How's you backlog doing? I mean that pile of games, books, movies etc. you put aside for later... have you made a dent in it?

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By agnidevi
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Not really, no; between remote classes at my uni, DMing a D&D campaign and writing I haven't really found the time to play anything substantial. Not counting Bannerlord, I suppose, but I ain't completing that thing anytime soon, not to mention that I haven't been playing it that much. I did complete reading a single visual novel, so that's a success I guess.

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It's a mess, and it's entirely made up of books. Right now I'm trying to finish Dan Simmons' Olympus and not really liking it too much, but I loved the book it's a sequel of, Ilium, so... trying to reach where the author gets to the point. Then I have several comics and nonfiction books that are waiting for me to be read. It'll be glorious if I manage to read three or four before the quarantine is over...
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I guess the fact that I read this is evidence my backlog is decreasing, at least (~7500 messages to go on this site XD)
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craft stuff and yes chain mail knives and sheaths.
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Picked up Tales of Vesperia for Switch last year, and I'm just now putting time into it. I actually have to remind myself that it's not healthy to spend 24-7 at the art desk.
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I have no free time whatsoever.
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Chipping away at it bit by bit.
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Ever-expanding.  I keep getting new ones and spending so much time on multiplayer games...
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Nope. Not really. Actually started replaying GTA Vice City. Am getting back into writing as well. May eventually get around to watching those movies and reading those books I've been intending to get to for some time.
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Ironically, I have done a lot less reading than I thought I would. However, I've made huge headway into my backlog of TV and movies, including starting Battlestar Galactica (2004) to get my sci-fi fix.
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Nope, not even a little XD

My day to day routine hasn't changed all that much.
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Изучаю композицию.
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I managed to catch up on some of my Warhammer 40k, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and Halo Novels.

Still have a lot of things to work on, like my gundam models and space marines. XD
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Well i hope you watched Astartes part 5.
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I watched it and loved it. XD

Very well animated.
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Still working but playing Third Age Total War Divide and Conquer and Age of Empires 2.
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I've read two books and I'm making good headway on two others (I usually read more than one at a time). I've written three short stories, most of a fourth, and added scenes to longer works. I'm probably going to heavily revise an outline for a horror novel before too long.

I've not done terribly many new pictures, but I've done more than my average for the last couple weeks.

My TV and movie queue were never something I pay serious attention to. I've played a few video games that I've been holding off on for some reason or another. I've been getting into VR a lot more simply to "get out of the house."
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my backlog is looong, movies, tv shows, youtube videos...  and I keep adding stuff
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