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Dragon Age 2: Farewell

Dragon Age 2 fan art
Anders and sir Pounce-a-lot: Farewell

Music theme: Avantasia - "Farewell":…

This is that moment when Anders has to leave sir Pounce-a-lot.
Girls asked me to draw Anders. Usually I say no, but since Christmas is coming, I decided to draw him as a gift. :xmas:
The kitty is pretty fat, yes. But I'm sure Anders feeds him well =D

Another Anders:

texture: princess-of-shadows.deviantart…
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Best love story ever
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He-he, exactly! :)
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This is wonderful! I just finished playing through the game and Anders was my favorite party member :la: I love that he had a cat.
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Thanks! Yes, Anders is a great cat lover. :)
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Aww . . . this is so sweet and sad. 
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This is beautiful, a really well-done piece of Anders!

(Also, for my own sanity, I'm totally pretending this is just a cute moment between them, and not parting, because I will lose it.)
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Thank you! Let it be.  ^L^
I love this image!  It's such a tender look between a man and his cat. I want to cry. Beautiful work! You really captured the moment. 
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Thank you very much! ^^ Glad you like it.
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Your work is amazing. Looks like Sir Pounce-a-lot might be about to reach up and bat the piece of hair that's hanging down, haha. Love it. 
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I love your art style! This is a wonderful piece! :D (Big Grin) 
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Thank you very much! ^^
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This is adorable. I really love your art style (:
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This is amazing. I love it<3 great job!
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Thank you! Glad you like it.^___^
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You're welcome! :3
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Yes, It's me! =00=
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Thank you! ^^
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The expression on his face while the cat is looking at him - great work!
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Thank you very much! ^^
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This hurts me in many terrible ways. Amazing job! I love the expression on his face! :heart:
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