Oh no... NOOO!! *Luke voice* I couldn't recognize my page anymore! Feels like someone vandalized your home and threw everything out. : / Man, I can't even find a message center! Such an unwelcome change. : (

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By agnidevi
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Same here, I don't feel comfortable any more on my site...
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Yes, this version does suck! Oh well.

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Honestly spend some time with it. I've not switched back to the old site in over 6 months. Eclipse is wonderful.

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Eclipse is terrible...
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It's not just the big things, the small things we take for granted have changed too. Try to edit your status post in Eclipse. You won't be able to do it. You cannot edit status posts, not even to correct spelling or add new information. Your only option is to delete the whole post and create a new one. Madness.
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I too prefer the old, they should leave it as an option
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why would they do that? it would mean they were fallible and not your all-knowing overlords. what you want to do you can't anymore. unwieldy and weirdly designed. too many magic mushrooms.

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I'll stay on the old for now. But I've tried the Dark side once. It felt...off....unwieldy.
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Try switching to the classic green theme on eclipse, its wonderful.

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You've got about a month left, then...Waaaah! 
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At least we can switch out of it for now.
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Yep... until May 20th.
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