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The humans and dragons of Agrondrae are sister species with intertwined destinies. They have existed together since before recorded history, and fought with each other for almost as long. There was a time--according to people whose historical credentials are spurious at best--when humans and dragons lived in some sort of candy-coated utopia, but that time is long gone.

Human Towns

Despite the presence of dragons, Agrondrae is home to an extremely large and advanced human population. Below are a few of the key human cities and towns--see the map for a better view of the area.


      Meremayde is Agrondrae's principle city. It it where the King and Queen reside in a very large castle and was the first area to be colonized hundreds and hundreds of years ago by Agrondrae's human forefathers. Meremayde has its share of dragons - from the lake nearby, from the river, from the sea and from the woods. Since it is such a large, wealthy city, it is attractive to nearby dragons...but it is also well fortified and a very dangerous target.

      The people of Meremayde tend to be very prosperous, as they are near many prime resources and trade routes. A short trip up the coast brings the goods of Oliphante to their stores and homes. Partraige village supplies their soldiers and dragon hunters. People from here come in all stripes and professions and often travel to other towns to ply their trade. Many of Agrondrae's most talented craftsmen, writers, scientists and doctors come from this city--but the citizens of Meremayde would tell you that they all do.


      So named due to its placement between Meremayde and Grenehyll, Midwarren is a thriving trade and coastal village. They are also known for their blacksmiths - the hills seperating them from Grenehyll are rich with ore and are excellent for mining. Their closeness to Meath Bosk and a small lake that feeds into the ocean means they have dragon neighbors but these dragons tend to be docile on the whole. Midwarren is often reliant on the protection of Grenehyll and Meremayde as they are headed up by the Earl of Gastberry, a very young and brash man who is often away fighting dragons instead of watching over his own home.


      The small village of Grenehyll is a farming town spread over many acres. They are close neighbors with Midwarren and Meremayde beyond. They sit right on the northern border of both Wyndmiddle Ridge and the edge of Lorlach Woods. Lord Haymire maintains an excellent castle at the edge of the village--this manor, plus the manageable size of the village itself, makes Grenehyll an attractive target for enterprising forest dragons. The nearby lake houses a few Finndradh, but the fishing here tends to be more recreational and personal. Grenehyll is also close to the shoreline and the marshy land that leads to it.


      This is a small hamlet on the opposide side from Oliphante of the largest water feature in Agrondrae, Lake Bestbower. Loughfoyle is mainly a fishing and farming village and is surrounded by wilderness. The people here have interactions with dragons on almost all sides: the Lorlach Woods, the Lake and Wyndmiddle Ridge. Despite this, the folks here tend to get along with their dragon cousins out of necessity; this hamlet lacks any kind of castle protection or fortifications. Fortunately, they tend to be poor and are not on the radar for treasure seeking dragons...but the people here do like to carry their wild stories of dragons to Oliphante.


      Oliphante is a rich, thriving port city. It is sprawling but the core is centered around its seaside ports. The metropolis spreads thin the closer it gets to Lorlach Woods and is quite rural by the edge of the thick treeline. Likewise, there are some scattered houses near to the hills in the north and near Tirgynn's Bosk. There is a gap between Oliphante and the small thorpe that lies next to the Eldath Mountains. Oliphante abuts the largest water feature in Agrondrae, Lake Bestbower; this lake is home to many different kinds of Finndradh and feeds into the ocean.

      People from every corner of the continent have reason and occassion to trade and visit Oliphante. The inhabitants of Oliphante tend to be a bit more sheltered and richer in income than those of Foullartoun and Partraige. Despite its many riches it is well guarded and protected from dragons - most dragonkind keep well away from the bustle of Oliphante unless they are comfortable in human form. A large number of city residents have lived their entire lives without seeing a single dragon!

      Oliphante is headed up by Prince Tythe, son of the royal family.


      Foullartoun is a large town that abuts the Lorlach Woods and Tirglynn's Bosk to the east. It is seperated by hills to the north from Partraige and seperated from Grenehyll to the south by Lorlach Woods. While travellers from here have no trouble getting from their homes to Partraige they are often given trouble by dragon neighbors when headed to Grenehyll. Travel to Oliphante is easier, as Oliphante has a vested interest in keeping the roads around itself clear and safe. Unfortunately, the bustling trade with Oliphante makes Foullartoun an enticing target for problem dragons, and the inhabitants often have to call on hunters from Partraige for aid. Foullartoun is overseen by Marquess Odelsdim, a well meaning if doddering old noble who leaves most actual decision-making to the town council.


      If ever a village had a dragon problem, it's Partraige. This small hamlet is very remote, relatively cold and close to the Highryd Mountains, where the bulk of the Winfaast population lives. The harsher peaks house large clusters of hostile Wyvere, and the nearby lake has more than one Finndradh lurking its depths. Due to their overabundance of dragon neighbors, the inhabitants of Partraige have a long tradition of dragon hunting, and are known throughout the land to be the best at tracking down angry, scaly beasts. People from here are hardy, tough and extremely self reliant. They tend to be wary of outsiders, but much of their dragon-hunting populace travels far and wide to eliminate troublesome dragonkin.

      If the inhabitants of Partraige are known for their offensive skills, their town itself is a monument to defense. A huge wood-stake wall (treated with flame retardants, of course) rings the town, with bristling bulwarks on each corner. Residents are well armed and well trained. A small stone castle juts from the center of town, and houses the very protective and serious Duke Thunbane within it.


    The level of technology for the humans is mid-to-late 1700s European/British colonial. The humans use sailing ships for sea travel, and horses and wagons on land. Weapons include flintlock pistols and muskets. The dragons DO NOT have access to human weapon technology.


    Clothing generally follows American colonial fashion of the 1770s-1780s, with fancier styles in the cities and simpler styles for country folk. A quick visual reference is here, with more detailed descriptions here and here.


    Society is stratified along economic lines ONLY. While humans from one country might be mistrustful of foreigners, there is no ingrained racial prejudice, and different races mingle freely. The humans live on the contenient of Agrondrae but their towns and villages are spread all over the map. The humans and dragons of Agrondrae have lived together since the beginning of time, though not always in harmony. It is the native land of both groups, and both groups feel that they have equal--and sometimes exclusive--rights to resources and territory.

    Dragons and humans have gone to war in the past, but in the last two hundred years, things have been uneasily peaceful between the two races.

    There has long been lore of "dragon people" living among the humans of Agrondrae, but this is generally considered to be something that happened long ago, if it ever happened at all. Despite eyewitness reports, the idea of dragons transforming into people is relegated to silly legend in the cities. Civilized society does not believe beasts can turn into men.

:bulletblue: Human Characters :bulletblue:

The process for creating a human character is the same as for creating a dragon. Please include a full body image of your person, their name, age, hometown, and history. In addition to regular professions like cobbler or tailor, your human character also has two unique options available to them:
    Dragon Companion

      A human who lives with or in close proximity to a particular dragon. Human and dragon share a partnership, whether practical or romantic. Your human may have happened upon this dragon by chance, they may have sought the dragon out, or they may even have been kidnapped. If you choose this path, you may partner your human with the dragon of another player, or you may make a dragon NPC--this NPC should NOT form the bulk of your roleplay and does not require a character sheet.

    Dragon Hunter

      This human hunts, traps, and/or kills dragons for money. They may do it solely for the cash, or the thrill, or they may have a personal vendetta against dragons. Whatever the reason, they make their living on dragon blood. It's a hard life, but the rewards can outweigh the dangers.

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