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Two fates HD

These are blood elves couple I paint for ~Davo861.

It was really tough to capture the right feel for Soraya. I repaint her face 7 or 8 times until I've got the right look.

[EDIT] Minor tweaks here and there. Also uploaded HD version for those who interested in brushstroke mess.
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I love the atmosphere so much. Quite intense. Very nice job. <3
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Hey! This is a beautiful piece. Would it be OK if I used this as the group photo for a Norwegian facebook group I've started (now about 8 months ago)? In the group we talk about everything related to gender equality, feminism, masculism, antifeminism, Men's Rights Activits, and so on. Basically everything that relates to it.

I really think this photo is awesome, the dynamic between the two, and the way they're portrayed equally (same height, same size, same pose only slightly different directions), so I think it would be the perfect group photo representing the group, and creating a nice atmosphere. Here is a link to the group:… . It is currently a closed group, but it will open again on July the 18th, having then been closed for a month. We just wanted to discuss freely in the group without worrying about what our facebookfriends might see and think, for a month, just to try that for a while.

Anyway, would you OK with that? I will credit you and link to this piece here on dA, and optionally add an additional note about the artwork if you so wish to. You're welcome in the group, if you want to take a look inside. Most of the discussion is in Norwegian, but many of the articles we post are in English, and seldom we also discuss a bit in English, and ofcourse, there is Google Translate :P. Anyway: Cheers! :)
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No problem as long as it's non-commercial. And besides the link back you don't need to do anything special. Have a good time!
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Would you mind if I put the text "EKVALISME" on it?
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Wow dude. This is freakin' AMAZING!
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If only blood elves looked that cool. :(
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The name for it is perfect, love this feeling it has...can`t put my finger on it it. Great shading and great details.
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That is amazing. :)
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wow O.o I hope I reach your level of art one day
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Wow I love this picture, it is amazing *nabs for favs*
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Great work! I like how they're a little bit more rugged than what the game implies! :D
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I usually hate blood elves but this is absolutely incredible.
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Very well done!!
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Love it,just great !!!
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SO amazing man! something to work up too. :meditate:
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