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Oliver: When I first started battle bear I thought that I was going on the force with my buddy's, fly spaceships, and get my first gun. That didn't happened I was put as a maintenance bear. Which is a bear who picks dirty towels, mop the floors, do Landry for other bears etc. It was not too bad being a maintenance bear but worst part about it. Was picking up the clothes for the bears. Whenever I pick up Riggs clothes they smelled so bad I that I had too wear a gas mask so I didn't threw up. Moping the floor was a piece of cake because were in space their not much too do.*sigh* I wish I can go in the force with my friends it too boring staying here in the spaceship with my boss. (by the way each time  I look up too him his belly get's in my way because I'm short). I asked my boss if I can get an actually weapon for in case for danger. He respond

Boss: no   Oliver: BUT WHY :(?!?!  Boss: your still a beginner you barley started battle bear.  Oliver: but I can do it *Oliver runs too the ammo gun storage* Oliver:see I can hold a gun. Boss: alright then fire it  Oliver wut? Boss: I said fire it at the target wall.  Oliver:um um ahhh ok :(. *as Oliver was holding the gun*  *BOOM* * Oliver shoot the gun,problem he flew a meter away from his boss great thing is that I shoot the target* *Riggs run in screaming* Riggs: WHAT THE HELL HAPPEN IN HERE!?!?! Boss: hahaha oh Riggs, I'm here with Oliver because wants too go on the force with you. * as Oliver was getting up here heard Riggs mumbling* Riggs: no im taking a green bear! Oliver: I CAN TOO FIGHT AND STAB YOU CAN TELL ME NO! Riggs: you are a maintenance  bear you are supposed too do your duty and that's a order! * Riggs walks away* Oliver: I cant believe you let this guy into battle bears! Boss: listen I hate burst your bubble but is true  in our server your a green rank bear. Oliver:so what; what  that machine says! cant tell im still a beginner! Boss: listen after Riggs cools down I will talk too him and by the way the reason why I hired Riggs into battle bear because he was my friend when we were young. Oliver: if your trying too make me low it did :( I'm sorry im just tried of picking his clothes,washing the all the bears clothes and sick and tired of cleaning up after they come back from a bloody mansion. Boss: alright, im going too talk too Riggs alright just stay put and just clean right now ok. Oliver:alright :(. *sigh oh my god did this job went from all too happy too now I have too do duty for people?! *sigh* after a long boring day on battle bear my boss came with some news* *at first I that he will say
" HEY GUEST WHAT YOU CAN GO INTO TRANING!"  *it wasn't it was still the same thing* Boss: listen I asked Riggs if he can train you but he says no and I can't get threw him im sorry kid but I would love too train you but I just can't I have phone ring off the charts and I have solider down on battle bear city im sorry but you will have too in the next two months just so I can train you.Oliver: FINE

 *it was night and Oliver was thinking of a plan too show his boss and Riggs that he's a good solider. He snug out of his room and went into the spaceship cars. but before he did that he had too read the HOW TO DRIVE A SPACESPHIP MINI CAR. but as Oliver was pressing he button the spaceship started too move. Oliver was freaking out because he doesn't know how to drive a space car. Oliver: HOLY SHHH!!!! * the space car blast off too space in hyper speed not giving a chance for Oliver to hit the breaks. everything was black and all Oliver saw was a light. as he was reaching for it he fell of his space car* Oliver: HOLY CRAP WHERE AM I!? *behind him was a giant shadow* Oliver: MOTHER OF GOD IT'S IT'S A PINK BEAR??? Pink bear:hehehe HUG ME HUG ME HUG ME HUG ME! Oliver: OH MY GOD SHUT UP WITH YOUR HUG ME CRAP! Pink bear: Huuuuuuuug me! Oliver: is that it the only thing you say? * the pink bear run off and Oliver following it not knowing what going too happen too him in these next few moment....after following the pink bear he stop moving* Oliver: alright stop playing your games and explain who you!? * the pink bear pulled his head and out came another head but this one was covered in blood. Oliver: WOAH WHO ARE YOU? unknown bear: *cough* *cough* Oliver: yes and who are you? Unknown bear: im a Spy Oliver diamond rank bear. Oliver: great just great let me guest you want me too do you a favor or clean up your clothes -_-. Spy Oliver: *cough* what is your *cough* problem I don't treat green rank bear like that. but is their one favor if you can do it for me please. Oliver: im so sorry fine I will do you your favor. Spy Oliver: can you go into the dark huggable forest and get my healing equipment. Oliver; alright wuuuuuuuut!?! Spy Oliver: over their the dark huggable forest. Oliver: I cant I don't know how too shoot and I was not train in combat please I cant. Spy Oliver: well maybe we go back too battle bears spaceship. Oliver: ummm about that the mini space car is broken. *gulp* Spy Oliver: then who brought you here then?!?!? Oliver: no one I came here by myself and not telling my boss where im at. Spy Oliver: YOU SON OF THE B.... *after the long talk Oliver was sent into the dark huggable forest*

