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The Matrix

Inspired by the movie.
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If bullet time existed in real life it would be awesome.Katana Ninja :ninja: revamp Major Ocelot Emote 
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Yeas! Defeating squads of armed soldiers would be so easy! You could take on ISIS with that kind of power!
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Excellent work. =)
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Yes. All of the yes!
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Watched this movie today,i started this trilogy today,so tomorrow morning i shall watch The Matrix Revolution

Very well done by the way
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Great representation of the Neo vs Seraph scene!
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Fan stuff ^_^ Secons episode
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Nice environment!
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Bad ass man bad ass
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Must love the Matrix. Beautiful work!
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and a fine job you've done
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OMFG finaly found this pic again !!!!! saw this once but then "lost it" :(, this is the fucking best part of the whole three movies (if u ask me) sereph's my favourite character XD, ur GREAT, LOVE it!! :hug:
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Man i enjoy much this part in movie and game!! bealtiful art,good moviments tricks ;D
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i've always think the fight scene look retard compare to Hong Kong action movie, if that's what u r trying to do u r doing it right XD
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very well done,
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beautiful render, you have quite impressive skill
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Nicely done. Totally unnecessary fight. No matter what Seraph's authentication crap was all about. It worked to the Oracle's advantage. The more time Neo wasted fighting her guardian prog meant the less explanations she had to give him. Ergo apropos a toast. The reason Seraph was also timing everything just right in the hallway. Even though all sides came to a truce I can't help but think that the Fortune Cookie Teller was just as, if not more, deceptive than Grandpa Calculator or their love childe Merv.

Now the Deus Ex Machina...that's a different beast.
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the atmosphere created here is awesome.
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well done!
i have some matrix art if u want see mine :)
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