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Since yesterday I've been uploading some images so they are available as prints! I've decided to do so as many people ask me about buying my images. So now, they are available! I uploaded some and I will do more today and tomorrow. Not all of them will be available for print, but I will do my best to upload as many as possible. Enjoy!
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Thank's to some very very honest and good person I discovered a nasty theft of my images. In Jan 2008 girl named Sabina (email: wrote to me asking for a permission to use some parts of my images as stock elements in her picture. I wrote her back immediately that I DO NOT AGREE to do so, as this is my own creation and I am not happy to see my little worlds dismembered, also I don't agree to somebody comping new image of MINE creation and calling it their own.
One of organizers of some German illustration competition had issues with originality of Sabina's works and they asked her to supply a proof that I gave her my permission to reuse these elements. So all she did was to forward them my response CHANGING it's meaning completely!!! What a nasty nasty person!

Yes, I buy photos, if I use them, from stocks, but then I completely rework, repaint them, and then they are my creation.
NO PERMISSION was ever given to anybody to use my images as a source of stock elements. I will also give no such permission in future.

Please respect the value of intellectual property and emotions that were involved in creative process.

And if you ever receive any email from Sabina ( don't even reply: she will use your email to forward it to somebody, and change your response.
New calendar for 2008 is ready!
And you can buy it from
Big thanks to Andreas and all Ubooks team:)
Here are some details:
43 South Molton Street, London, tube station: Bond Street, off Oxford Street, lovely gallery, thanks to Dee and Soma Soma team:)…
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My 2007 Calendar review in latest issue of German gothic magazine Orkus!
I am so happy:)))…
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Great thanks to Ubooks (German publisher of gothic and horror literature) - -  my Calendar for 2007 finally will see daylight.

Here is the link:…
And "Ophelia" picture on the cover:)
13-16.05.2005, Agra Hall Cafe, Leipzig, Germany
Exhibition of almost 30 of my pictures, event by Provisorium (
Snow. I am listening to Brendan Perry's whispering voice when singing "How fortunate is the man with none".
Winter came with dreams and visions.
"You who dared Phersephones threshold
don't fall apart in my hands"
/E.Pound/Still alive but floating in lethal air. Still alone.
"You who dared Phersephones threshold
don't fall apart in my hands"
/E.Pound/Stiil alive floating in lethal air. Still alone.
Wings are of no use today. Too heavy. Just like an insatiable moth I am feeding mu eyes with light. Can no longer stay here. Just want to float.

Ain't no wings.
Ain't no wings.