Oliver: DAMN that was a long damn fight. OK im in noting going too happen *SNAP* AHHHHHHHH HOLY SH WHO it's just a torn up branch from a tree heheheh why did I do this?!?!? How come my boss doesn't spend time with me?!!? and how come Riggs tend too be a asshole in front of me! *WHOOSSH* what was that??!?!??! *a random whisper appeared.... your never going to make it alive....we well murder you and your friend and both of your heads will be a perfect appetite for us. hehehehehhehehh. * Oliver: ummm ummm ummm whoever you are your dealing with the wrong bear. *Oliver went in more deeper into the woods it more darker and trees look like if they had eyes creepy thing is one the trees had a curving saying "GO TOO SLEEP YOUR DEATH WILL NOT BE AS PAINFULL AS YOU THINK" Oliver: damn it how long is it..OOOOO I find it. ohhhhhh yeaaah I found Spy Oliver healing equipment. *as Oliver was picking up his stuff a foot landed on his hands... as he looked up he saw the most horrible creepy huggable in his life but when he looked closer it was a another Oliver but this one was dark and had red strip marks in his skin* Oliver: AHHHHH GET AWAY FROM ME! Unknown: I WARNED YOU TOO LEAVE AND YOU DIDIN'T LISITEN  DID YOU! Oliver: well you see I just didn't want too get into trouble I just came here for a healing equipment and by the way WHO IN THE HELL ARE YOU! Unknown: I like that word you said... I I'm Dark O.C.O.  Oliver: wuuut? Unknown: IM DARK OVER CLOCKED OLIVER!!! Oliver: umm ok bye now *but as Oliver was leaving Dark OCO grabbed him by the head pulled a rainbow knife.* Dark O.C.O: listen I saw what took your mini space car flew straight into my rainbow garden and you destroyed ever piece of food for my huggable and me. Oliver: I have some food seeds in the mini space car *gulp* Dark O.C.O: no I don't accepted that your head will be perfect for meal for me... Oliver: HELL NO *Oliver hit Dark O.C.O in the stomach but got a huge cut on his neck* Oliver: *cough* *cough* my god I need too get out of here *Oliver run out of the forest. and saw Spy Oliver waiting for him. Spy Oliver : WHAT HAPPEND TOO YOU! Oliver:do you really want too know or you want too get your head cut off by Dark O.C.O! *both run into the mini space car and drove off too space. Oliver was scared and worried that he will lose his job and will never fight force with his friends. Spy Oliver: listen you have lots of explain too do. Oliver?! Oliver? * spy Oliver saw him crying* Spy Oliver: what's wrong? Oliver: I will never get the chance too fight force with my friends nor explore the galaxy. * spy Oliver felt sorry for him but he had a idea. when both of them got back too the base.their  was Riggs, and their boss waiting for them. when the ship landed the door was fell and both of them were and shouted* Both: WHERE WERE YOU OLIVER  WE SAID TOO WAIT  AND WE FIND OUT THAT YOU WENT SPACE BY YOURSELF! ARE NUTS OR SOMETHING?!!? Oliver: im..... Spy Oliver: listen he was with me training him. *after spy Oliver explain what happened too him* Boss: *sigh* im sorry im just stressed out because I cant keep on eyes on everyone but Oliver you know too times better too be patience. RIGHT? Oliver: im sorry... Riggs: listen buddy im sorry too I didn't mean too say that your a great bear too have in battle bear :).mmmm how about this first lets take both of you too the hospital and once your healed up Oliver I will train you. would that work? Oliver: FOR REALLY :O Riggs: yes..:) *Oliver runs and give Riggs a hug* Riggs: NO! no hugs man I dealt with lots of huggable and Im not type of guy wants random hugs. Oliver: fine XD. SWEET NOW I CAN JOIN THE FORCE OF BATTLE BEAR. im happy that I met Spy Oliver. it was nice but what worry  me is what is Dark Over Clocked Oliver is doing now.... mmmm I don't know but I need too go bye.


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HELLO im not a true artist, but I do heart seeing art and describing how great it can be. im now official sixteen and I have my license, so pretty much I wont be on deviant that much. what my favorite things to do? well it may sound weird but I will admit. I have a account on both rule 34 and E621. Please don't banned nor make fun of me. My second favorite thing is going on my phone. No I don't text but I have app games. My favorite apps are BBG, Memedriod ( my account is BBR) and D.O.T. if you haven't played that game. Play it its very fun and lots to do in that game. I type my final words. I cant describe everything about me, but I will say this. I'm not a true artist but deep down in my heart I am. If I every wanted to be a artist I would love to, but sadly I can't . Art my be easy to draw something amazing, but its not easy drawing it. I must end my final words. I'm happy that I can express my inner thoughts. I hope my life goes good. Also keep in mind don't always use the internet for you life.


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