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Big cats are top predators, not pets

Would you like a life time in jail? Your life to be controlled and your freedom restricted? Possibly not. Yet many people don’t give it a second thought when they do this to another animal who has emotions and thoughts, just like them. Pets and other domesticated animals are a bit of a gray zone and I’m not going to discuss that here. I will focus on imprisoned big cats since their Nature is particularly unsuitable for close human interaction. Born killers Felines are the most specialized predators and the most strictly carnivorous of all mammals. The specialization for hunting, killing and meat eating is what makes them cats. They have sharp retractile claws, long fangs, a muscular and agile body, sharp senses, lightning fast killing reflexes and an unstoppable hunting drive. It is so deeply embedded in their whole being that expressing this is absolute necessity for a cat to be physically and mentally healthy. It is important to know that small cats hunt prey smaller than

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The Hot One

IMPORTANT NOTE: THIS IS A REPOST FROM MY PREVIOUS, NO PROFESSIONAL PAGE OF @ mr-redx ON DEVIANT ART. THE HOT ONE Like many addicts, I didn’t see my problem until it was too late. I was just like every other young adult. I worked a decent job, hung out with friends, and yes, experimented with a few things on the weekends. I’ve partaken in all of the standard college recreational substances.I never cared too much for them though. It wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy them, they just didn’t do it for me. I only drank socially and on occasions, and smoked weed even less because it was hard to come by where I live. Anything harder I had tried was only once and that was it. I was very wary of developing unwanted habits and so I tried to be careful. It worked too. I’ve never become addicted to drugs in my life. My addiction was to hot sauce. Let me explain- I’ve always enjoyed spicy foods; whether it was wings, barbecue, Mexican food, whatever. It started innocently enough- a sample of the

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Neville Chamberlain - war with Germany


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One hacked account down, *reload* more to go. Guys, just a FYI, if you get a fave from an account that has like ZERO submissions in the general art area, but a shit ton of faves, has nothing as far as a Bio except for a dodgy link that takes you to an offsite sketchy website. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD REPORT IT. You have to use the web browser version of DA to do this, but you all are superheroes by doing this because it isolates these problem accounts and makes the admin's job a bit easier. It also means for artists they are getting real feedback not some random fave from a machine. So... do your part all, and PURGE THE BOTS.


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9 Tips for Understanding Originality in Stories

9 Tips for Understanding Originality in Stories Chapter 8 “From Story to Art” – Section 7 “Originality"Anybody Can Write a Novel 2.0 (Previous Tutorial)             (Next Tutorial)                                                                                      “Originality is nothing but judicious imitation. The most original writers borrowed one from another.” -Voltaire One topic that I’ve wanted to discuss for a while now is on originality. The difficulty, I’ve found, is that the subject is rather nebulous and deeply personal to artists. Everyone has a slightly different definition in

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And It Keeps Getting Overlooked


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