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This is a very detailed image of the muscle structure of an under-appreciated dinosaur. With all the muscles present, this looks like a...

This is a beautiful portrait of a mother-child bond. It looks as though it was taken from fairly close, though it is hard to tell with ...

by NAkos

It is fairly easy to create the button if you follow the instructions. I could never have figured it out on my own, but the tutorial is...

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The Attorney
It was Noah Thorne's last day at work, but he did not know it yet. He was an attorney doing document review. It was a boring job, sorting through documents to determine which were relevant and which were privileged. The pay was $30 per hour, which was not particularly good pay, especially given the down time between projects. It was the most money he had ever made.
Noah was not well. He had not been sleeping much recently. The weekend before he was up well past midnight looking at various things on the Internet. To make it worse, he had sleep apnea. He had a CPAP to control it, but he still seemed to need more sleep than those around him.
Noah was struggling to get through the documents and was proceeding at a very slow pace. Then he started making a list of people he knew who he thought might be spies. He promptly shredded the list. He took a lunch break, and then he told his supervisor he needed to go home.
"Take care of yourself. I know you have been putting off seeing a doctor. I t
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Year Of The Llama Champions
2017: Year of the Llama Champions
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These 14 users have obtained 100,000 llamas, which is the maximum DeviantArt allows. Five of them have more because of system glitches. Let me know if you find any other users who have 100,000 llamas. It may be hard because DeviantArt has so far resisted calls to mark these accounts. One proposal would give these users a rainbow llama: The last seven all achieved their goal in 2017, which makes 2017 the year of the llama champions. It is hard to say why so many more users achieved 100,000 llamas this year. Two achieved it in 2010; the same year llamas were introduced. Only four had done so by the end o
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Rationality is our ability to reason. The two main types are instrumental and theoretical rationality.

Instrumental rationality is being able to think through how to best achieve our objectives. All conscious beings likely have it to some extent. A lot of it involves choices and priorities. For instance, most of us have more things we would like to buy than we have money to spend on them. Choosing wisely is a sign of rationality. Think about what you need, what you really want, and what you only sort of want. Impulse buying is irrational. Think about how to spend the money you have.

Rationality is often invoked in discussions of morality. Some philosophers, such as Immanuel Kant, have seen the two as closely linked. Others, like David Hume, have been more skeptical. Hume described a knave who did not care that his actions harmed others. He said the knave lacked something important, but it wasn't rationality. I agree. I think rationality is about how we deal with our priorities. Fault
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Frank Teller
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I joined DeviantArt in November 2010. I was known as frankteller I closed that account in July 2016 because I was concerned about how much I revealed about myself. I came back five months later after thinking about what I am doing on here and why.

I am a writer, mainly political and philosophical essays. I also post stories and upload photos. I use my scraps but most of my content is in my main gallery.

I want more feedback on my work. Watch me or favorite my work and I will check out your gallery.

I favorite original content and watch the original artist if possible. If you find something in my favorites that you believe is stolen, let me know which deviation and where you think it came from or, if this is not possible, why you think it is stolen.

I give out llamas quickly so I may make mistakes. If you do not like llamas, you can disable badge notifications by checking the last box under Settings-General.

If you like llamas, check out my llama trading and resource account, :iconlittleyellowllama:

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It has been two years since I created this account. I closed frankteller five months earlier. After reflecting on the reasons I left and the events that happened since, I decided it was time to return. Initially I planned to basically start over, except that I would be reposting some of my content. I publicly announced that I am frankteller in February 2017. At that point I had about 10 watchers. I now have 787, which is approximately seven times as many as I ever had on my old account.

I don't think very many people took my old account seriously. I had a three page long legal advice disclaimer in which I asked at the end who would take legal advice from an attorney who will not give out his real name.

I have expressed a lot of opinions over the years and some are in need of revision. Atheism and Death may be unsalvageable. This is an essay about how people who do not believe in God do not fear death because I do not believe that anything comes after death. However, I did include an important caveat:

"I think fear of death is so deeply ingrained in our instincts that we experience that fear no matter what we believe when we consider the concept at a distance. I cannot honestly say, as I sit in this chair typing and in no apparent danger, that I would be calm if confronted with imminent death."

Last year I had a life threatening medical problem, and I was quite scared. Fear has a way of pushing everything else aside. Have you ever watched any of the following movies:

Little Shop of Horrors
Child's Play
Nightmare on Elm Street
Night of the Living Dead

I think nearly everyone who has seen one of these movies knows that the plot is completely absurd. We get scared anyway because they tap into our fears, and because fear commands our attention. Little Shop of Horrors tapped into our fear of getting eaten, which I think may be our number one primal fear. The part of our brain that realized that carnivorous plans cannot grow that large was nowhere to be found. This case is pretty ridiculous, but what happens when people legislate their fears? I think all of you know that this can and does happen. I have been trying to figure out a way to solve this problem and I am coming up short.

While you are at it, I have a poll about having sex with dragons. The poll will strike most of you as ridiculous, but when you look at the numbers, which already seem to be stabilizing, you might just realize that this poll is a lot more serious than it seems. I intend to write an essay on it, hopefully by the end of this year. Maybe if you realize just how many people I am going to make angry by mentioning the word bestiality, you will understand just how serious this poll actually is.

Journal History

If dragons were real, would you have sex with one? 

22 deviants said That would be bestiality, you sick fuck!
14 deviants said I would rather get eaten by a dragon than have sex with one!
9 deviants said Dragons are big and powerful. Give them what they want.
8 deviants said Yes, and I would enjoy it a lot.


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