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Hellraiser Scene Test

By agonistes666
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This is the most recent test render of my Hellraiser project. The goal is to create an animation of the Lament Configuration solving itself and having the flesh hooks flying out of the opened box. There are a few things still left to do:

1) Texturing still needs more work.
2) Import the animated models of the box in its different stages.
3) Add the atmosphere, more chains, make the chains sway, etc.

The background is taken from [link]

What do you guys think of it so far?
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This box is like truth, purpose or knowledge that everyone trying to get, and on way to the top getting damaged and suffer a lot to finally get satisfied having it.

There is always a lack of knowledge... o_O
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Insane job dude, I love it ^^
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You're very welcome!
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The gnag is all there. I like the perspective with the Cenobites blurred into the background and the Lament Configuration in the foreground. The reflections and tint are a really nice touch too. Great stuff.
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Thanks! I'll see if I can find the animated version again and get it back up on here.
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Man the female one is my favorite with the fashion!
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Yeah, she's pretty cool. :)
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Yeah I wish she was my friend!
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i think urs artwork need to blur more ..
but anywhere ur modeler looks good
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Thanks for the comment. I haven't actually done any 3d stuff in so long, I don't even know if I remember how. :)
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i love ur sense of perspective the way the hellraiser doods r blurred 2 create the illusion there far away and of course the box and the chain r up close very very nice touch and judgin from the original wow pure genius bet it took a while huh ? well it shows off nicely good luck doin the rest ^^
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Thanks alot. You should see the animated version. :)
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whoa ur already done the animated version 0.o must see that...
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Yeah.. it's pretty neat. Took awhile though. Do you use mSN or anything?
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u can im me on aim i have hotmail account jus need 2 download msn messenger
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Well, download MSN and we'll hook up on there. I can send you the animated hellraiser scene I made.
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I love Hellrasier. +FAV Nice pics.
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Looking awesome, cant wait to see the final piece!!
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Awesome image ... and the concept sounds great !!! Keep up the fantastic work !!!

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awesome job my man :) (Smile)
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