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This is a very detailed image of the muscle structure of an under-appreciated dinosaur. With all the muscles present, this looks like a...

This is a beautiful portrait of a mother-child bond. It looks as though it was taken from fairly close, though it is hard to tell with ...

by NAkos

It is fairly easy to create the button if you follow the instructions. I could never have figured it out on my own, but the tutorial is...

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Batmobile by AgnosticDragon Batmobile :iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 11 0
The Attorney
It was Noah Thorne's last day at work, but he did not know it yet. He was an attorney doing document review. It was a boring job, sorting through documents to determine which were relevant and which were privileged. The pay was $30 per hour, which was not particularly good pay, especially given the down time between projects. It was the most money he had ever made.
Noah was not well. He had not been sleeping much recently. The weekend before he was up well past midnight looking at various things on the Internet. To make it worse, he had sleep apnea. He had a CPAP to control it, but he still seemed to need more sleep than those around him.
Noah was struggling to get through the documents and was proceeding at a very slow pace. Then he started making a list of people he knew who he thought might be spies. He promptly shredded the list. He took a lunch break, and then he told his supervisor he needed to go home.
"Take care of yourself. I know you have been putting off seeing a doctor. I t
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 36 0
Year Of The Llama Champions
2017: Year of the Llama Champions
:icontiming2: :iconiamsorry87: :iconioulaum: :iconluke-crowe: :iconaenea-jones: :icondamaimikaz: :iconnatures-studio: :iconchampionx91: :iconmetorou-de: :iconthegalleryofeve: :iconkalmakamala: :icontoby512: :iconeve-jennifer: :iconunibat:
These 14 users have obtained 100,000 llamas, which is the maximum DeviantArt allows. Five of them have more because of system glitches. Let me know if you find any other users who have 100,000 llamas. It may be hard because DeviantArt has so far resisted calls to mark these accounts. One proposal would give these users a rainbow llama: The last seven all achieved their goal in 2017, which makes 2017 the year of the llama champions. It is hard to say why so many more users achieved 100,000 llamas this year. Two achieved it in 2010; the same year llamas were introduced. Only four had done so by the end o
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 33 7
Rationality is our ability to reason. The two main types are instrumental and theoretical rationality.

Instrumental rationality is being able to think through how to best achieve our objectives. All conscious beings likely have it to some extent. A lot of it involves choices and priorities. For instance, most of us have more things we would like to buy than we have money to spend on them. Choosing wisely is a sign of rationality. Think about what you need, what you really want, and what you only sort of want. Impulse buying is irrational. Think about how to spend the money you have.

Rationality is often invoked in discussions of morality. Some philosophers, such as Immanuel Kant, have seen the two as closely linked. Others, like David Hume, have been more skeptical. Hume described a knave who did not care that his actions harmed others. He said the knave lacked something important, but it wasn't rationality. I agree. I think rationality is about how we deal with our priorities. Fault
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 41 10
Lake Alice Alligator #3 by AgnosticDragon Lake Alice Alligator #3 :iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 146 16
How much do you believe in
The title is taken from this 2014 Buzzfeed article, which is based on a paranormal belief scale:
These range from the plausible to the patently absurd. I think very few people would score a 99 (believe in all of them) or a zero (believe in none of them). A lot of them cluster together. Four of them, heaven, hell, Satan, and angels, form a core of Christian beliefs so very likely belief in any of these four is strongly correlated with belief in the other three. As a nonreligious person, I reject all four, along with a number of other religious items listed, such as karma and reincarnation. There are not any of the religious beliefs that I affirmatively accept, though there is one that I am genuinely uncertain about. The first item on the list is belief "In a higher power." This is so vague that I have no idea what to make of it. It is the main reason I consider myself agnostic.
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 24 9
Manassas Stonewall Jackson statue by AgnosticDragon Manassas Stonewall Jackson statue :iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 105 4 Manassas Henry House by AgnosticDragon Manassas Henry House :iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 90 1 Manassas stone house museum by AgnosticDragon Manassas stone house museum :iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 79 8
Crocodile Invasion
Kyle Davis: Welcome to the evening news with Kyle Davis. Today is Monday, December 4, 2017. The top story is record snowfall in the Midwest, but it looks like that will have to wait, as I just got a note about breaking news in Gainesville, Florida. IÕm pretty sure this isnÕt about the snow:

Local reporter: About an hour ago, wildlife management was called to report that an alligator had laid down to take a nap in the middle of one of the cityÕs busiest roads. At first, residents were unsure how to react, and understandably afraid to provoke the alligator, which locals described as the largest they had ever seen. In fact, it turned out not to be an alligator at all, but an unknown animal that wildlife experts said could not belong to any of the 23 known living species of crocodilian. The story only gets weirder from there. When wildlife management arrived, the mystery animal awakened and began swearing at them. Not only does the animal not belong to any known species, b
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 14 2
That Are True
Meanwhile in Florida, final exams are underway. After exams end, Rose Anslinger visits her boyfriend, Noah Thorne. Things get quite interesting.

