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Mass Effect 3 Green Ending

By Agregor
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My version of the Green Ending. ^_^
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I feel like that guy, the character/narrator Neil Armstrong voiced, was the Illusive man.
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Контроль в этом плане не хуже - частичка Шеп может инсталлироваться даже в кофеварку и фигачить током всех, кого она при жизни ненавидела.
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Да, и лучше ставить эту кофеварку подальше от ванны. :)
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Она может инсталлироваться в фен... в душ с электроуправлением...
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that's what I exactly thought!
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Hjahahahja just awesome! XD
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good thing i never chose green ending lol
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I thought the Synthesis ending would turn everyone into Husks, which is what Shepard had been trying to prevent from the start and pretty much just what the Reapers wanted (I didn't really like the other two options though).
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This is hilarious, good sir!
Anyway, I am still hoping that IT is correct, but even if not, things like these are exactly what makes the Internet (and its individual cells, like you) to win any day. Thanks for the positive energy :)
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this looks canon to me LOL
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loool, hillarious :D
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Renegade +1. Love it!
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LMAO Im gonna have to agree with honglong17, I can never look at this ending straight again xD
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You know, because of you , now i can't see this ending the same anymore
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Sorry, I didn't not want!^^
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As if I didn't have enough guilt having chosen the ending...
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I think, I am heartless bastard. :)
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:rofl: this was hilarious :P
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Thank you! ^^
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