Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer
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So what do you guys think?

Surprisingly there isn't much lens effects for J.J. Abrams film. The vibe seems to be somewhere near but obviously it's quite early to say anything until we see some actual acting.

And sorry, can't help but to spoil the mood with a little teaser for a new lightsaber design:

Swiss Saber by agnidevi
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HokuninProfessional Digital Artist
Star Wars is going downhill. So many sequels now, next year would be a year of sequels for the sake of money. Instead of milking old franchises, they could concentrate on creating new vibrant worlds, trying to make a revolution with something creative new as sw initially did.
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I think the lightsaber is a little silly, but then, I thought Darth Maul's was silly, and it seemed pretty popular with the crowd.  I think the aesthetic of the new one serves a particular purpose... the trailer has a lot of elements that have been popular in scifi-soldier video games, a lot of popular elements from the original trilogy, a pretty action heroine like the rather popular one in Ep 1-3, and, well... that lightsaber is evocative of old English knights and chivalry, isn't it?  I'd say that this trailer says exactly what J.J. Abrams wants to do with the film:  Take all the popular things, then throw them under one roof with a return-of-the-Round-Table plot.
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rtilProfessional General Artist
JJ Abrams actually spoke about the lens flare thing a few years ago iirc. he said something about how he showed a trailer to his wife for star trek and she complained that she couldn't tell what was going on. and he admitted he went overboard with it. so i think he's learned a lot from then, and is open to criticism and changes. also, lens flares don't really fit the star wars aesthetic, and i think he's trying to keep that look and feel intact. so i am optimistic about it.
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RoranHawkinsHobbyist Traditional Artist
I like it. It seems like they're going further into the (mostly fan but still pre-takeover canon) subject of human stormtroopers instead of clones. I really like that. I can't say no to the design of them so far, and I like how they delved into technological innovation concerning the rolling droid. I don't like the lightsabre design, it's just not my thing, but let's admit; it's the first real and practical sabre that actually protects your hand without calling in extremely complicated and questionable physics.
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I am firmly in the "JJ Abrams is a no talent hack director" camp.  He will no doubt eviscerate and ruin the Star Wars franchise, just like he did with Star Trek. He is all about action and quick cuts and to hell with the story. Think about it, his claim to fame is the Lost tv show and imho that was a real pos. Oh well, Disney will get what it deserves and make some money off 1 or 2 remotely Star Wars like films and keep the shareholders happy. A real shame to see another excellent Sci Fi/Sci Fantasy franchise go down in flames.
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I don't get why people seem to have such a big issue with the lightsaber. I don't like it, but I don't hate it. Just not my thing...but I'm not going to go on and on about it...

as for lens flares, Abrams already said in the last year that he does admit to using them too much, and he had planned to not go crazy with them on this
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toyotomiinfinityHobbyist Traditional Artist
It looks great. Massive Space fantasy on the old Lucas style (or almost I hope so). And this new Sith saber looks great (and your "Swiss-Sith" still better, hehehe). Just wait until december...of 2015? OOOOHHHH NOOOOO!!!!!!!
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SmyliArtHobbyist Writer
I am so hyped! Although the lightsaber confused me, I'm okay with that design. And the X-Wing scene gave me goosebumps! I also love how they still have stormtroopers and TIE's... Somwhat looking forward to this movie! :heart:
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DarkerEveProfessional Digital Artist
Totally love it I have watched like 20 times now...and the Lightsaber too I liked looks pretty badass who knows if that thing become a triple saber XD (but the multi use of yours looks helpful too XD)
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Andes-Sudo Digital Artist
Quite a boring trailer. Watched once. thought meh. Maybe I'm done Star Wars...

Seeing as though Star Wars is Disney now, do you think the film will have a catchy song half way through?
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because every disney movie has a song in it?

People hating on starwars because it's Disney now is what annoys me the most.
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Z-conXProfessional Digital Artist
I am actually surprised at all the negative responses about this movie. I for one am looking forward to it
very much. Simply because I wonder where the story is going. I  have always enjoyed Star Wars (though I am a trekkie to the core) and I
would love to see where the story goes next. And I respectfully disagree. Yes it is to make money for the filmmakers but isn't that what they should do? I do however, hope there is substance to this movie and it isn't just going to be nostalgic eye candy, which up to now, star wars has never been. I cant wait to see where the story has gone
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VetrovaProfessional Digital Artist
Я оооочень предвзято относилась к факту, что ДжейДжей снимает Звездные войны. Мол "все запорет, да еще и светяшек напихает, как всегда"
но тизер меня впечатлил в самом лучшем смысле этого слова. У меня прям новая надежда на возрождение появилась)
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agnidevi Digital Artist
Было бы здорово снова окунуться в атмосферу сказки. Недавно в сеть слили концепты и там есть очень крутые штуки.
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VetrovaProfessional Digital Artist
ага, я видела. Мне нравится, что оно, хоть и редизайн, по прежнему прям несет атмосферу каноничных ЗВ.

хотя в интернетах тонна бугурта и кидания какашками по поводу светового меча с гардой)
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agnidevi Digital Artist
Эта штука называется Crossguard lightsaber…

И на одном из утекших артов был интересный персонаж в черном балахоне с таким же мечом. Вообщем тизер свое дело сделал, осталось дождаться/дожить до полноценного трейлера(ов).
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EldarZakirovProfessional Digital Artist
Absolutelu unnecessary continuing, I'm sure. Only for taking money.
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I agree with the theories on the net that the lightsaber is actaully a very ancient Sith weapon -- a forerunner to the modern weapons used in the OT and PT -- and that's why it appears somewhat unstable and is fitted with the awkward looking vents. 
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NB-DanTEProfessional Digital Artist
If it's going to be told from a Sith side it will be awesome, The trailer was good but the Light Saber design looked ridiculous. For a J.J Abrams movie "NO LENS FLARES" weird !!
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KomikinoHobbyist Digital Artist
I'll need to see more trailers before I can give a proper answer to how I feel about it.
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Phaeton99Professional Digital Artist
As I have been saying a great deal today:  prepare to be disappointed.  It might be a good film, but there are certain questionable choices on display in the trailer that do not bode well — its status as blatant nostalgia-bait notwithstanding.
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A-Very-Merry-QHobbyist Interface Designer
I liked it.  Definitely steers more closely to the original trilogy, which is just a bonus. it me, or did that suspiciously sound like Benedict Cumberbatch at the beginning?  =_=  Cause I keep going back to that Graham Norton episode...
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synergeticinkHobbyist Digital Artist
Looks so awesome, watched it like 100000000 times. The light saber is either and overpowered lightsaber with light exhaust on the sides, or maybe it extends out the sides. Its definitely not a normal saber, its made of fire and lightning from what I can see in the image below.…

Also, sounds like the rumor of Benedict C being a secret cast member is correct. I am 99% sure thats him talking which would mean he might be the main villain since we already know Adam Driver is the sith with the tri lightsaber.
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