Rose: IÕm flying back to Houston to see my family this weekend. IÕd rather stay here, but they donÕt know about you yet, and I donÕt think this is a good time to tell them.

Noah: I donÕt want to cause trouble between you and your parents.

Rose: Well, my father. My mother just goes along with whatever he says. Dad will go ballistic when he finds out that you are an atheist, but I have gotten so sick of pretending to be someone I am not just to get along with him. I already told dad that I do not want to see my uncle Joshua any more. He wasnÕt happy about this, but I was pretty adamant. Joshua is a truly dangerous person. You know about his radio show?

Noah: You told me about it, but I have never had the courage to actually check it out.

Rose: Well, I wanted you to listen to some of it. I donÕt really list
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 15 0
The Prodigal Son
George Anslinger is a millionaire who has a morbid fascination with dragons; and with anything that might be mistaken for dragons, including alligators and crocodiles. He inherited a restaurant from his father, Samuel Anslinger, who went missing during a sailing trip. George believes, with all the fervor of a fundamentalist preacher, that his father was eaten alive by alligators, and that all alligators must die. Upon inheriting his fatherÕs restaurant, he redecorated the walls with images of knights battling fire-breathing dragons. He adopted the nickname St. George, after the fabled dragon slayer. He insists that dragons are real, but that they have gone into hiding, because they are evil. He says that they will come out of hiding as part of the events foretold in the Book of Revelation, and that there is a good chance this will happen in his lifetime. George is 30 years old when he inherits his fatherÕs restaurant, and is already father to four children, with another on th
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 17 7
Wall Of Hate by AgnosticDragon Wall Of Hate :iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 75 13
Arbitrariness In The Law
There is a common perception that arbitrariness in the law is a bad thing. It is not. This essay seeks to explain why, and to clarify when arbitrariness is a problem.

It is nearly impossible to devise laws that are not in some respect arbitrary. Sometimes the general thrust of the law is not arbitrary but the details are. Start with an uncontroversial law: the prohibition on burglary. Everybody agrees that burglary should be illegal and everybody agrees on why burglary should be illegal. Not everybody agrees, however, on exactly what the law should say. English common law defined burglary as breaking and entering into the dwelling house of another, during the nighttime, for the purpose of committing theft or another crime. It was a capital offense. The definition has changed over time. Today, nearly all jurisdictions have done away with the requirement that it happen at night. Most jurisdictions have also created lesser, related offenses for breaking into other structures and even aut
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 21 5
Bullying is not a new problem. While the internet has allowed bullying to take on some new forms, it has been around probably throughout human history. One environment in which a lot of people are exposed to it is in public schools. While public schools often state that they have zero tolerance for bullying, the fact is that most schools do very little about it. I was on the receiving end of some bullying when I grew up. While I know other people who went through a lot worse than I did, it was not pleasant, and there is absolutely no reason why it should be tolerated. Some myths have long been perpetuated about bullying, and I want to put these myths to rest. I am under no delusion that I will reach everyone. I just hope to reach someone. Unfortunately, people have a lot of attitudes that tend to enable, if not directly promote, bullying.

Bullies target those they perceive as vulnerable. Those who are physically weak or emotionally sensitive are more likely to be targeted. While socie
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 41 16
It is often said that tolerance is necessary in a free and democratic society, but there is considerable debate about what tolerance is. One standard is that tolerance means putting up with others and respecting their basic rights. Others regard this as insufficient, and consider almost any expression of negative attitudes on the basis of factors such as race or religion to be intolerant. The focus of this essay is religious tolerance. This is the form of tolerance that was most significant to the founders of the United States. It will become clear, however, that religious tolerance is not as special a case as it may at first seem.
Religious tolerance cannot reasonably be rooted in a belief that all religions are equally correct, or that religious beliefs are somehow above criticism. In fact, it is impossible to offer meaningful commentary without suggesting that at least some religions are wrong on at least some things. Clearly, those who advocate for gay rights are not intolerant sim
:iconagnosticdragon:AgnosticDragon 60 31



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