many centuries had passed until he determined it was time to listen to no judgement but his own, and he had yet to regret such decision.
Prudently and farsightedly he had delimited every single one of his responsibilities. He was well aware of the repercussions of his actions and never made a decision until he had fully examined each probable outcome.
Disdaining luxury, honoring his name, knowing of his expectations, detached of conjecture, meticulous.
Opposed to what many still believed, he was not a
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 0 0
~The Storyteller~Chapter 05~
Chapter Five

The back wheels of the car cried, clinging desperately to de pavement, and in a quick motion, Yuukimaru managed to stabilize the vehicle, barely dodging a front coming truck that honked aggressively.
The three humans' eyes were burning with questions, but neither of them had gotten past the same word, nor noticed the almost-crash they were participants in.
"Well, yeah, my ol' man broke it off, but it was for a good reason!"
Stuttering, a rage-flushed Mrs. Higurashi found her voice. "How dare him! After all Kagome did! If I ever see him again he will listen to me."
A nervous laugh escaped her grandson's throat as his ears twitched under his cap. "Well, thing's he…" His sentence trailed off as took an exit. "Oi! There it is!"
His clawed finger pointed a green hill, where a wooden structure was barely visible between the foliage.
"That's where your brother lives?" The hanyou nodded. "It's… big…"
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 0 0
~The Storyteller~Chapter 04~
Chapter Four
Lost Dog

The air had acquired a sweeter trait and animals would soon wake from hibernation.
Sango caressed Rin’s bangs without waking her up. The girl that rested in her lap would soon turn twelve springs, and Kagome insisted she deserved a special gift since she would be a young woman now.
The taijiya couldn’t agree more.
Down the hill Shippo was trying to get away from the twins’ wooden swords. Although he had felt scammed when Sango explained the children would not be getting real katana yet, he had grown quite fond to his ‘bo-chan’, and he enjoyed sparring with the girls now and then… mostly when they had not organized an ambush.
Momoko and Nashiko were fast learners and she was proud. They had sneaked behind the kit using the ointment of leaves and mud she had taught them to prepare. The little fox had never smelled it coming.
A movement drew her eyes back to the girl on her lap, who yawned and rubbed her sleepy
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 0 0
H A L L O W E E N by AgustinaKazuyo H A L L O W E E N :iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 6 0
~Chapter One~
Of course Inuyasha was dead. He was always too hasty, too impulsive… too kind.
Of course he had not hesitated when he had to choose. Of course he had gotten himself in the way of Naraku's blade.
Of course he had saved her.
He had a one-track-mind… and some of it had gotten into her.
Kagome could have used the wish to bring him back, but he would have been mad.
The Well had to be closed, they all knew it. Using the Jewel to revive the hanyou would have been selfish and the war would have started all over again.
And so, she had left forever.
Now she was there, same as usual for months. Restless, crying in the middle of the night, hugging Tessaiga, and by the window.
Sango had cried even more than her, but she couldn't allow her best friend forget about her own happiness while mourning her. Miroku was free of the curse, he was devastated too, but he was ready to start getting up and enjoy their justly earned 'happily ever after'.
Shippo… he was heartbroken. Losing
:iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 3 4
Mature content
~The Storyteller~Chapter 03~ :iconagustinakazuyo:AgustinaKazuyo 3 0


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Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

Literally, my art and story have been removed because a character in it was a well grown-up version of the underage original, and therefore I'm writing pedophile literature... how about that?
Literally the site where a furry pussy being tickled with a katana is a normal sight thinks I'm a pervert... DEVIANTart thinks my literature is disgusting.
Oh, boy, this one goes to my resumé.
Not that they checked to realize Kagome turns 18 in the series, but, ya know, whatever...

Regarding Strictly Business (and I'm leaving the other 2 chapters because you can see the coverart there), you can still find it in ff . net right here:…

And the cover art you can find it in dokuga, right here…



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