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Leto II

Well.. Leto II Atreides, God Emperor.
Another one)
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Interesting interpretation of our god emperor :D. Looks good!

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Looks awesome, mate!
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I really should read these books, shouldn't I...?
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Yes u should! it is amazing :)
my skin is not my own...
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Superb work! Clap 
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Kull wahad !! it's the Cesar of the future, the Imperator of the Worm - very imposing stature :D
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Dope.  I love the subtle Ixian machinery as well.  Very nice work indeed
mamaOOD's avatar
Aaaaaaaaaaaw no you killed me! This is amazing!!
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Lovely pic of Leto, would love to see what you could do for Paul (if you ever draw a Paul)
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Amazing art ! Love your vision of LETO II.. :)
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Excillent peice, your colors and textures are fabulous. The subdued lighting is also wonderfull. The disign however, while being incredibly cool, isn't exactly true to how he is depicted in the book. (I myself was also guilty of this until as of late) I reread the book a month ago and was suprised to realize his proportions are 7m X 2m, or roughly the dimensions of a friendship sloop. The cowl needs to be able to "face-blink" and their needs to be enough room in the front segment for Siona to curl up in. Aside from that I really like this one. I really appreciate your work, and I don't want to nit-pick, but the God Emperor fan in me was compelled to point these things out so you can continue to improve your work. I truely mean no offense, just had to throw that out there. Looking forward to seeing more of your work, best reguards. -Jon Hammond


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Amazing work.  I love the armour plated look, and the "Throne" looks amazing as well.
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Это действительно один из лучших рисунков с Лето Вторым.  А ты не думал нарисовать еще и Стилгара? :3
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Ну.. вообще думал нарисовать всех, до кого руки дотянутся)
Возможно следующей будет Хви Нори.
«Бог-Император Дюны» вообще моя любимая книга после первой части :)
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this is amazing
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Fantastic, great use of texture too!
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Very good! Definitely one of the most realistic portrayals of him in the worm state.
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