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Aggy Ref | 2018
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Published: March 28, 2018
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I've been sitting on this ref for mONTHS, submitting it now 'cause it'll be a week-ish until I can submit more art to share! <333

Guess who? It's Aggy, my 'sona! The girl's undergone a pretty big revamp; she's no longer some not-quite-a-point-but-not-quite-a-smoke, now definitely being a black smoke with ghost tabby markings and white spotting. So really, Aggy+one of her hypos I designed for shits and giggles = New Aggy.

She's kept a fair number of her distinguishing features (ears, white on face, cute paws, etc.) but has some of that classic tabby I do so love and the style of her cheek fur has finally changed (after being upwards-pointing floofs for, like. five years.)

Some design notes:
- Full name is Agryo; Aggy is a nickname
- Her white brow spots function as eyebrows; they can go up and down to accentuate expression!
- Big ear tufts are obligatory! Essential! Super Important!
- Toe pads are pink, but the paw pad itself is dark!

- Has white armpits/...... leg-pits?? inside-of-legs?? idk but they're white too, plus her elbows and heels
- Note the silver -> white gradients on her neck, tailtip and ear spots!
- Not quite a fluffy longhair; a bit sleekish, like a Chantilly
- Have fun with the leg stripes are fairly random, the stripes on her forehead/sides/thighs are the only ones you should really worry about getting right!
- Excessive amounts of Tail
- A medium-sized cat over-all, physically takes more after the Chantilly side
- If you'd draw her 100% realistic, she'd just be a black smoke Topaz with pretty obvious ghost tabby markings + low/medium white. (Genetically black/solid/silvering/heterozygous white spotting/classic tabby hidden by the solid/whatever weird Topaz genes make blue eyes+weird white)

Art/design/character Agryo 
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MBPantherHobbyist Digital Artist
AFKASFSKFKAF I DIDN'T THINK I COULD LOVE HER ANYMORE BUT I WAS WRONG!!!!! LOOK HOW GORGEOUS SHE IS!!!!! Hold on and let me stare at this more for a thousand years!
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AgryoHobbyist Digital Artist
SYYYYYD YOU'RE TOO KIND,,,,,,, SOBS,,,,, I'm so happy with her, for a long while I wasn't even doodling my own 'sona but this new design gives me so much LIFE and it makes me so giddy to see others enjoy her too!! <333
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CherryKCrunchStudent General Artist
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